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Qantas Perth Large 77cm Hardcase Luggage $120 Delivered & More @ Luggage Online


They have a range of Qantas luggage heavily reduced.

It all seems to include free shipping. No Idea how good Qantas luggage is but you'd hope they wouldn't slap a logo on it if it was terrible.

Brisbane, Perth and Blackall range have a 7 year warranty.
Bondi range 5 year warranty.

These are also reduced on the Qantas store if you have points to burn

A range of Samsonite and American Tourister also reduced.

You may not be able to travel internationally any time soon but if you end up homeless at least you can wheel around everything you own in style!

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  • No travel ….. no luggage

  • Pretty bad quality, heavy and not as durable as Samsonite.

  • If I were in the market for a hardcase today I'd be looking at the American Tourister Trigard range (hardcase with clasps). My 10 year old similar model is going well after frequent international travel and several repairs (handle and wheels).

    • and several repairs (handle and wheels)

      Had my Antler luggage 15+ years and no repairs and still going strong. No repairs needed.

  • They have a 7 year warranty, so by the time we'll be able to fly overseas , the warranty would have just run out.

  • What is a Lugguage?

  • I think I might not need one for a couple of years.

  • Perhaps good bags but not so good of an airline ..

  • Where are you going? Buy a laptop instead?

    • why? are you trying to sell a laptop?

    • I’m going to Japan to live there for a year, as soon as the borders open.
      I assume it will be around mid-year.
      Any longer than that would be really tyrannical.
      I understand everything our government has done up till now and support most of it, but making it illegal for people to leave the country for more than 18 months is a bit too long. At some stage the government just needs to say ok you’re an adult you can make an informed choice now.

      • As long as you don't want the government to repatriate you when Japan hits the fan I'm all for it.

      • You don't need to wait. Leaving for more than 3 months is one of the acceptable reasons for getting an approval to leave. There's no guarantee how easy would it be to get back though. Just ask the people still waiting for a seat to fly back. Or even those Victorians stuck at the NSW border.

  • They should rename the Perth collection to McGowan Collection. Just sayin.

  • What other luggage store would you guys recommend?

  • We are back with the deal. 10 more sets. Hurry because maybe they will be sold out again

  • I ended up buying a large Firelite off this post, coming back to report that I had a nightmare with Aramex, the supposed "courier" company they used. The luggage set got to Sydney and then Aramex refused to deliver it, stating that it was too big to fit in their van. An absolute joke. Emailed luggageonline with no response, I did call once or twice and got two ladies who were very nice but weren't able to do anything other than submit a complaint to Aramex.

    I gave up and drove 45 minutes to the depot to pick it up, an absolute waste of my time. When I picked it up I wasn't very impressed with the fact that the luggage didn't come in a single box but instead was 2 smaller boxes taped together, but that's neither here nor there. Luggage itself seems to be undamaged.