Trying to Find CEO Email Addresses

Hi, can anyone here provide me with the email addresses of APIA CEO (I think it might be Suncorp's Steve Johnstone) and Calvin Klein's Australia CEO (possibly Manny Chirico of PVH?). Many thanks in advance and Happy New Year to all :)


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    Look via LinkedIn?

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    Curious to know why you want to contact them

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      Missed sending them Christmas cards by the sound of it…

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      OP is looking to settle claims…

      Why bother with underlings, when you can go straight to the top??

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        How is CKA involved?

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          Maybe shat his daks

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        I love this part

        Our insurer refused claim but I wrote a letter (marked confidential) to CEO

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        Why would you stalk someone’s old posts…that’s not creepy at all

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          Nuh, creepy is searching CEO's E-mail addresses while playing
          Every Breath You Take by Sting.

        • You can't figure out why? Obviously it's to determine why OP wants to contact CEOs.

      • I did this with Telstra when they missed 11 appointments in a row to get Cable fitted (I took days off work, it was ridiculous). Contacted the CEO via twitter, via a few detailed tweets. Got the problem sorted within a couple of weeks.

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    What are you going to communicate with said individuals about?

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    could be a karen moment ….

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      [email protected]

      That email address might get you the boss of the counterfeit chinese factory! lol

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    Neither APIA or CKA have a CEO. They're subsidiaries.

    The top peeps will never, ever respond to you. Don't bother. They'll click forward and send it to the COO who will then forward it to their GM in charge of retail who will then forward it to whoever handles complaints (which I assume is the reason you want email addresses)

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      …whoever handles complaints

      who then forwards it to the work experience student to email you the template reply.

      • May as well start at the top I guess. A friend of mine had an issue with Couriers Please. HE emailed the CEO, and the matter was resolved quite quickly.

    • My mum wrote a letter to the CEO of a multi billion dollar company to tell him that she, as a shareholder, was very disappointed with the level of service she had received from their financial department.

      The CFO personally called her and apologised, gave her his number and explained he had been told by the CEO to "fix it" and that he (the CFO) had in turn assigned her case to an underling who would deal with it personally, but that if she had any concerns to let him know.

      Everything was resolved very quickly and very professionally - after over a year of getting the run around.

      I think it was the hand written, spidery "old person" letter that got the result though. Anyway, it can happen.

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    Not even the first business day into 2021 and you have two complaints already?

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      It's never a dull moment in a ozb life.

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    You will have better luck with the Ombudsman rather than sending a message (which will never make it through the gauntlet) to the CEO

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    Most CEO email is filtered by the PA or EA so the CEO will never read email from randoms.

    • Or business manager

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    You need better detective skills.

    PVH took me less than 5 mins to track down an email address.

  • Trying to find the boss reminds me of the Michael Moore doco “Roger and Me”

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    Try Rocketreach……

    Yes it mainly uses Linked In for info, plus other methods.
    Otherwise, sign up briefly for Linkedin Premium. They may accept a direct message (most likely not).

  • If ever I want to get in touch with a company at a high level I go to their website and if there is no contact for the particular person or entity I want I always email the shareholder’s department sometimes called the investor’s contact email. This has had a 100% response rate. It even worked with a bad pizza order once.

    Edit: don’t tell Karen

  • Systems are in place so these people are protected from "spam". Usually the proper course of action is to address your missive to the "Office" where the secretary then either addresses your correspondence in proxy, or, may in fact disturb "the boss".

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    Spammers so lazy now they can't even bother searching for the email address ;-)

  • Many thanks for all comments. Much appreciated :)

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