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[VPN Required, PC] Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition US$4.99 (~A$7.06) with Rocket League Coupon @ Epic Games Store


Greetings everyone, was looking for a discount on this game and noted that this deal is active once again by using the current coupon by redeeming Rocket League :)

The game originally had performance issues but from what I've been able to ascertain, these have been progressively been fixed in post release patches and the games seems to run smoothly now.

Instructions Taken from the Previous Deal (Thanks to Dagmar and nkahoang):

Instructions if you don't already have an Indian account:

  1. You will need VPN to India (Any VPN will work that has India as a location).
  2. Create another Epic store account for India (if you have gmail, just do what I did: [email protected]).
  3. Redeem Rocket League on the account to be eligible for the $10 USD off $14.99 USD spend coupon.
  4. Checkout with the coupon applied to bring it to $4.99, make sure you either use an Indian PayPal account, or a CC that allows international transactions.
  5. Login to Epic using your Indian Epic account and install.

If you already have an Indian account, you can just redeem Rocket League and then purchase on that account.

Make sure to redeem Rocket League on the new account prior to 23/10 to be eligible for the coupon which brings it to this price. The coupon then expires on November 1st.

I personally just did this and it worked perfectly.

Thanks to dione, you can then also use the instructions from the Steam post linked to be able to make the game run within Steam without the need to open up the Epic Launcher each time.

As always, enjoy :)

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    The game originally had performance issues but from what I've been able to ascertain, these have been progressively been fixed in post release patches and the games seems to run smoothly now.

    Yep, can confirm the patches have made it a lot better. More recently they fixed the annoying camera bug which sent the camera to the side of the screen and caused a lot of players to uninstalled until it got fixed.

  • Isn't changing the store via VPN against the rules of the Epic Store? I've heard about people getting banned for doing this?

    • -2

      Isn't changing the store via VPN against the rules of the Epic Store?


      I've heard about people getting banned for doing this?

      No. Whatever you have heard is utter bs.

      • +1

        How would you know if no one's been banned for something clearly against their ToS, do you work for Epic? Same rules apply on Steam and guess what? People have been banned for it on Steam

    • It won’t even connect if I have VPN running usually.

    • +1

      This is a question, not challenging your comment. How do you get your main account banned by using a VPN or have I misunderstood? If the Indian account gets banned, you would lose $5 right, is that the risk you are identifying in your comment? Thanks.

      • Because they can check your account and clearly see your account isn't from India, it's from Australia. VPN just masks your IP and changes it to an Indian one.

  • Damn, if only this deal was on Steam.

    • +1

      Be a patient gamer and it'll come to Steam on discount soon (though I doubt it will be this low). Overall, I prefer just to stick to Steam as its just easier to have all my game libraries in one account

        • +19

          can;t say I've ever had an issue with the Epic store and purchases have worked fine. But then again I'm not a biased gamer stuck on one platform - I have many games across GOG, Epic and Steam - I buy games where they are the cheapest for me.

          • +3

            @gizmomelb: That's how it should be, cheaper the better. Don't really care for one store or another

          • +3

            @gizmomelb: I'm in the same boat.
            At the end of the day, it's the same game no matter the platform. If you can get it $15 off with a coupon you'd be silly not to use it just because it's not on your preferred platform.

          • -2

            @gizmomelb: So do I. I've got GoG, Origin, Steam and Uplay and yet they don't all suck as stores and launchers (well maybe Uplay but I haven't used that in years). Hell I even have an Epic account from when I tried Fortnite so I actually know what I'm talking about.

      • +3

        Gog galaxy integrates across launchers.

        Not quite as simple as sticking to steam, but effective as an alternative.

        • +1

          latest GOG Galaxy update you can buy direct from the Epic store.

      • +1

        Not to mention that I come from a generation that didn't have unified launchers. I installed and organised everything on my PC myself. Each software had it's own executable or batch file in it's own directory. I never found it difficult.

        • +1

          agreed. different config.sys and autoexec.bat files depending on which games you wanted to run.

  • So you can only play this by logging into your alt account afterwards? Or will it merge with your existing library?

    • Let me know too please

    • +3

      No. You have to be logged into your Indian account to play.

      If they let people use VPN to buy cheaper from other countries and bring games over to their main accounts, they wouldn't make billions in profit from first world countries.

  • (if you have gmail, just do what I did: [email protected])

    Epic wouldn't allow the alias gmail email "+whatever" when I tried to make a new account, so I just used another email account.
    Otherwise everything else worked!

    • You could have also removed/added "."s anywhere in your username. Gmail still works without them, and with them added in.

      Their system picks up joe.black, joeblack, j.o.e.b.l.a.c.k, j.oeblack, etc all as the same email address, but every other website doesn't so you can use it sign up for more than one account elsewhere.

      • +3

        Or buy a domain for ~$10 a year and link it to your Gmail account. Unlimited email addresses, unique sign ups per site and better password leaking protection due to unique usernames/email addresses

        Well worth it

        • Which domain company is best for this?

          • +4

            @krushgroove: I use Google Domains. It's $13 per year for a domain.

            You can do it with most providers but Google Domains is the easiest I found. Just turn on forward *@domain.com -> [email protected]

        • I have a domain, how do I set up multiple email addresses unlimited times?

  • +2

    One of my favourite games on the PlayStation, this is a bargain for a gaming masterpiece.

  • +2

    Whats even the point of changing regions just to get the game at as cheap a price as possible. If you wanted to support the developers you would just buy full price or on sale in your own region. The game is drm free is all i'm saying.

    • -3

      If you wanted to support the developers you would wire them $2,000 rather than the full price of the game

    • +5

      Yup, this is just like downloading a pirated game off a torrent but without any virus and full EPIC app support. Games are cheap in India because thier average income is much much lower. By doing this, game dev companies will eventually stop giving regional discounts and gamers in those countries will suffer too.

      • +1

        Exactly right John.
        These VPN "bargains" are as legal as piracy. The license is intended for sale in a country that cannot afford to pay $90 for a game.

        • The license is intended for sale in a country that cannot afford to pay $90 for a game.

          So… literally every country?

          Here's my take on regional pricing:

          Say we get a COVID vaccine in 2021 and you go on holiday to the US. You pick up a nice $5 t-shirt in Walmart. At the register, the check-out chick asks you what country you are from. You answer "Australia", and she says "$15 please". Confused, you ask why, and she has no reason, but won't let you buy it at $5.

          So you go to another register. This time you just say "USA", give the $5 and leave.

          Are you ripping off Walmart, or just avoiding being ripped off by Walmart?

          • @ItsMeAgro: So you're saying the game is worth $5, and what we are being charged is actually an overcharge? If that's the case then we can say that for any single product in other countries. That's like saying a $2000 gucci belt is ACTUALLY worth $200 in raw materials, so then we should only be paying $200 for it.

          • @ItsMeAgro: Your comparision requires a little tweaking. Its not going from counter to counter but going from one country to another country. Its like you buy a shirt for 5$ in USA and if you buy the same shirt in India it would probably be 3$. The company definitely makes more profit from USA than in India for the number of sales they make. But that helps in cutting piracy and making atleast some profit rather than no profits.

            This is what happens:
            1) If they sell the game at Indian pricing in all countries for games developed in USA with salary being paid in USD, they will barely make profit depending on how hit/miss the game is. They might even go into a loss as well.

            2) If they sell the game at US pricing all over the world, gamers in India or similar low income country cannot afford it and will pirate it or the sales will be much lesser. - This is the same reason why book are cheaper in Asian countries and they print "Eastern economy edition", to be sold in Asia only.

            3) Selling the games/Books at the pricing that the country can afford is a win win for both dev companies and customers.

            To give you an example of why this difference, an electrician who will come and fix a small part in your washing machine in India will charge you a fixed fee of 300 to 500 INR (6 to 10 AUD) approximately. The same thing in Australia? Almost an 100AUD. Now can we make the Australian electrician income to 10AUD as well? No why? Because it depends on the country where the service is used.

            Now if I get an Indian and make him work in Australia at Indian wages, the Australian govt will clearly put the employer behind bars. The the same logic applies to the game.

            I do not want to further argue on this, but hope this example makes it clear.

          • +1

            @ItsMeAgro: Did your earnings vastly change moving between those to registers? If not, the comparison is wrong.

      • -1

        A poor person takes a 2L milk carton to the counter and asks how much.
        "Three dollars" the shopkeeper said.
        The transaction took place and the poor person walked away.
        The next person in line took the same 2L milk carton to the counter and asks how much.
        The shopkeeper says "Three… is that your Buick outside? Nice! Three thousand dollars for the milk".

        This behaviour is not allowed in this country so why would using a VPN to buy legitimate goods be any different?

        You can import physical goods from other countries at their lower prices too but with digital goods there is no shipping, shop fittings, shelf stockers etc. It is the exact same digital good in both countries so there is even less of an excuse to charge different pricing between different countries.

        • See my answer above. As for the physical goods are concerned, it depends where they were developed. If the physical goods were developed in USA and then sold in India, good luck importing them cheaper from India. Even if you find them cheaper, there will be regluations not to use them in different country, just like the Eastern economy books- just like the games.

          If you are buying things developed in India especially for the inidan market, then its alright, because it was developed in India and it was cheaper to develop to begin with. And again it depends on the copyright and how the producer wants to market it.

          • @John Doh: I have read your response. It seems you are cool with the Buick owner paying $3000 for the exact same carton of milk as the very poor person who got it for $3.

            • +5

              @Guybrush57: We're talking about India vs Australia.
              It's not some poor victim with his buick.
              Minimum wage in Australia is exponentially higher than in India.

              Nationally it's 178 INR for a workday. 8 hours. That's about $3.
              In Australia it's $158.72 (19.84 an hour).
              That's literally 55 times higher.

              Someone working JUST as hard as you do in Australia makes 55 times less for their work day.
              That's why the game is cheaper over there.

              Don't try and make out like regional pricing is somehow negatively affecting you in the west. The full price of Horizon Zero dawn is 4 hours AU wages.
              It's a month and a half of Indian wages.

              So yes. I am very ok with Australians paying more for their products than people in India are charged.

              • @timps: To be frank, most people in India will not even be able to afford a computer let alone that game. Its only people in the much higher income category can do it and even then 90AUD for a game would be overkill for them.

              • @timps: There are people in India far richer than you or I.

            • @Guybrush57: Nope! In short, the milk was 3000$ to begin with as it was produced in USA. But was sold for 3$ to the poor person becuase there is no software replication cost and this aided in reducing piracy and increasing profits. But when it comes to hardware there is no free meal - because there is some production/distribution charges unlike software replication/downloads. You have to pay a lot more for hardware in India than in Australia. This is the reason why chinese phones with less margins are more popular there compared to samsungs and iphones. Unfortunately, computers costs a lot more and they end up paying more even with much lower income. Trust me, you should be much happy paying for that game in AUD rather than in INR if you compare the wages.

              • @John Doh: but that is what I am saying. Some people in this country can't make ends meet yet they must pay the full AUD price of the game if they want it. The same amount is charged here to a poor person as it is a rich person. A rich person in India can pay a pittance for the game but the poor person here has to scrounge up some cash somehow to buy the game.

                Also according to Google, this game was developed in the Netherlands and the UK. Given your milk analogy, since people in Australia and people in India are both buying the same digital good that was produced in the same origin countries, Australians should pay what the Indians pay.

                I do not support racism.

                • +2

                  @Guybrush57: "I do not support racism." How the (profanity) is it racism? False equivalence right there.

                  The game developers and publishers make less money from the poorer countries per unit sold. They are not punishing Australians, they are reducing the price per item to greatly increase their total revenue.

                  Why don't you just pirate the game and not spend any money?

                  • -2

                    @FabMan: It's racist to treat one race worse than another race.

                    The developers and publishers could greatly increase their total revenue in this country by charging thousands of dollars to rich people and a much lower price for those with less money for the same copy of the game. They don't do it because it is illegal.

                    I don't condone theft. Please don't encourage people to pirate.

                • @Guybrush57: Given your anology of people not being able to make the ends meet, would the electrician in Australia come and work for 10AUD instead of 100 AUD for such poor people? just because the electicians in India are only taking just 10 AUD? No right? Becuase the service is claimed in Australia.

                  If such poor people cannot make the ends meet, then they just should not buy that game. Because gaming is a luxury and not a necessity.
                  There are lot many people who cant afford a car in Australia and use public transport. If they still want one, they need to steal it. Getting the game from India when you cant afford it is just that - stealing it, if you cant afford it. The rest is your wish. feel free to get it from the Indian store. I know a lot of upvoters here already did it anyway.

                  • @John Doh: India should be charged they same price as the full Australian price.

                    If those in India cannot afford to pay the same price as we are charged "then they just should not buy that game. Because gaming is a luxury and not a necessity". It works both ways.

                    By the way, paying full price for goods is not theft. Otherwise all of the deals on this site (including Amazon US and UK) where you import stuff from other countries would be illegal. The Reject Shop would also be selling illegal goods with its parallel imports.

                    • @Guybrush57: You are considering the price as Dollar. If we consider the price as work hours, a person working in coles needs to work for 4 hours to buy the game in Australia where as a person needs to work for over 10 days in coles """equivalent job"""" to pay for that game in India if the price was in AUD. isnt that unfair that you get paid more and they get paid so much less? And its a theft becuase legally you going against the game developers contract. It clearly states if you plan to play it here, you buy it here. Anything else is pirating. Similarly when importing hardware, if its illegal to import based on the manufacturers regional conditions and you still do and customs catch you, you are paying a hefty fine or will be behind bars. No, this is not a deal. Its piracy at its best.

                      I give up, you are probably already are playing this game from Indian store. Whats the point in continuing this. Enjoy your game.

                    • @Guybrush57: This is some awful thinking you've created.

                      It isn't a race thing, considering countries have multiple races in them and races spread across multiple countries. Absolute mental thinking to assign regional prices to racism.

                      If you want universal prices, there should be a universal basic income, but there isn't. Poorer places pay lower amounts for the food they eat, than those in wealthier countries. Poorer countries pay lower amounts (sometimes) for goods they use, this is a decision of the seller.

                      Our supermarkets have location based prices too, check out supermarket store prices and their petrol station stores. If you looked up the price of the item at the supermarket and then insisted the petrol station only takes the supermarket price, they'd refuse sale.

                      When you purchase from Amazon UK and US, you aren't concealing your location via the use of a VPN are you? They can deny you if they want based on your location, which some do, also you can be charged additional taxes. They key difference is hiding your location, does the Reject Shop do that?

                      We import and export all the time, it is time old practice, but you don't try to conceal your location. Companies negotiate on prices, that is their right and is what regional prices are about, companies then pay the appropriate import duties.

                      I'm not even hating on the use of VPN, but people like you are doing mental gymnastics to justify it's use as if it is unethical not to use it, otherwise you are supporting racism.

                • +1

                  @Guybrush57: There are many more examples in Australia itself.

                  Tax slabs - Why shouldnt everybody 54% tax ? Why only people paying above 180K are targetted? Let everyone pay 19% for everything they earn or pay 54%

                  Jobseeker - why is that people working thier a$-$ off should not get anything where as people resting thier a$s off should get some money for free?

                  Jobkeeper - why is that affected business employees need to get money where as business that werent affected due to thier hardwork despite covid not get any benefit?

                  Property tax - why should property tax be different among states and the kind of houses?

                  Rents - why should rent be different among different areas. simple, if you charge the same rent at cbd in suburb, nobody will rent it. Similarly for games.

                  There are not direct comparisions and will just unnecessarily open more argument paths, but just examples of why things are priced like they are.

                  • @John Doh: It's not the same 🤔. You charge higher rent when the people can't pay. Same as charge higher tax for higher income. It's only fair that if the people in a country receive higher income they can pay higher price for game isn't it?

                    • @Raj09: Hey Raj, Thats what I meant all the time in my other replies, that reply was an example how even in Aus, people with less income are supported accordingly with less taxes. So people in India should also be supported by reducing the RRP as the income is less.

                      • @John Doh: Ah OK. Sorry I misread. You are right. 😊🙏🏾

                        • +1

                          @Raj09: No problem buddy!

                          • +1

                            @John Doh: I come from Mauritius and when I was a young grad, I would never be able to afford a game or software. If you pay the same retail price as would be charged in the US or Australia, it would be equivalent to 20% or so of your salary.

                            I was a pirate by lack of choice. Now that I'm in Australia, I can afford full price but I understand that software companies practice different tier pricing. It makes sense. If I have the choice to pay full price I'll look for a deal but won't do too dodgy.

                            Anyway, I get your point. You take care man 😊👍🏾

                      • @John Doh: In reference to Raj's example about renting; if a poor person wanted to rent a flash house in Sydney but could only afford 1/10th the rental price then why does the landlord deny him? Both video games and the flash house are not necessities for the poor person.

                        • @Guybrush57: No. You misinterpreted my point. I believe you should have different tiers of pricing for developed and developing economies. Else people in developing economies will never be able to use these products and will have to resort to piracy. You would have all kinds of other problems from that eg malware bots etc.

                          It's not about a game being a necessity. It's about how the markets will work around that.

                          I come from a small island where most of the time I could not afford to buy retail games or software. I would pirate them by default as the legal way was too expensive . There were no different tiers of prices then.

      • I used to always buy games through EA Origin using Brazil VPN as they were very cheap, eventually they started charging same price for Brazil as they do USA. Very unfair to people in Brazil as their buying power is much lower.

        • True, eventually that will result in piracy in such countries. Game developers will lose more money. They cant develop good games in the future or they will develop good games and charge more for thier excellent games in all countries to make up for the lost money due to piracy, which will come back and bite us. Or worse implement Denuvo kind of stuff which sux for all customers.

  • +2

    didnt know this game had come to pc. i liked it on ps4, but only played it briefly because the fov was so zoomed in it gave me a headache everytime i played. lets hope the pc version has an fov slider.

    • +3

      PC version sure does have FOV slider. I play with the FOV slider maxed out at 90. I’ve put in 70 hours so far at 60% completion with much more to do. Epic game. No pun intended!

  • +1

    I will pay it the right way and use my coupon in Australia. It's only fair to let other regions pay lower price as they have lower income. Else it looks like we are exploiting other economies. That's me though

  • if your account is set as "Australia" as your country it doesnt really matter if you VPN to India or not.
    You can VPN to India, log into your Epic account and change your country to "India" to complete your transaction totaling to 5USD than head over to your launcher to download and install the game

    • It does matter. I'd never bought anything through epic on my main account and used a Russian vpn to buy World War Z for dirt cheap when it first came out, after that I saw Detroit Become Human launch at the equivilant of $10 but when I tried to buy it every payment method got rejected.

      Another game later came out that I wanted to buy but everything was rejected still, tried to change my country back to Australia to buy it but the country part of your profile is not editable. I had to log a support ticket to get my country changed back to Australia and after a bit of back and forth messaging they resolved it for me.

      Not as easy as just switching your region each purchase. Once you buy something the account will be locked to that region.

  • Dang, wish i had done this rather than Squadrons. The way the Squadrons on the Epic store launches through the Origin launcher is so annoying. Plus it doesn't work with SteamVR.

  • Interesting discussion, but what about when countries start to change economically. India's middle class is exponentially growing and ratio wise there are a lot more wealthy people there now than 15 years ago etc. Also I do wonder if its mainly the middle class and above who actually end up gaming especially being able to afford expensive PCs / GPUs. Having spent a lot of time there over the years, i never saw the poorer or even lower middle class gaming much, but maybe things are changing these days, i havent been back there for a few years.

  • I'm just trying to do this now, can someone confirm I have missed the boat for the $10 off from rocketleague? Any other pointers to get the price down?

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