Is $150 a Good Price for Used Sony WH1000XM3 Headphones?

Found a used, 2 year old (no warranty) Sony WH1000XM3 online in good condition for $150. Is that a good price?


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    There have been a few Sony WH1000XM3 refurb units that were around $200-250 with proper warranty and a few good deals as they clear out stock due to the XM4's.

    Would I buy a pair of 2 year old used headphones? Probably not as the battery wouldn't last, hygiene reasons (I guess you can replace the pads if you wanted to) and no warranty if anything does fail.

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      Agree with this completely. Do not buy 2 year old headphones from some random person for both battery and hygiene reasons. It's so not worth it.

      If it was a refurb unit from Sony or reputable company then sure, no problem.

      • Agree with these comments for approx $60 more, unless OP has a fetish with used personal items…

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    • I see, I see, it's essentially a $150 gamble

  • Placement earpads and your set. 150 seems like abit much amount though considering they go can go pretty low retail around 270 and even lower proper refurbished.

  • IMO it is a steal, just remove the earpads and clean them up. You are still saving $120 ish. I've seen them go for around $250 used on eBay.

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    next week we will have new thread with subject "help purchased a headphone but dead after one day, seller blocked me on facebook, can i get a refund???"

  • Currently $243.99 at Costco, which I would go for

  • I really like Sony and was looking for a refub ones but I think it's too much of a gamble with the issues they have-

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