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Huawei P30 Pro (Aurora) $799.20 Shipped @ Mobileciti


Not as cheap as previous deal only 20c difference. A decent deal.

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    This doesn't run Android anymore right? How's the usability?

    • Still runs plain old Android, will still get Android updates, still works (and will continue to work) with all Google services. It's only newer models (released after the P30 Pro) that don't have access to Google Mobile Services.

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    • my dad did 997 here in australia, so what?

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        In Australia you get overtime, annual leave etc etc, unless your dad is a idiot lol

        • nah that's just immigrant mentality when you own your own business lol

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      Heard of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs? And big4 accounting firms?

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        Yes, i've been there for a few years.
        Hours was tough but pay was amazing.

        I doubt pay is amazing for the factor workers in China & they are just a cog. Most of the money goes back to the state.

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          Got nothing to do with state/not. Money always goes up the chain. Last time I checked, big4 was at slave rates.

        • Pay would be amazing there. You don't get executed

  • Was around $750 yesterday @MC

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    Got this phone on day one. Will be 2 yrs in a few months. No plans to upgrade to anything else. Camera and battery are solid. At this price, if my current one breaks with what is currently on the market, I would be keen on getting the same model again.

  • Once we are talking more about Huawei than the post.. I love my 20 pro mate (even after 2 years) and a broken screen. I'd love to switch to p40 but the Google thing, makes thing harder. So now, I'm considering a note 20 ultra.. Might be the closer that I'd get. Any suggestions?

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      Just sideload the google apps, according to youtube it's not that hard and most apps seem to work fine

  • I had just the P30

    'Upgraded' to the Samsung FE 5G which was a lemon so then returned it for a pixel 5.

    Much preferred the P30 to both, it's a much better phone. The P30 Pro would still be better than most newer options imo.

    Shame about the while Google ban

    • P30 has a shitty camera. The colours are off all the time.

      • Probably you don't know how to use it.

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          Yeah, my camera is awesome. Only colour problems are with food photos where the AI gets a bit carried away.

        • Point and shoot - just like I did with my old Samsung. Where Samsung excelled P30 lacks colours. Partner's Pixel 4 takes much better photos than P30 as well.

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    Going through my photos of Christmas and the New Year taken with my P30 Pro, the one comment everyone made was how awesome the camera is and on that alone, two people have now just purchased one via this deal after I pointed it out to them.

    The thing is, although the camera is awesome, it's not even the best thing about it. Had the phone for a while now and I don't feel the need to upgrade as it's going to be a long time before it lags behind.

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    Another happy P30 pro customer here. A solid phone that's still running smoothly. It's a pity that new Huawei phones cannot get gws.

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    Tis an interesting ethics that seem interchangeable with certain companies and their operations as opposed to others. I'm glad there's still people reminding others about stuff that the general Joe may not be aware of.

    It's a great deal and a great phone but would consider the general punter to have a bit of a read and judge for themselves.

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        It was already proven that the spying claim was false and there is no junk on these phones. The drama came from the American companies like Google and Apple crying because they were losing money to a brand that was making superior phones with tech a year ahead of everyone else that were also cheaper than everyone elses.

        It's funny how everyone trashes China at the thought of spying and data collection, yet have no problem with the companies that are actually known for doing it just because they're American.

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          Yes Google, Facebook, all spy as well

  • Been using this phone since for a while. Great phone, love it….
    But I have a cracked screen and can't manage to repair it. Either cost too much or need to send to their repair centre in Sydney which can take few weeks.

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      You may try the repair shop in Eastwood 0406 886 999, they are pretty good..

      • Thanks you

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    still a great phone. Love it!

  • Seriously considering buying this phone.
    How much of the Vodafone branding will I notice?

  • Been using p20 pro. This would be an upgrade for sure but will probably stay with mine as the camera, battery and apps are all amazing and working.
    Bought an iPhone 12 pro max because it was meant to have the best non-Huawei camera and I wasn't happy with any android alternatives since being spoilt with Huawei.
    Well that was a flop. Everyone has commented about how bad the photos are since changing phones. i12PrMa went to wife.

    So many other nice features on the Huawei phones you miss, like infrared.

    • Having an IR blaster again was some forgotten fun and also very handy as your phone is a universal remote for all smart and non-smart devices.

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    Huawei make some of the most amazing phones to date and affordable, many reviews talk highly of their Cameras and batteries, I've owned both p30 pro and mate 20 pro both much better than Apple!!!

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    Just a point of view: "upgraded" from Mate 10 Pro as the battery was only lasting a day after 2.5 years of use (originally 2 days). P30 Pro is fine, no real difference tbh, except the 5x optical zoom. It's not noticeably faster, same user experience, and it's a bit of a downgrade with the inscreen fingerprint sensor, which often doesn't work several times in a row. The Mate10 Pro fingerprint worked instantly every time, so the new tech is not so good in this instance. With hindsight I should have got the battery replaced on the Mate 10 for $100 (p30 pro is a fine phone, but I don't feel worth the upgrade).

    • Try update every thing to the latest Inc firmware, then re config your fingerprint. Had the issue initially but solved by doing above. Now works 100%

      • Camera is much better on Mate 20 and even better on P30 Pro ;)
        That was the only bad thing about Mate 10 for me, prefer it to the 20 but the camera was no good

  • +3

    P30/pro best Android phone so far, they don't need a ton of other Huawei products to lock you into their eco system, just pure user friendliness and software efficiency of the phone is enough to lock you in.

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