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2TB Family Lifetime Storage US$400 (~A$526.35) @ pCloud


This promotion gives users the opportunity to purchase 2TB pCloud for Family at a promotional price with a 72% discount.
Share up to 2 TB LIFETIME storage and Premium features with up to 4 people from your family
This a limited-time promotional campaign, organized and run by pCloud AG, which ends on 28.12.2020.

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  • Don’t fall for the ‘lifetime’ marketing BS. It’s lifetime until they decide to change it (happened before) or get bought out and they change it anyway, if they don’t shut down.

    • Kind of like how gps devices give you 'lifetime' map upgrades, but in the small print, 'lifetime' means the expected lifetime of the device… which is something the manufacturer dictates, not 'how long the device actually works for'.
      It's all lies…

    • As well,storage costs decline over time so even if the 'lifetime' stood (I doubt it, too), the deal loses value quickly over time.

  • Yea sorry I wouldn’t trust lifetime for something like this it’s not sustainable…

    Go buy office365 family licence same money will get you 5+ years if you buy on special and each family member gets 1TB each…

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    At this price you could get 20TB worth of hard drives

  • Also don’t trust lifetime subs outright to last forever. That said, I wouldn’t necessarily say they need to be avoided. If you need 2TB of cloud storage today, then I’d look at competing services and what you’d pay and then work out how long you’d get for $525. If a service is offering the space at about $15 a month then you break even around 36 months. If you’d pay more per a month then you break even sooner. You then need to gamble on whether they’ll be around long enough that you end up ahead by commuting early.

    You’ll also want to be sure that 2TB will remain enough over that period.

    I have a Getflix lifetime sub that l I’m now in year 6 of (purchased sept 2015), so while I’m under no illusion that service won’t end sometime, I’m ahead of where I’d be if I had paid for the service over that time so I’m happy with how that one worked out. Paid $35 for that at the time where I’d been paying about $24 a year leading up to taking the lifetime sub. That had a pretty short break even period, but 2-3 years here isn’t tooo long necessarily.

  • Can I copy and paste my response from last couple of “lifetime cloud deals”.
    Don’t do it please, lifetime could be any time and given the price you’re already paying several years of respectable cloud provider fees.
    Just look at the recent Zoolz closure.

  • Hmm, think I’d rather four years of Google Drive with 2TB storage than this.

  • You people don't seem to understand, "life time" means the company's life time, which seems like within the next few years….

  • If you get this, live in fear that you may lose it any day.

  • Better off with google drive or another big platform.

  • PCloud suits people who value privacy / client side encryption over what Google provides