Monitors - LG 27GL83A vs Dell S2721DGF

Hi guys!

I just upgraded to a 3060Ti, and am looking for a new monitor to compliment it.
I currently have a MSI MAG271C (1080 VA, 144htz)

I am currently tossing up between two monitors, but I am also open to new contenders.

My two choices are LG 27GL83A @ $577 (Current deal) and the Dell S2721DGF @ $520 (Current deal).

I've tried to do my research, but there are too many variables and sources which confuse me.
Can people knowledgeable with the topic, or those with first hand experience with these monitors let me know about their opinions?



    I've had the gl850 and the 2721dgf and would say the Dell is slightly better
    I would personally go for the Dell. They are both good monitors. I love the USB hub functionality of the Dell

  • I was using the GL850 (with the only difference between the 850 and the 27GL83A being the lack of USB ports) as well and gave it to my son for his new gaming PC. Its a very nice monitor, I have the S2721DGF on order. Word of warning though, my ETA for shipping of the Dell is 8 Feb, so you might be in for a wait.

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    I think the current deal is for the 27GL83A-B which does not have a USB hub built in. In addition, most people say the dell is slightly better (I think in terms of colours, firmware/OSD and physical button location)

    With the dell being cheaper, (probably) better and having a USB hub it seems like the easy choice provided you are prepared to wait for it to be shipped.

    For what it’s worth I have a 3060 TI and the same Dell monitor and am really enjoying both so far.

    Also check the ozbargain classified section, you might be able to buy a $60 or higher dell advantage coupon for half price (or even lower) which will take the final price on the dell down even further.