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[iOS, Android] Free - 3 Months of MyFitnessPal Premium @ MyFitnessPal


Saw this post on reddit, where you can get MyFitnessPal Premium 3 months for free.

Just remember to cancel your subscription / auto-renewal before the 3 months is up.

One of the better APP's out there, and premium removes them pesky ads and gives you some other food info.

Note "this apparently only works if you’re currently on free. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had Premium before, but you just can’t have an active subscription at the moment."

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  • Yup, I got a 'Sorry, this coupon cannot be redeemed with an active premium account'

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    Got it thanks.

    Wonder is it targeted towards New Year resolutioners at the gym :P

    Wonder if I am one of them :D

  • Thanks

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      User name checks out

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    Thanks OP!
    I am new to the app..created an account using the link in reddit post and it worked.

  • I've been using the free version on and off for years, any real benefits to premium?

    • Among other things - premium makes it easier to customise macros goals and track macros during the day, cf tracking by calories.

  • I've had a premium account before for 1 year via a samsung promo but never paid. This worked for me. Thanks

    Ps: can I cancel now or do I need to cancel closer to the time?

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      Not sure about that but I notice if you go to "Subscription Settings" you can turn off auto-renewal.

      Update: Just noticed the message down the bottom: "To cancel your subscription, turn auto-renew off"

  • For the premium users - I just use MFP for calorie counting and macros, and to feed back to Garmin Connect so I can track calories burned/calories expended. I've got the meal planning stuff all pretty sorted. What additional benefits would Premium give me?

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      Tons. Mostly, set macros by gram, set different goals per day and a stupid switch that adds back calories from exercise which no one asked for. Also no ads.

      I think it’s overpriced tbh. But it’s so much better than the alternatives that I just grit my teeth and pay it

      • Mmm…I've pretty much reverse engineered the macro/calorie process to get the results I want, and the Garmin Connect interlink takes care of the calories burned/calories consumed calcs for me.

        Thanks for your insights.

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    Free vs Premium: https://ibb.co/fDxqymS

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    Thank you. The code worked for me. Have been using the free account of myfitnesspal over 10 years. Have tried the premium account free-trail once but didn't feel I was making use of all the features to pay for the premium account. Love to try the premium again for the next 3 months.

  • Can you cancel the auto renew immediately and still use the 3 months?

    • I haven't tried signing up but if you can sign up with PayPal you just have to turn off payment authorisation for my fitness pal and they won't be able to charge you

      • You can only use card

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    You can cancel the auto renewal by going to :
    [Settings] -> [Subscription Settings] Auto-Renewal at the bottom and select [Off].

    The membership end date should appear red, refresh the page to ensure it applied correctly.

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    Hope they don’t get hacked again..

  • Thanks, challenge accepted - 3 months to burn off all the food I ate at Christmas

  • Hopefully they don't get hacked again and all user details leaked.

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    Be careful of the details you provide. These guys had a massive leak not long ago

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    Fantastic, just started re-using MFP to track calories again.

    If anyone is keen and wants one of the best and easiest apps to track calories/macros etc for weight loss/gain then this is it.

  • Wow since when did they change macro tracking to premium only? Wasn’t that what the free version was doing if I recall correctly? If they’ve changed it to premium only what a scummy move

    • Free always had the overall macros for the day but it looks like premium refines it down to the good and meal

      • I just opened my app, haven’t used it in over a year so my memory could be a bit off but I do recall seeing macro breakdown for food/meal in the free version (I remember creating my own meals and manually adding all the macros). It just shows calories now :/

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          Oh right, it’s always been the same for me on the free version of iOS for as long as I can remember, I would normally have to scroll down the bottom of the page to the Nutrition button to see the overall macro breakdown for the day. If I clicked on a meal or food it would show nutritional info but showed something about macros being available on Premium only

  • Thanks OP. I’m keen to try this and compare it to EasyDietDiary (https://apps.apple.com/au/app/easy-diet-diary/id436104108) which I’ve been using for a couple of years

  • Hope you take PayPal

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