This was posted 9 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Presale] Weber Premium Kettle 22" Charcoal Grill $299 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Seems like a good price but unknown shipping cost and delivery not till March. Sorry at work so no time to check more details

Free delivery with first

Ships on 17th Mar.

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    Kogan delivery times are all over the shop. Bought a fridge from them back in November with a delivery date of mid Jan. It was delivered within 1 week of buying it….

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      Yup still waiting on something from November. Weirdly they sent me the figure 8 (Jackson plug) cord a few days ago…
      Which is completely useless since they cost nothing and I have spares from the PS2/3.

    • Agreed. Bought the xiaomi screw driver set from previous deal and still waiting for them to be shipped. At least they threw in a $10 voucher to make up for it.

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    Grey import as such weber Australia won’t provide you any warranty. Not sure what warranty Kogan supplies but I guarantee it won’t be as good as the 10 year warranty Weber Australia supplies. I’ve dealt with the Weber support department and they were incredible.

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      Whats going to go wrong with a charcoal bbq though?

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        The grates might rust, etc… Weber will replace things like this without question.

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          No they won't. I'm a Weber specialist, rust is from neglect and leaving it outside without buying a full weather proof cover.

          It's also caused by not using full Stainless steel grills like the GBS ones.

          These grills are Plated steel. These will rust over time.

          This also isn't a good deal as for $330 I can get kettle with GBS.

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            @DisabledUser319612: I'm more than happy to get a Kettle with enclosed ash catcher with GBS for$330. Where can I get it ASAP?

          • @DisabledUser319612: That's funny because they sent me new grill and the bottom grill too for free I told them both have rusted

            • @honkyb: Yeah I've heard of others getting rejected as people pressure wash grills and BBQs and strip enameling and cast iron enamel, they then rust.

              There was one case where the Weber Q grills were peeling and rusting, Weber did a recall on those.

              I think this is why Weber now handles all spare parts and specialist dealers can't order spares anymore (lids, bases, igniters etc etc) there was far too much inconsistency with the service provided.

              If in doubt ask for Debbie at Weber, she will help you. She's in charge of customer service and has been for years

        • this is 30% off australian price …..leaves you enough money to buy parts if needed.

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        With my kettle I had some rust spots develop through the enamel on the lid. Weber sent me a brand new lid. I’ve had friends grill grates rust, handles break, lid thermometers get moisture in them. Lots of things can go wrong with it. It’s just like any other product. Difference is Weber Australia will not offer you any support when you give them your serial number, it comes up as an overseas batch in the system.

    • Agreed, just had them send me a set of new handles for an H series my father in law got from a hard rubbish collection!!

      I was prepared to buy them, but they insisted on sending them for free

  • Same price at Costco just get it from them good after sales support.

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      Can anyone please tell me if Costco in Perth have this in stock? I'm not a member but will go with a friend next week if definately in stock

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        you can ring them and ask if they have stock.

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          They don't stock Kettle

    • Can you please confirm? According to this, Costco don't sell the kettle?

      • I saw them in Canberra Costco.

    • Yes, Weber sent out a memo months ago saying they're selling the Weber kettle (Not premium model aka no GBS) and Spirit E210 (junk bbq) to Costco.

  • Just have to scour FB marketplace and gumtree, I've seen excellent condition ones for $50, the listings don't last long however.

    • I've been looking a while. I need a good one with enclosed ash catcher and nothing's turned up

      • You're right, didn't notice this was for the premium

      • I saw a Weber 'Performer' for $50 on Fb marketplace, I was 30 minutes too late.
        Day after, saw another one advertised for $120.

  • Maybe a dumb question, but what accessories do people suggest for your first Weber? I assume a charcoal chimney to get it going quickly, but what else ?

    • yep chimney is a must, the rotisserie is great but its pricey

      • Anything else to get me going? - my folks actually gave me one but I am yet to use it. Not too sure what I will try on it first, maybe some roast chickens or something? Anything people can suggest that doesn't require me sitting next to it for 4 hours? (Time poor Dad)

        • i would go beef roast for a first cook as it will be more forgiving than the rest. If you haven't got an instant read thermometer that is also a must especially cooking chicken.

        • Sounds like a rotisserie kit would work wonders for you. Weber's is pricey though at $200++ but if you're in VIC there's this guy that sells custom for cheaper. Look up Steven Komninos in Facebook (Disclaimer: not related in any way(

          • @JaxSantiago: Too funny, I literally just found him on Facebook and ordered a kit ($140).

        • We do roast pork every Xmas in the weber and it's so damn easy. Definitely worth trying for a first time. Just put in the amount of beads it says for pork and chuck it on. If you want good crackling just score the skin after leaving the pork in the fridge unwrapped over night. Then pour boiling water on the skin before you rub the pork with salt and oil before you put it on the grill.

        • Steaks are easy.

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      You don't need a chimney, you put the charcoal in the charcoal dividers and on the charcoal grill you place some fire lighters and in 20 mins your charcoal will be ready.

      Chimneys are for WSM and other BBQs.

      The rotisserie is probably the best attachment followed by the cast iron enameled griddle. You will need to upgrade the grills to GBS for this but then you'll have stainless steel grills which won't rust.

      My recommendations for accessories would be;

      Premium cover - 7150
      Weber Igrill 2 - 7203
      57cm Grill with GBS - sold out till March.

      All that's missing would be a GOOD grill brush (highly recommend the Chargriller one from Bunnings, I own 5 because I own 6 BBQs)

    • I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Bluetooth temp sensor. Tells you when meat is at the right temp or if the kettle temp is out of range.

      • Weber official one or 3rd party/other brand?

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          Inkbird seems to be well travelled amongst enthusiasts

          also a damn lot cheaper than official Weber ones

          • @humdingaling: Go the Maverick XR50 or Smoke X over Inkbird.

            The Weber one is the Igrill2 as mentioned above, Which was originally owned by Idevices but bought out by Weber.

            • @DisabledUser319612: $130-180 for the thermostat? Not in my price range mate….

              • @JuryWheel: The accurate ones are all expensive :(

                I paid about $110 for my XR50.

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        I recommend an inkbird instant read as well as their ibbq-4t which is fantastic as it's wifi and has 4 probes. Know your temp anywhere in the world. I've found out to be very accurate

        • How do the probes go when working out the temp of the kettle itself. Obviously the temp varies so much depending on the location (near charcoal, up high/down low)…? Where do you position the probe and how do you keep it in place….?

          • @JuryWheel: if you are doing offset cooking than get it clipped to the grate near the meat
            the other probes go into the food itself

            the probes are best for direct grilling, use an instant read for that

  • This is presale. Ships Mid March

    you can also get
    Smokey Joe - 68
    Charcoal Go Anywhere - 119
    original 18" kettle - 199
    iGrill2 - 145

    besides the smokey joe and 18" kettle
    you are saving much in terms of RRP

    if you are after the smokey joe and cannot wait

    catch are selling for 69 + shipping

    • Smokey Joe is small and low to the ground

      You can get it cheaper with Unidays discount