This was posted 1 year 1 month 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Free - $15 Epic Game Store Coupon (Min Spend $22.99) + 2 New DLC Items When You Add Rocket League (F2P) @ Epic Games


Free EGS coupon as part of Rocket League going F2P.

US$10 / A$15 coupon with Min Spend US$14.99 / A$22.99



September 23 is also the day you'll find Rocket League available for download on its newest home: the Epic Games Store! You can visit the Rocket League page now, and add the game to your wishlist so you're notified as soon as it's available. If you add Rocket League to your library between September 23 and October 23 you will receive a $10 EGS coupon that is redeemable on games and add-ons $14.99 and up. Plus, once you download and launch the game, you'll instantly get two new items in your inventory: Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail!

Epic Coupon T&C

Limited-time Event. You will only receive an Epic Coupon for placing an order for Rocket League until October 23, 2020 at 11AM Eastern Time. All Epic Coupons received from placing an order for Rocket League will expire on November 1st 2020, 2:59 AM Eastern Time. Epic Coupons can only be redeemed for purchases of qualifying digital games and add-ons that are available to play on the Epic Games Store webpage ( Not valid on pre-purchases or any other purchases such as in-game purchases (e.g. V-bucks or currency).

Qualifying games and add-ons must be a minimum price of $14.99 after any promotions and discounts are applied. Taxes and other fees do not apply toward the minimum purchase requirement.

You must have an active Epic account. Epic Coupon will be automatically applied at checkout to your next qualifying purchase in the Epic Games Store.

Epic Coupons are non-transferrable and may not be resold, bartered, auctioned or redeemed for cash.

You can only redeem one (1) Epic Coupon per transaction, and Epic Coupons will be automatically applied to your next eligible transaction. Epic Coupons cannot be combined. If you choose to return or cancel any of the games or add-ons you purchase in order to earn or redeem the coupon, your refund will equal the amount you actually paid for the game(s) or add-on(s) (subject to applicable refund policies). The Epic Coupon used during the original transaction will not be returned.

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    FYI on merging multiple platform accounts:

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      You will receive an Epic Coupon for placing an order for Rocket League until October 23, 2020 at 11AM Eastern Time. All Epic Coupons received from placing an order for Rocket League will expire on November 1st 2020, 2:59 AM Eastern Time." ?

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    damn it a minimum spend of $14.99, I guess I might actually pay for something on EGS

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      suggest hades :)

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      If you have any interest in Griftlands you can buy the game on epic then activate it on your Klei account so you can also add it on Steam.

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        Thought that read girlfriends for a second.

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        Thanks for the heads-up! Any idea if any other games have this option? Klei or otherwise? I think Griftlands was on my radar (albeit small) - Oxygen Not Included was the one I was keen on from them

        Although it looks like it's no longer on the Epic store anyway, but seemed to be at one stage

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      Just be careful about being too creative with this and trying overseas Epic stores. I wouldn't recommend it even if you might score a great deal using the India store for example.

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    If I have this already steam, what benefit would there be to get it on EPIC?

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      To get the 2 DLC items for free maybe?

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      Play against friends and family who haven't bought it provided you can get them to grab it.

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        Steam and epic can play cross platform

        • All the more reason to tell your friends to grab it on the Epic store.

    • If U link Ur steam account to epic, will U still be able to play on steam?

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      Umm, a free coupon as in the post description?

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    great way to star wars squadrons cheaper! But will I be able to play with mates on steam? (they already preordered)

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      Not sure about crossplay, but I know they've said it'll only be playable in VR on Steam.

      • this is not true.

        • You're right, I must have gotten Quest and Rift mixed up, doesn't seem to be playable on Quest.

    • yes

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    Is my interpretation correct?

    Rocket League is free from Epic store from the 23rd of September with no further obligations?

    In addition to that 'deal', if you add Rocket League to your library between then and the 23rd of October , you receive an Epic store voucher for $10usd that can be used on a purchase over $14.99usd?

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      Got it in 1.
      Knocked it out of the park champ.

      Thats my interpretation anyway.

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    Epic Coupon - $15.00
    Expires on Nov 1, 2020, 6:59 PM
    For games priced at $22.99 or higher

    Seems to be a $15 one

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      same here. probably due to AUD

    • same here.
      A reminder as well that coupons do not stack.

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    I bought this on Steam years ago, but didn't get to play it hardly. I loaded it up a few days ago because I was curious about this whole "legacy status" thing ….now can't stop playing it. I'm hooked!!!

  • Frustratingly Breakpoint is a few cents too cheap for coupon to be usable on, had hoped to get a copy with a friend.

    • Damn AAA games released less than a year ago being too cheap for me to get for cheaper

  • Thanks OP, bought Assassin's Creed Odyssey for $11.98 after $15 coupon.

    • Have you tried this out or looked at reviews prior? I don't know what else to use the credit on myself let alone outlaying extra cash on top.

      I've usually enjoyed the AC series but I can't remember the last one I played! How does it measure up?

      Too open world? Not open enough?Repetitive actions/gameplay? They're all things I remember from my last encounter. Combined giving a pretty repetitive gameplay compared to previous versions.

      Also how did you get the $11 price?? I'm seeing ~$89 in my store. :(

      • Just checked - I bought it when it was on sale for $26.98. Now the sale is over and it's back up to $89. Too late.

        • Yep, I gathered from a few other comments. Bummer! Enjoy!

  • sweet, you don't even have to download it, just need to check out.

  • Thanks, are there any cheaters on RL? I gave up on CSGO coz I would encounter one in every other pub game i join.

    • It's pretty much impossible to cheat in RL (no known cheats anyway). Might be a bunch of smurfs for the first week though

      • Might be a bunch of smurfs for the first week though

        Aw, smurfs are the worse! hahaha - you join a game starting out playing it as your first time and just get dominated each round, and I mean like really really dominated in that your team is completely helpless against their barrage….not exactly a good way to start a new game…but I guess thats what gets their jollies off….

    • Cheating no, it can be a pretty tough environment though. Very competitive.

  • Can you play with a ps4 controller on the pc version?

    • I thought it would work better with an Xbox One controller.

      • I don't have an xbox controller which is why I ask regarding ps4 controllers

        • +1

          You could always use….

          ….never used it as I dont own a ps controller, but saw it mentioned in a youtube clip the other day.
          Lets it emulate an xbox 360 controller, among many other things.

    • Dualshock 4 controller works fine. On Steam it's native, on Epic you might need DS4Windows. (edit: or launch Epic via Steam]

      It is also, apparently, the lowest latency.

    • The majority of pro players use PS4. You can do it just with the cord but it's better to install ds4 windows and you'll get vibrate and other stuff.

    • Yup, I do so whenever my steam controller goes flat. Just download ds4windows, don't even need to do any configuring, it just works.

  • Dang, no shadow of the tomb raider and witcher 3 is for $70+

    edit: no hitman 2 either, but hitman 3 will be releasing on epic lol

    • Yeah, I noticed Hitman 2 isn't on Epic Games store, yet they have Hitman 1. Weird…

  • Bought Hades for $13.76, very happy with that!

    • +1

      So did I. For others: Hades has a 20% discount right now for a day, so stack with that.

  • I wanted to buy (-10% A$21.50 A$19.35) but it doesn't make the cut-off =/

    While I'm here, how I would go about searching for games similar to this one? There is no category for walking simulator. I did find this which is helpful, but Epic either does not have them or I already own the game.

  • Mine says $15 coupon, $14.99 minimum spend. Cool.

  • what exactly is epic games and why do they always give our freebies, is it like blizzard, origin and steam?

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      Yes, they made bucket loads from Fortnite and are trying to conquer the market.

      • -2

        ohhhhh they're the one getting r#p3d by Apple atm lol.

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    Unless 'Isthereanydeal' is wrong, $27.74 for Disco Elysium is an all-time best price (by about $20) for a seriously great game.

    Edit: For those who picked up the base game of kingdom come deliverance for free during the recent give-away, all the dlc can be had for $15 after adding the coupon (the royal edition).

  • Best way to spend the voucher anyone? What's the bes tgames for the $$$

  • Merged from Free $10 Epic Store coupon with Rocket League (free)

    Get Rocket League for free on the Epic Game store, and score yourself a free $10 coupon.

    • +10

      I received a $15 coupon after purchase

    • Thanks, I also got $15.
      Notice from Epic: All Epic Coupons received for placing an order for Rocket League on Epic Games Store will expire on November 1st, 2:59 AM EST.

      • also something about automatically applying to next purchase

    • Great option to use it on at the moment is Red Dead 2 which is already on sale, comes down to $45.

      • +1

        Sale for that ended yesterday.

        • +2

          ah ok my bad.

        • yeah i missed it. keeping an eye out for something to spend it on. also have one from earlier this year ($15) that expires at the same time. doesn't stack though.

    • +12
    • I already owned this game so how do i score $10 ? 🥺

      • +6

        It's only just released on Epic, you shouldn't own it.

    • Free voucher!

    • Is there a minimum spend on the voucher?

    • +3

      Thx op..

      Epic Coupon - $15.00
      Expires on 11/1/2020, 6:59:00 PM
      For games priced at $22.99 or higher

    • Coupon not working for discounted games below $20

      • +2

        Minimum pch is AU$22.99

    • I have 2 $15 coupons now, one from this deal and one from the gta v deal way back ahah. Sadly they both expire on 1st Nov. What game to purchase hmm 🤔🤔

      • I bought Hades, really fun. Although the sale (which was around $7 off) has passed. It's too bad you can't stack the vouchers

      • +1

        I got Far Cry 5 Gold Edition for $11.99 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gold Edition for $22.48 using my two coupons. They were both on special on Thursday for like 75% off.

        • Same. Finally got so frustrated with trying to play AC: Odyssey on console that I gave in and bought it before the sale ended.

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    • How to get DLC cars now since they removed the DLC?

    • +5

      upvoting for dupe and incorrect amount

    • +2

      i got one. now i have 2. still have the coupon from the last sale.

    • Good deal but do your homework cuzzy

    • Need more sales!

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    Wanted untitled goose game with the coupon but it's 50c off the min threshold - is there anything super cheap to get it past?

  • Not claimable for preorder, bummer. I thought it might have been decent value towards Cyberpunk. Hmm

  • Gonna get the coupon but no way I'll game on epic vs steam, can't even add an avatar pic, epic is so trash, they had heap of time to make that epic store look better but it still looks like garbage
    BTW the hard reset in rank sucks some serious ass, I can't get into diamond rank and was champ last season, team mates are all golds it seems

    • "no way I'll game on epic vs steam, can't even add an avatar pic" LOL. Strange.

  • Can this be used to contribute towards buying a rocket pass

    • Can any1 please let me know if this is possible?