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[XB1, PS4] Fallout 4 $0.95/ $1.95 @ EB Games


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Can't really go wrong at this price. Cheaper than a cup of coffee.

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    Got one! So it can sit and relax with my PS4 and games that i buy thanks to OZB and never plays.

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      This is me.

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      This is the way.

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      So be it.
      Still have Jedi Fallen Order, Resident Evil, Doom Eternal, RDR II, …

      Let's all be honest here… we spend more time buying stuff than actually using, unless it's a stream deck with a dedicated OzB button.

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    I’ve bought so many PS4 games recently, all on special, ni no kuni - $18, uncharted for $12 and RE3 for $9 I think it was. Haven’t started any yet.
    Now this for $1…

    I need more hours in the day

    • I surprisingly finished Ni No Kuni 2 and enjoyed it - though it did get a bit grindy at times. I managed to get my kingdom to level 4 too.

      • I've restarted NNK2 2x already and keep stopping because of some unrelated manner. Then I feel the effort of trying to get up to speed again puts me off. :(

        OTOH, the first NNK which I've also had to restart 2x, eventually got me hooked so hard, I just had to finish it.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one to click and collect @ Chatswood.

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    Got one at this price for PS4. Can’t go wrong with makers of Skyrim

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      Second worst game of the fallout franchise, beaten only by 76. If it wasn't being compared to 3 and new vegas, it's an ok game.

      • Has some of the best graphics at least. If Black Isle had that graphics engine and assets to build a game with Fallout 4 could have been great.

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        Yeah I mean FONV is probably my favourite ever game, this one is good but they removed too many options in how you approach quests. Basically you arrive somewhere, get spotted and massacre everyone. In NV you could talk your way out of anything, even the final boss I think!

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        That still makes it a must play!
        Its not that bad, just play the story and forget about the sim city BS
        It's really a bloody good game! Actually it really is a great game, albeit a bit lame in sections

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        I don't understand the hate for it. I played it before playing Fallout 3 and I think they are more of the same. I have not found Fallout 3 to be that much better. I think they are both really good, but get a bit long towards the end. Never played 76 as I like Fallout for single player story, so no idea what 76 is like.

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          You should play New Vegas if you haven't, it's easily the best.

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        Fallout 4 is by no means perfect but it's a lot better than people think
        In my opinion, Bethesda is completely unrivaled when it comes to interesting level design, the problem is that it's offset but some woeful writing and tech problems. It's not a great RPG in the narrative sense but it's a ton of fun if you enjoy the exploration aspect. Even the Outer Worlds fails to match its level design despite superior writing and dialogue.

        This is of course my opinion but people really seem to undervalue the importance of good level design in an RPG.

        Not giving Bethesda a free pass on everything (Fallout 76), just want to acknowledge the stuff they do well

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        I think if you play Fallout 1 and 2 again you may reconsider your rankings. Fallout 4 and 76 are great games. The writing in Fallout 1 and 2 may have seemed amazing at the time but they have badly dated.

  • Grabbed XB version, don't own am Xbox.
    Can't resist at 0.95. will end up with a Series X one day

  • got one
    now all I have to do is wait until I get the time to play it :'(

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    Is this for the game or just the cover

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    PS4 games hold better value than XBOX. 100% more!

  • Ha, for once the local had stock for PS4 and XB1. Bought.

  • Sunk a lot of time into this game, always good fun watching things explode in slow motion.

  • cost me more on transport to pick up the goods

  • EBG I went to today only had 1 customer, so sad when I walked past .. lol

    • EB Games I went in to today had around 2 people and in the time it took me to find 2 games in the bottom corner of the store another 10 people decided concurrently to look in almost the same section…

      • YEAH that happens a lot to us at shops too!
        Surely there must be a scientific name like streisandeffect

  • Cheaper than a cup of coffee and better than Fallout 76 :)

  • Isn't this available if you have PS+?

    I recall downloading it recently off the PS+ collection

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      It's part of the extra ps+ collection you can get if you have a ps5, people with ps4 don't currently get it.

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    Can I play this on PC if I purchased the Xbox one? Also, will this run in 4K on a One S?

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    I had never played a Fallout game so I got this when it was new, I hated it and gave up after a few hours. Definitely not for everyone.

    • I loved Fallout 3, but really did not enjoy Fallout 4 at all. I started it twice, each time played it for a few nights then just got sick of it and stopped. I have a hard time putting my finger on WHY I didn't like it - like I said, I enjoyed Fallout 3, and absolutely loved Skyrim and Oblivion, so it's not like I don't like the Bethesda RPG thing. But yeah, I can understand you not liking this. But if you have a device capable of playing it, I'd suggest getting a cheap copy of Fallout 3 and / or New Vegas and give them a try before you write off the entire franchise.

      Fallout 1 and 2 are also great in and old-school RPG kind of way.

      • Try Outer World.

        Fallout was hard to get into, for me at least bit I really enjoyed outer world.

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    When picking up your $0.95 copy of Fallout 4, make sure to grab the season pass for the low, low price of $79.95:

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      Done. Invoice made out to and will be sent to Deditus. ;-)

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      EB really are clueless. Hilariously, they're selling the GOTY edition of the game (ie full game + season pass) for less than half of what they're trying to flog just the season pass for… https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/xbox-one/234163-fallout-4...

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        Although, in fairness to EB, I don't know how much say they have in the pricing of what are basically digital downloads - I assume that when the XBox or PS store have a sale, the in-store purchased cards for that content don't necessarily also go on sale? Do EB even pay MS etc for these cards when they get the stock? Or only when they sell them? If it's the latter then I guess there's not much incentive to discount since they're not really losing any money if they don't sell them, and it's not like they take up a heap of space that they need to free up for new stock.

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          And yet it's because of EB that digital download prices don't go down that much.

        • Just checked the Microsoft Store and you're right, it's the same price there. Digital pricing can be so out of whack.

  • I may have got two PS4 copies by accident (it's a long story). I'm probably going to get a refund, or a credit if I can to get a couple of bucks off Dishonored 2 it's only $5 atm. However if that fails I'd be happy to ship a copy to someone at the same price I bought it for. If you're interested send me a PM.

  • Damn, I paid $9 for it last year sometime and still haven't got around to playing it :/

  • I want a coffee :(

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    "Can't go wrong at this price" Haha famous last words. A cup of coffee might cost more than this game but it'll be 10 times more satisfying.

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      Fallout 4 has plenty of problems but it's a good game overall. You're not thinking of Fallout 76 are you?

    • You must be crazy or the gaming community hive mind has you messed up. This was a good game. Flawed but good

      • Maybe. I played it during the free weekend years ago, and wasn't terribly impressed…

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    This game is good, long time Bethesda gamer here. It's just cool these days to hate on things and yell the ole 'BACK IN MY DAY' crap.

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      I disagree - this game isn’t just good, it’s excellent. People expend so much energy being indignant about things, they can’t just enjoy a good old fashioned post apocalyptic romp. You can’t go wrong with this at a dollar, hell, you can’t go wrong with this at $70. It’s better than most games ever released, and with 10s of 1000s of games released (most of which are utter garbage), that is a fact. Try it.

  • Is EB going under or something??

    • Owned by Gamestop… will be interesting to see what happens if/once the share price crashes.

  • Thanks OP just picked up mine

  • Note this price is for NEW. Funny how EB sells a PRE-OWNED $19.95!!! You would think they will sell pre-owned at the price of new, but computer says NO. Their inventory price for pre-owned governs.

  • My local store was in stock online so tried my luck. They only had one copy and it didn't have a case which is a deal breaker even if it's 95 cents lol

  • ugh, my local is always out of stock for the good deals…

  • I'm still trying to sell my vanilla PS4 copy because I eventually got the GOTY for the PC. With sales likes this, I'll never be able to flog it off. :)