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$50 off with AfterPay (Minimum $200 Spend) @ Target (Excludes Gaming/Clearance/Gift Cards)


Seen this offer when logging into AfterPay. Some exclusions do apply (eg. consoles) but unsure what they include as been unable to locate the offer again. If anyone can check their Afterpay and provide more details that would be great.

Mod: T&Cs per Facebook Ad state excludes clearance, gaming and gift cards. It does work however on already discounted items.

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    I got some after but cant find the terms and conditions anywhere gah!

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    I have the same as soon as I opened the app. It doesn't link to any T&C's, just takes you to Targets site

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    Target won't let me apply the offer because my cart doesn't meet the terms and conditions, but they aren't posted anywhere!

    • I got the code to work by removing sale items from my cart and adding stuff that's not on sale. However, it now won't allow me to complete checkout using Afterpay. I assume that there's some issue that they will soon fix.

      • Still busted.

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    Can’t wait to see what whacky offers Z1p offers this year to go up against afterpay

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      I'm holding out for 100% cashback on all purchases.

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        How is Z1p going to get to $10 by Xmas 2021 ?

      • 100% cashback up to $5 sounds about right.

        • hoping for another round of 10% cb super saturdays again

      • iirc there was a time when supermarket chains in the UK kept pricing each other down on the price of can of baked beans, a staple in the UK. The price of a can of home brand beans got so low that it ended with a supermarket actually paying you a few pence for each can of baked beans you bought, probably with a limit on the number of cans you could buy. Looking for a wikipedia article on the great baked bean wars but there's nothing.

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        You jest, but having worked at a company that ran product at cost for three years straight just to kick a competitor in the nuts I would say never underestimate just how petty management can get.

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    Thanks for this! Am about to buy 2 bikes for the kids and now saved 50 bucks!

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    Afterpay doesn’t touch your credit file - even if you pay late. They stop you from spending if you are late, but they don’t report to the bureaus.

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      They don’t chase debts too I’ve heard. You can AP and not pay lol

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        Proof or gtfo

      • What is AP?

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        Sorry I correct my wording of don’t chase to can’t chase. They can of course ask.

        And where did I hear this from, here

      • To those who negged, do you know anyone that owes AP money and chased by debt collectors? I’ve searched, haven’t seen any online comments as such I last looked. I’d like to know, I’m sure there’s thousands of people owing money to them everyday.

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          On the first page of the Google search results for "Afterpay debt collection": https://www.reddit.com/r/australia/comments/gjjzem/what_happ...

          • @ragrum: Thanks I should learn to use google better!

        • They can chase but they have no legal right to enforce or report to credit agencies — this is how themselves get around the legal obligations of being a "credit" provider

        • oh boy… cloudy u have opened a can of worms. Wonder if AP will get ozbargained and brodened soon LOL!!!

          • @WillKillfor5Cents: I certainly not claiming it’s right, I just said I heard, from someone I regard as intelligent and doesn’t speak publicly fleetingly. Many people just speak without thought online, hempton isn’t one of them so worthy of my ears.

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      Where have you read that? That's not what they say in their policy.

      From time to time, Afterpay may disclose your credit-related personal information to CRBs for purposes permitted under Relevant Laws. For example:

      • If you request Afterpay Services from us, we may check your identity and/or request a credit report about you from a CRB to help us assess your application for credit.

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      You're paying with afterpay so you will be refunded the amount you paid.

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        If you buy Target brand items you can conveniently lose your receipt and get it back as a returns card.

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          Then sell the returns card on the OzB forums for $150. Stonks.

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            @AngryAlfred: I am more inclined to use that card to buy stuffs which you can't use codes on, such as gaming stuffs. However if you really wanna cash it out, just use it in an online order and most cashiers can return it to ur debit card with the online receipt.

      • What if I return part of my order?

        • If you just wanna make up to the $200 target it is much easier and safer to just return without receipt. You get to keep your cashback too.

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    Its not working

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    Thanks OP grabbed a new airfryer and a cheap shirt and saved $50.

  • So it only works on full price item right?

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      Confirmed works on an item marked as discounted.

      • at what point do we use the code? on target website or afterpay website?

        • Target checkout page. There's a bit you can add promo code.

          • @pilmarion: hmmm, it isnt accepting the code. i have xbox controller, game and charge kit. dunno if they are excluded

  • Right on time when I wanted to buy a car seat as a gift for my cousin. I wish one was priced at around 200ish. Besides, what's the difference between those different ranges of car seats by Mother's Choice?

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      If you're asking these kinds of questions, sorry to say but you shouldn't be purchasing a car seat for them. Give them a $150 gift card instead.

      There are a tonne of variables to consider when purchasing a baby car seat.

      • You are right. I shouldn't be the one buying them the car seat.

      • Thank you for sharing the resource. It definitely helped.

  • I logged in but can't see the offer. Is it targeted?

    • Check the app, not website

      • I did both.

        • I don't think it's targeted, you should be able to check by adding items to your cart and applying the discount but not fully completing checkout

          • @TEER3X: Can see the offer now after signing out and back in :).

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    Can you buy $200 worth of gift cards?

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      I can't find any gift cards through target online

  • They have gift cards on store tho

    • Can you pay using afyerpay in the store?

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        You can but you can't apply the code instore

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    LoL you can pay with any other payment method except AfterPay. Just paid with Zip 😄

    • I found out the same, the discount code works with any payment method.

      • I used PayPal with the discount code and the order is in review now lol. no doubt its gonna get rejected lol..

  • is there an end date for this?

  • Not working please help me

  • Looks like gaming in general is excluded

  • Apparently you can use the code multiple times

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    Gaming is excluded

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      aaaaand not interested in this deal.

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    Great deal, thank you! picked up a Fujifilm Instax Printer and some film.

  • Begun, the short term credit wars have.

  • What to buy? Hmm

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    2x sets of bamboo sheets for $150 delivered, cheers

  • Thank you. It actually does not work with any items that are on sale.

    • it worked on discounted mug 5 down to 3.

      but doesn't work on stick vac

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    Who's paying for this, target or APT.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm getting the feeling that these BNBL companies are trying considerably harder to get more business. This is a pretty good offer.

    Idk what they are playing at, trying to get more record growth. I personally don't think it's about the SP, I think it's more to do with growth and just on-boarding as many users as they can. Maybe they think regulation is round the corner.

    At the end of the day, no one gives money away unless they are getting something out if it…….

    • target had 50 off 200 spend before… maybe a collab deal borne by both