Budget Cologne/Fragrance Teenage Male

Hey, I've been interested in beginning to use cologne as I've slowly grown older but I still haven't gotten any yet. Do you guys have any suggestions of budget yet good-smelling colognes, or any deals going on at the moment


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    Lynx Africa

    • Just missed the chance to get the gift pack for Christmas

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    Commonly used but I think still fairly good (I've used both)
    - joop (green bottle)
    - Davidoff cool water.

    • I will check these out, thanks for the suggestions

  • slowly grown older


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    They make copy scents.
    See if you like Armani black code at their store

    • Oo, will check it out. Thanks!

    • Agree with Palermo. My 17 year old has the Creed Avensus and Tom Ford and likes them

  • This might be a good place to start. Weirdos who care about stuff too much are a good place to learn.
    I wouldn't worry too specifically about his recommendations (they are probably all super expensive), but see why he says they would be good, maybe check out some other videos and more detailed reviews and other opinions etc.
    The idea is to see what kind of descriptions they use, in order to understand your options and see what appeals to you (eg do you want something light and fun or dark and mysterious).

    Then you'd look for something of that type that is highly praised online, or even considered a must-have by perfume bloggers etc (ie a safe choice). But which is also available at Chemist Warehouse for like $30, because the $100 stuff isn't worth it, at least not for you right now (and likely ever)

    And then, this is the really super important bit, don't coat yourself in it and then suffocate everyone around you with the overpowering smell. Avoid this and you'll be doing better than every other teenager trying to cover their new BO with a spray

    • Ah okay, I'll watch the video to gain some knowledge, thanks for the tips

      • check out Aussie fragrance too mate :)

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    Go instore and smell a bunch. At least find what kind of smell you like and suits you. What smells good to one may smell like crap once mixed with your oils/skin.

    • That's a fair point. Thanks!

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      +1 for this

      Also remember that once you have used that fragrance regularly for a year or several, your nose will get so used to it — over time your perception of that scent weakens, leading you to spray more and more of it, (you will think it has gotten weaker, but everyone passing you on the street will be gagging from the cloud of perfume). The trick is to use it sparingly, not daily, and also switch fragrances every year or so.

  • Nothing cheaper than Marck Ecko mate.

    Try it.


    dior sauvage / one million / invictus clones.

    smells amazing and it's cheaper than all of the above/below comments - i can assure you of that.

    you're welcome!

    once budget becomes a bit bigger, the next budget heavy hitter is club de nuit https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/98599/armaf-club-de-...

    • Ooo, will check it out when I can. Thanks!

      • Pleasure - I spent ages finding a good budget smell. those are the best of hundreds ive tried!

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    Joop! Jump or Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray are reasonably priced options if you are starting out trying different scents on a budget… HOWEVER it all depends on if you like it…. smell is very personal and different for everyone so go try out and smell test samples and see what you like within your budget. Eau De Toilette is typically a dilution and would last a few hours compared to Eau de Parfum which is much stronger, and generally more expensive, but it will last you longer if you only want to apply it in the morning and have it last until the end of the day.

    AND as I have learnt as a young adult, try not to overdo it…. less is more as they say and apply to the skin near heat points like your neck, wrist, underarm and not to your clothing etc etc.

    • I've heard of the two before but never been able to try but I will soon. Thanks for the tips!

  • Marvel EDS @ Miniso.

  • JOOP HOMME the original purple one

  • Brut 33 chicks love it

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      Not as much as a p***y-grabbing, though

  • Mercedes Benz Intense https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/74992/mercedes-benz-...

    Google Jeremy Fragrance for some reviews to get some ideas.

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    Versace Pour Homme is a nice fresh one for the summer, not too expensive, very popular and better than average longevity/projection. Also Issey Miyake Leau D'Issey but IMO the recent batches are a lot weaker.

  • Acqua Di Gio

  • Can't tell if the Lynx Africa and Joop comments are a joke, but you can get Jovan Musk, Aramis, Cerutti 1881, 4711 and Kouros from Chemist Warehouse cheap, and Chanel Antaeus is an affordable luxury.

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    CK shock for him under $40

    Armaf clones for under $60 that smell like $300+ scents

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      Armaf CDNIM is disgusting. One of my most regretful purchases. Get a decant of Aventus off eBay, it's much nicer (but still very overrated IMO).

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    Tell him cologne is formulated for freshly washed skin, he might bathe more before putting it on and smell better just from that. imo rexona deodorant smells fine, but who am I trying to impress with how I smell anymore so maybe don't ask me.

  • Try department store and a few fragrances at a time. Perfume is something worth spending a decent amount of money on, as cheap, synthetic ones don't perform. YSL, Boss, Dior, Hermes. Classics with a good cheaper range for younger people. You saturate with testing after five or six, and need to seek how they react with your skin after a few hours, so be prepared to go back a few times. Eau de toilette is fine for most people people, as the eau de parfum Is much stronger.

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    Budget Cologne/Fragrance Teenage Male

    What a weird fragrance…

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    Who cares, Terry White chemist, K-Mart, they are not going to care. The girls would not know the difference between a $5 or $500 bottle… and nor would your son.
    Shouldn't you have worked this out b4 Xmas?

  • I’d say some of the David Beckham fragrances might be worth looking at. Fairly cheap, can be paired with body spray, and usually on sale.

    • i used db body spray, the brown one is good

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