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Hey guys, I've got 2 Tenda Nova MW6 units as well as a D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router. My house is quite long, so I was looking for the...
11/02/2020 - 13:33
Guys, I bought the set of a two a while ago, and I can’t help but feel like they are quite slow. I specially when compared to my Netgear...
05/02/2020 - 15:29
Would this play GTA5? It no, what would I have to upgrade so it did?
08/01/2020 - 21:41
Amazing! Thanks guys!
24/12/2019 - 23:45
Hi guys! I'm in the market for a second monitor for my PC. I already have a decent VA gaming monitor, this secondary one will be primarily...
24/12/2019 - 20:23
If I paired these up with 2x 8GB 3200 Corsair RGB RAM (same timings) would I experience any downfalls? Running a Ryzen 3700x.
10/12/2019 - 13:11
What would be the best router out now for NBN 100mb? What should I look for?
29/10/2019 - 23:55
Is there a search link?
10/09/2019 - 16:24
As I’m dealing with a lot of photo editing, fast Nvme ssd is one of my priorities
05/09/2019 - 11:24
What motherboard would you suggest? I need two M.2 slots with WiFi. I chose the x570 to future proof with pcie 4.0.
05/09/2019 - 08:22
This is actually a good deal, but I'd really like a say in what Motherboard and M.2 SSD I get :(
04/09/2019 - 22:56
I don't really know much about GPUs. I just did a lot of research for a reasonably cheap one with good value benchmarks.
04/09/2019 - 22:55
Hey guys, I'm looking to build my first PC. Primarily will be used for photo editing (Photoshop/Lightroom), as well as light gaming as...
04/09/2019 - 20:27
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