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[PC] Epic - Subnautica: Below Zero $14.99/Ark: Survival Evolved Explorers Ed. (has 3 DLCs) $18.99 (prices w coupon) - Epic Store


These are great prices for these two games.

Subnautica: Below Zero will come out of Early Access in early 2021 - there is a good chance that the price will increase then so this is a good chance to grab it cheap. If you liked Subnautica, I think this would be worthwhile giving a try.

Ark: Survival Evolved has been given away for free previously by the Epic Store but getting the Explorers Edition is the cheapest way to get the three DLCs (Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction) adding hundreds of hours of gameplay to the base game. Since the voucher does not work with the Season Pass this is the cheapest way to get the three DLCs.

Of course, if you missed the freebie it will also give you the base game.


Remember: The coupon renews itself after each qualifying purchase so you need not restrict yourself to just one game.
First mention of the coupon: credit to pacificstorm.

Original deal: $15 off Coupon (Min $22.99 Spend) @ Epic Games

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  • Any committed OzBargainer should have Subnautica being the very first freebie from the Epic store

    • +1

      Sorry, but this is the successor which has not been free.

      • You're right! My mistake

        • +1

          It's also not finished :(

          • @Nalar: It will be fully released in early 2021.

          • @Nalar: Yep, I bought Below Zero because I loved the original so much, but have been sorely disappointed.
            The distorted recordings of people screaming in their final moments are now replaced with long monologues about gay relationship dramas.
            They literally took out all the horror, and replaced it with virtue signalling.

            • @Dungeon Master: I played for about 20 mins about a year ago. Nothing felt scary, maybe it's all the land (ice floats) or the game wasn't optimized for lighting yet.

              Fingers crossed as no 1's experience really stuck with me even after a few years.

  • Subnautica: Below Zero goes up in price January 5th, so pick it up even if you wanna wait for it to fully release.

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