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Azzaro Wanted 50ml $29.99 (Was $95) @ Chemist Warehouse


Was looking at things to spend waste my Christmas paycheque on and came across this absolute ripper of a deal. $65 off their inflated RRP isn't too bad.

It's a great performing scent which is hard not to like.
Yes it's not overly unique but it does smell pretty good and lasts all day.
Reviews are here https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Azzaro/Wanted-38686.html

Everywhere else seems to have it for $60ish
100ml can be had for $59.99 at Chemist Warehouse as well (though you may as well buy 2 50ml's for the same price and gift one if you get bored of it.)

Honestly can't go wrong for someone in their 20's/30's

FWIW it's approved by the GF

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