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Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced Rum 700ml: 1 for $35; 2 for $60 ($30 each); 4 for $110 ($27.50 each, EXPIRED) @ Liquorland


Note: Codes NYETEN and TENOFF have expired.

EDIT: Annnd… back to $35 for the single price, plus the 2 for $60 now works.

EDIT: Looks like Liquorland have f'd up again! The single price now shows as $38. There's still "2 for $60" showing in two places but that price doesn't appear at the checkout for some (the majority of?) people, including me. 🤬🤬

Following up on yesterday's debacle, Liquorland has adjusted the price downwards of the limited edition Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced Rum 700ml.

Stacks with:

The 25% 10% 20% cashback brings the price down to $21.25 $24.77 $22.50 each when you buy four.

Original Coupon Deal NYETEN ( Expired)
Original Coupon Deal TENOFF (Expired)

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  • Best rum I have ever tasted.

  • How does it compare to the original?

    • Its not too bad, still a smooth rum with a gingerbread after taste if that's your thing.

  • +8

    Alcohol Content 30.0%

    Worried this is not strong enough to wash away 2020

    • +1

      The lower alcohol content will mean you'll just have to use more

  • Can barely taste the gingerbread.
    I got a bottle from the states last year, had a much stronger taste of gingerbread.

  • well… I bought 4 of them for $152. I didn't realise I was at the stage that I was going to be charged and thought it might calculate the discount at the next step. I was wrong. I called Liquorland to see if it could be rectified and apparently they couldn't find my order in the system. I was asked to call back in 30 minutes.

    Looking at the original "debacle" OP has posted, I think I've had the same issue.

    Be careful when purchasing!

  • +3

    My cart doesn't change the price to $60 or even $35. Each is $38 irrespective of quantity.

    • Same here

    • Same here

    • Same here

  • Seriously liquorland this shit again, add two to cart and it comes to $76.

  • Voucher doesn't kick in unless you add 3 😢 No thanks.

  • Not working! Ffs liquorland sort your shit out

  • +1

    Fool me twice, Shame on me

    • +1

      Damn! Someone had your duplicate appropriate, deliberate, double post nuked.

  • +1

    I had no issue adding and collecting 2 (SA).
    Thanks for the post OP!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Luckily no issues with the cart updating to $60 for 2

    • 🤔 Looks like it works for some people, but not others. Wtf Liquorland?!

      I've unexpired the deal and left a note at the top.

  • Still comes up as 2 for $76… Really should just give up now…

  • +1

    Okay peeps—looks like it's been fixed. You have 3½ hours to get your orders in!

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