Avoid Coles Mobile Like The Plague

Your suspicions are correct. Coles mobile data is crap. It's the worst I have ever used.

I bought the 12mo 60gb $100 deal.

I have been using it for over a month now, not a power user and no streaming. Most times, and all of today, mobile data simply does not work. Sites like Ozbargain, Reddit and general Google searches often time out, sometimes load in 30 seconds, sometimes it's minutes.
Phone calls and SMS seem ok.
Previously used Kogan and Catch and they were ok. Coles isn't just slow, slow would be fine, it just doesn't work. / end rant

Tldr - Coles mobile data is crap, avoid.

Edit, using in Syd middle NW and N.

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  • What model is your handset.

    • Great question. Could be a band compatibility issue. Maybe try the sim on another phone. Check which band Coles network uses, and see if your phone has these bands.

    • Oppo a52, works fine with Kogan catch and amaysim.
      It may be a peak hour limitation where Coles doesn't have enough bandwidth.

  • get telstra

    • Caution conspiracy theory: Telstra bribed Coles to deliver crap mobile so it would turn ppl to Telstra. 50% /s

  • I had coles mobile for about two years and had no issues with it until I moved house.

    Sometimes you’re just in a bit of a black spot.

    • 90% of my mobile data usage is 8-10am, other times it's on wifi and very little usage, as am on computer.
      I will test other times of day to see if it's peak hour limitation, or my phone.

      • Test it in other locations too.

        If you’re genuinely having troubles everywhere then get in touch with them to complain. Check their coverage map to make sure you’re not having problems where they would warn you might have problems.

  • Thanks for the PSA. I was thinking of switching to the same coles prepaid plan when my annual Aldi plan finishes… might just stick with Aldi or see what other options are available at the time.

  • Just go the Ozbargain favourite of Boost.
    Telstra network
    Free AFL Subscription
    Unlimited Apple music streaming

    • Boost/belong is sounding better by the minute. I would be ok with slow just not intermittent with long overloaded down times.

      • Just a heads up
        Boost uses the full Telstra Network
        Belong is only on the restricted portion.

  • Coles see Optus coverage
    Kogan see Vodafone coverage
    Belong see Telstra coverage
    Boost see Telstra coverage

    If you want to download fast on Optus the handset needs B40.

  • Can you find out the signal strength when the issue occurs? If signal strength is good, then it means that the underlying data agreement with optus is bad.

    • Good point. It's 3outa4 bars now and fine. I have been keeping an eye on it and so far after 1030am it's been fine, just every morning around 8-10am it's bad and that's at various locations from Chatswood to Macquarie centre. I will try it this evening on mobile data, usually use wifi, and see if it's just crap during peak hours.