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[PC] Steam/Origin - Horizon Zero Dawn Complete ~$39.37 (was $65.66)/The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition ~$7.08 - AllYouPlay


Great prices for these two games - all time lowest according to ITAD.

The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition: https://www.allyouplay.com/en/the-sims-4-digital-deluxe


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      You know what I am going to say now: CD Keys is not an official reseller. Keys are risky (I still have one key I cannot redeem and their support does not care at all), and I think morally and ethically it would be appropriate to buy from an official reseller for the few dollars difference as then you can ensure the people who did the work actually get compensated for such work.

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        You know the keys get bought from cdkeys, they're not stolen, they're grey market. Bought from other regions, the devs still get a cut. Cdkeys just work the regions.

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          Well, my key is supposed to be a US key (this info comes from Xbox as CD keys did not even know what key they sold), even though I bought from Australia and paid in Australia money.
          Xbox key. Changed to US, NZ, UK, CA, and still nothing. Even tried Russia. No success. Their support staff does not give a damn about it.
          Money lost.
          Personally, I am not taking that risk for $2, especially with support like that.

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            @Lysander: Did you try to use a VPN to redeem? I've used cdkeys for a decade, zero issues.

            • @Where's_That_Cake: I changed the region and language as advised by Xbox support. No luck with any combination.
              It recognises the key but says it cannot be redeemed in my language. Pretty disappointing given I bought from Australia and in Aussie money.

              • @Lysander: Nah, you have to use a vpn if it says it’s for another region.

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                  @Elpres: It said language, not region.
                  But I will try to use a VPN and see if that works.
                  Point is though, I should not have to use a VPN if I bought it normally from Australia and with Aussie money.
                  It also did not say this on the website.

                  • @Lysander: Well I can’t speak for how it was advertised but you can buy foreign products that are stocked in Aus with A$.

                    • @Elpres: I bought three keys - two worked, and the other one did not.
                      Gears of War 1, 2, and 3. 3 is the one that did not work.

      • It's morally and ethically wrong to buy anything made in China. Do I post this on ever second item posted?

        • Why don't you? But in this case there is also illegality and breach of TOCs which is not the case for China produced stuff.

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          its different logic:
          if you buy item made in china, but sold by store in AU: they have warranty, and if it faulty you can ask for refund
          if you buy item made in china, and you import it yourself: you wont get warranty, but you know prior to buying that you ignore the warranty in exchange for cheaper price

          in Lysander case, he didnt know about the source of the item, and then the store didnt even help him sort it out.

          • @dione: That's correct. The item was advertised as being able to be activated in Australia and it was not. The store then refused to help.

  • Why is HZD so expensive on PC?

  • Little bit cheaper here. Should be fine if you use PayPal.

  • I don't really trust AllYouPlay after the crap they pulled with RDR2 keys, people were not receiving their keys or having them revoked. Lot of complaints on reddit about it.


    The fact that Rockstar went and blacklisted a whole heap of keys means I'm going to stick to a legit source when I finally buy this (not really worth $40 when it's $12 on PS4 though), stick to buying random keys for lesser known games.

  • Just went through CDKEYS for $37, tried to redeem the key and…
    Duplicate Product Code
    The product code youve entered has already been activated by another steam account. This code cannot be used again.

    • Well, I hate…..
      I do hope you get your money back though.

      • Paypal - should be simple enough :)
        Find out shortly once I go through the CDKEYS help
        Bought unravel two recently, no issues through Origin redemption.

        See what happens, normally use G2A :)

      • All sorted, they gave me a new key and all working.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn PC USD$33.29 / AU$43.21 @ GameBillet
    Steam Key
    Ends in 4 days, 23h

    • But $33.29 USD is about $4 more than $39.37 AUD.

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