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$30 off First Order @ Uber Eats


Couple new codes for new customers

Get $30 off your first order with Uber Eats. Valid until 17-01-2021. Offer only applies when you spend $1 or more. (excluding delivery and other fees) The user must apply the promo code in the app before completing their order. The offer may not be combined with other offers. Taxes and delivery fees still apply. Only valid where Uber Eats is available. See the app for details.

Referral Links

Referral: random (2655)

$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +3

    So tempting but living in western Sydney I’ve basically given up on Uber Eats…
    50/50 of the food turning up at the right address (or at all).
    “Contact-less delivery” is just a blank cheque for them to leave the food without verifying or being held accountable much.

  • +1

    Anyone left in Australia to make use of these first order vouchers?

    • Yeah me if I can get this second SIM card to work.

      • Lol

      • don't they check IMEIs?

        • +1

          I use a backup phone with 2 sims. Every 2 accounts I wipe the phone for 2 fresh imeis. I also use new card/ip/number/address every time. Worked for me 10+ times. Even though uber make it alot harder than most companies to create new accounts it can still be done.

          • +3

            @gottacatchemall: Last I heard changing your phone IMEI was illegal in Australia, but resetting a phone to factory settings doesn't change the IMEI anyway. It's coded into the phone. (Press *#06# after your resets and you'll see the same IMEI every time.)

            There are ways to change the IMEI but the wording of your answer hints you're not doing that. It sounds like you're simply wiping/resetting the phone to factory settings which removes all traces of their app. Similar to how clearing the cookies and cache of a web browser, doesn't change your IP address.

          • @gottacatchemall: how do you go about setting a new address every time? you deliver to friends/relos?

            • @posthex: I live in an apartment building. I just put the building number and no unit number with specific details in comments. Otherwise I pick it up as it also saves delivery fees.

          • @gottacatchemall: ive tried twice recently not working, keep getting promo removed from this account.
            New sim cards, new email, new account details, new card. Kinda lost. Maybe my address is blocked.

        • Why even bother using a second phone when you can just open up an incognito tab in your browser and use a VPN?

    • +1

      New accounts ezi

      • +5

        Yeah I know. Marketing strategies are so stupid these days. Just look at Telstra and the cash offers. Their own customers port out then back in and take the better deals. Year on year they have been losing customers for 20 years now.

        And this "first order" is designed to make ubereats look good to the investors and shareholders. One person makes ten accounts to use the discount and it artificially counts as a new active user in the data. Shareholders look happy, Ubereats looks profitable and the whole thing is a house of cards.

    • Got a $5 "smart"phone with a new number I use for everything I don't trust or don't care about. It's paid itself off so many times already, even without the $30 off Uber Eats.

    • There are babies being born every day

      • Oh well…

    • yep. onto my third "first order"

  • Payment detail must be different too.

  • I have been using Uber eats and Menulog recently. However, I found that the same dish costs around $1 more on Uber eats comparing to Menulog. Do you find the same thing? Maybe just some restaurants. Thanks

    • yes and delivery is often a few dollars more with Uber

  • -1

    Any tips how to have another payment method with multiple accounts, i only have so much debit cards

    • Use an app called Revolut. Can generate unlimited virtual debit cards.

      • or delete account after use and can reuse card after 30 days

  • Codes didn't work for me using a different phone/number/payment method.

    • sometimes it just doesnt work

    • +2

      Because it's targeted. Mine didn't work either.

      • im just wondering how they target like if im on new account with everything fresh how do i not get it working ?

        • i don't know what their algorithm is, but eventually you'll get that $30 first order voucher. just have to wait for them to email you a code that does.

  • +1

    I tried to apply both codes to a new account but said I wasn’t entitled to the promotion. Let’s me apply the $15 off though. Bit annoying

    • +1

      Code PMAUN for $20 off.

      • Cheers dude

      • Thanks this worked. The OP's didn't

  • Thanks, just realised I received this

  • -2

    If anyone is able to please let me know if any sites or ways to get a tempory numbers to use for verification need some really bad 🙏🏻 Much appreciated.