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eufy 2C Wire-Free HD Security Cam with Home Base 2 Kit $315 Delivered (Free Shipping to Most Areas) @ Videopro


Not the cheapest but seems to be the lowest at this point in time. My Arlo died so was looking for replacements and decided to give these a go. Price matching with JB or OW may be possible. Cheers.

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    Just walked out of JB with this from price match

    • Same here!

  • How is the night time video quality on this unit please and can more cameras be added?
    Is this better then Arlo? Many thanks :-)

    • I was using first-generation Arlo's which were also 1080p but I believe these are much better in terms of factors like better night vision, wide-angle, longer battery life, no subscription fees…etc. On top of my head, 16 cameras can be added to a single Eufy homebase.

    • These are much better than Arlo. I have one and the night vision is good, it also has an LED spotlight built in to the camera.

      • The led spotlight imo is useless as it's not bright enough so the image is very poor. I kept mine on IR for night.

        Also at night mine gets triggered by the neighbourhood cats. Hasnt been triggered by the cat during the day time yet though, either the cat don't come during the day or the human detection doesn't work properly at night.

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          you can set it to get notifications for human detection only in the day but in the night you get notification for all detection.

          • @strid: Ah right that explains it then. Thanks.

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    Have 4 cameras set for 6 months. Generally good but very sensitive to interference from mobile data. Don’t put it too near to your mobile phones or mobile broadband devices.

    • What are you on about?

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        ? Sorry maybe I should mention about not putting your mobile data devices near the eufy home base or the eufy cameras. The frequency from the mobile data interferes with the frequency between the home base and the cameras therefore sometimes there are no notifications when motions are detected by the cameras. Keep them at least 30cm away from your mobile data devices.

        • Have never heard of that or experienced it myself as my Homebase is tucked away in my server rack.

          Handy info to know though so cheers for that 🙂

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    Eufy is great..no subscription required…lobe it..

  • Bought this set for $317 in JB last week, super easy to setup and night performance is pretty good.
    the alarm feature is useless and I have deactivated and the geofencing is hit and miss, mine didn't arm until I was over 100km away the other day despite being set to the smallest diameter, I just activate it as I lock the door now.

  • Are these ties to the base station or the account that is used to register them like iPhone? Thinking about using them for outdoor / garage area but not sure if someone is able to steal them & reuse as their own.

    • You need a homebase for the cameras to work. Yeah the cameras can be reset and work on any homebase so if the thief steals one it can pair with its own homebase.

  • Has anyone in the past scored a deal on single or bulk additional cameras? I already have this pack and am looking to expand in the future. Wondering if this is the best price per camera out there (however this deal has now expired)

  • Thanks OP, These seem very similar to the Cocoon set from Aldi, will take a look.

  • Is this the same model as this from AliExpress selling for AUD 270?

    • Yep

      • The Ali express eufy cams are far cheaper.. am I missing something?

        This store at Ali Express is selling for even cheaper for AUD 209.

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