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1000 Bonus Points When You Buy a $50 or Above Ultimate Kids, Teens, Him, Her, Style Gift Card or Coles Mastercard @ Coles


Collect 1,000 Bonus Points (Worth $5) When You Buy a $50 or Above Ultimate Kids, Teens, Him, Her, Style Gift Card or a Coles Gift Mastercard Gift Card and Swipe Your Flybuys Card at the Checkout

Offer valid only at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online and Coles Express), subject to store availability. Excludes $30 Ultimate Kids and Teens Gift Cards. Excludes Ultimate Home, Student, Active, Eats and Christmas Gift Cards. To qualify for this offer you must present your flybuys card at the time of purchase. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 06/01/21 to 12/01/21. BONUS POINTS can only be collected once per Gift Card type and will not be awarded more than once for each Gift Card type including different denominations of the same Gift Card. flybuys’ privacy policy applies. Standard flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at flybuys.com.au. When purchasing a $50 or $100 COLES GIFT MASTERCARD, a $5 purchase fee will apply in addition to the value of the gift card. When purchasing a $250 COLES GIFT MASTERCARD, a $7 purchase fee will apply in addition to the value of the gift card.

Gift Card Participating Retailers
Ultimate Kids Cotton on Kids, JB Hi-Fi, Dymocks, Timezone, Toyworld, Rebel Sport, Zone Bowling, Kinpin Bowling
Ultimate Teens Boost Juice, JB Hi-Fi, Zone Bowling, City Beach, Rebel Sport, Timezone, Kingpin Bowling
Ultimate Him BCF, Drummond Golf, Barbeques Galore, Supercheap Auto, Rebel Sport, Oakley
Ultimate Her Forever New, Lorna Jane, Bras N Things, Seed Heritage, Napoleon Perdis, T2, Swarovski, The Body Shop, Wittner, Peter Alexander
Ultimate Style Bras N Things, Sportsgirl, Pandora, Strandbags, Forever New, Sunglass Hut, Nine West

NOTE: The Ultimate Gift Card cannot be redeemed online.

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  • Time to use zip pay

  • +2

    Can you use coles gift card to buy these?

    • Yes and must complete in one transaction, can't split payment method

      • I was able to split payment between CC and cash in December. Paid cash first.

        I tried it again this week for a Bunnings GC. I was hoping to split between two CC. The system blocks it but only after selecting split payment and then choosing card (not gift card) on screen.

        So either the software was adjusted again or cash first might still work.

    • I just tried and surprisingly they wouldn't let me. I've done this before with no issues.

      This was at checkout. Suggest if you try this, go to the self service kiosk (I went too early in the morning so they didn't open the kiosks)

  • Any limitations to using this to buy swarovski jewellery? Are they valid for sale items as well?

  • -1

    I bought one of these and the biggest drawback is you need to use it in store. I stored my cards details into my note taking app so I wouldn't have to carry the plastic card with me, and I tried to use it at Typo and the checkout lady couldn't figure it out. Pretty frustrating experience to be honest.

    • If you add your gift card to Google pay, could you use tap pay via nfc?

      • I'm not sure but I think you just should at least scan the barcode and store it somewhere. You could screenshot it or store it in something like BeemIt.

        Not sure why I got negged here? Raising a valid drawback about not being able to use it online.

    • -1

      Yes, these gift cards make more money out of left over small balances. There should be a way of checking balances. Its a calculated rip-off in many cases. You need to spend the whole lot in one purchase to know that you get the full value.

  • Shame no eBay gift card

    • Has ebay stopped accepting Mastercard?

      • There's no benifit of buying Coles MasterCard Gift card because of 5 dollar fee

        • Yeah I realised that after posting. I'm used to the usual 2000 points which = $10.

  • +2

    If I am reading this correctly, you pay a $5 fee and get $5 back in Flybuys? If so, what is the point?

    • +1

      The purchase fees only apply to the MasterCards:

      When purchasing a $50 or $100 COLES GIFT MASTERCARD, a $5 purchase fee will apply in addition to the value of the gift card. When purchasing a $250 COLES GIFT MASTERCARD, a $7 purchase fee will apply in addition to the value of the gift card.

    • +2

      If you were going send one to someone instead of cash as a gift it mitigates the $5 cost.

      Usually they have 2000 points ($10) for buying the $100 Mastercard though. I always buy that one because it means $5 back for the petrol I'd have to use going shopping anyway.

      • Yes, think of it as fee free gift packaging. Many people buy them sometimes without any bonus benefits.

    • Also useful online where you don't want to give your primary credit card details

  • No eBay …

  • +1

    Planning to buy a phone from JB-HiFi, let’s say for $800 phone, can I pay using all different gift cards (eg ultimate kids + ultimate teen + suncorp discounted JB-HiFi gift cards etc)?? Any easier way to maximize the discount?? Thanks!!

    • +1

      Yeah, is it possible to buy one of each of the diferent Ultimate cards, and receive 1000 flybuys points for each unique card?

    • yes, u can mix cards. edit

  • Can you get points from each card separately? Say if I buy Ultimate kids, Ultimate teens and Coles mastercard will I receive 1000 points for each or just 1 ultimate card?

    • T&C:BONUS POINTS can only be collected once per Gift Card type

      • Issue is what it means by a gift card 'type'. Ultimate kids and Ultimate teens should count as 2 different gift card types shouldn't they?

        • +1

          I think it can go either way. Someone will need to actually test it out.

          • +1

            @capslock: Just got off the phone with flybuys. Can confirm it's 1000 bonus points per Ultimate variety. Will try tomorrow.

        • +2

          i can confirm is per type of card.. bought 1 x teen and 1 x kids, and got 2000 points on my transaction history

  • +2

    Beware when purchasing Coles mastercard gift card.. I got scammed. I went home and opened a package that had no gift card inside… Now have to go through the trouble of complaining and claiming my money back 😕

    • +1

      I purchased several a few years back and the cards inside were used up or had a few cents on them and one was even a Visa card. Coles financial services refunded the money after I sent pics of cards and receipts. Initially I went back to the store and although they were unable to help me they were aware of other times this has happened.

      • +1

        Thank you so much for sharing. That is a relief to hear that others have experienced similar problems too. I will definitely check at the checkout next time I buy one of these.

      • Hi Yola, I noticed that you bought Coles Mastercard Gift Card. Did you ever use Coles Myer gift card to pay? Anyway to avoid being questioned? If it is not allowed why did they change their machine?

        • you can if your gift card amount > the purchase amount.

          • @SnoozeAndLose: I know. But I was watched and questioned.

            • @apple0604: It is against T&C so you can't do it publicly.

              • @SnoozeAndLose: Yes, I know which was why I felt bad. Why didn't they just change their system to block it?

                • +1

                  @apple0604: Changing the system cost too much?

                  • @SnoozeAndLose: I thought of that. But their system doesn't allow people to use Coles gift cards to pay for another gift card. And I am not an IT person. But if they can block one type why not the other?

                    • @apple0604: It allows for 3rd party cards. Own cards purchases are blocked. When the eGCs was first rolled out, it could be used to buy own cards. There must be a reason why the setting differentiates them.

        • Yes I have used the Coles Myer Group gift card to purchase these many times.
          There are 3 Coles stores near me and I find in 2 of them they do not care but the 3rd is very difficult and I hide the GC and place a CC on top when they have to come around to activate. This store also tried to stop me to purchasing several GC and surrounded me with 3 staff with one of them telling me it was against the law. At one of the other stores I even used Coles Myer Group gift card/CC split payment at manned check out. I believe it just depends if the store management makes sure the staff adhere to the T&C's.

          • @Yola: Hi Yola, Thanks so much. I think you are right it depends on if store management wants to make sure their staff adhere to the T&C's. Also I think Neoika is right that some of older staff are also more experienced and tough to deal with. I feel very bad about it. But still got some Coles Myer gift cards to go. Next time I will try different Coles.

    • When did this happen? This past week?

  • Can this be redeemed along with jbhifi gift card at jb online?

    • No. These are EFTPOS card so in store only.

      or you can buy JB giftcard with these cards and then use it online.

      • But JB doesn’t allow to purchase card from cards.

  • +2

    I had bad experience at Coles Essendon North last Sunday night. I went to buy Coles Mastercard Gift Card. It was after 9pm and store close at 10pm. Two ladies at check out. I used the self check out. One lady helped me to authorize the first card and she also asked me if I wanted to redeem 2000 points. Moment after I paid the other older lady rushed over from behind me (gave me a fright). She tried to grab the card but didn't. She said you shouldn't use gift card to pay for another gift card. Her attitude was bad. I didn't say a word. But I have already paid for the first card. I could see she was tired. I can understand that working on a Sunday night till 10pm. Besides I did use Coles Myer gift card to pay. So I didn't say anything. But when I put through the 2nd Mastercard gift card, she came around and while she authorized the transaction she kept on looking at the receipt from 1st gift card purchase. She questioned me again but this time she said you could not use flybuys dollars. I said I didn't. She didn't believe me and pointed at the receipt and said you redeemed 2000 points. Oh boy, she had an attitude. Long story short. Initially I only wanted to buy 2 cards but because of her attitude I purposely bought another 2. When I tried to buy the 3rd one, she asked me how many I have bought and I said 2. Then she said to me I needed to purchase at the customer service counter. I didn't say a word. She got annoyed and said it was quicker. At that point I said wasn't that my right to use self checkout and your job to authorize it. She stared at me angrily and said nothing. I said thank you after she authorized the transaction.

    I wasn't happy because of her attitude and also because that they were not even busy. But I did use Coles Myer gift card to pay but she only suspected and not sure. I knew she could have checked if she wanted to.

    • +2

      Just remember not to buy it if that lady is guarding at self-check. Usually old ladies are the grumpy ones.

      • Yes, I feel bad too.

    • +1

      Yes apple, I have had many similar experiences and they can be very upsetting. I think it's a combination of feeling that they/their job is really important, inflated sense of loyalty to the company but most likely that this is the only power they have in their lives with which they are not very happy. Speaking as an older lady.

      • +1

        I totally agree. :)

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