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Haha I broke them ;P Just kept contacting them through the online live chat and saying stuff like "oh hey I just got back from one of your...
07/04/2019 - 23:04
I got this plan last time but after bugging Telstra enough I'm sitting on $39/mo with 50GB data + Google Pixel 2 XL + Google Home Mini +...
04/04/2019 - 19:59
Code has stopped working for me period now.
15/02/2019 - 12:58
Just got off the phone with Ebay Plus for car parts and they said it's a glitch in the system as the 'code' is still being worked across...
15/02/2019 - 11:59
I had to ask the manager at Lillydale before purchase and they looked it up on the system.
29/01/2019 - 06:02
There is no price listing in store for the arcade machine unfortunatley.
28/01/2019 - 20:35
Yeah the staff are a bit clueless. 3 stores I went to initially didn't even know they had an arcade machine for sale. Same as the ALDI...
21/01/2019 - 19:03
Try speaking to ALDI head office as they are supposed to have a national pricing policy so prices should be the same across the country.
20/01/2019 - 22:49
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20/01/2019 - 22:48
Not sure about those two, but I know a lot of people who have thrown a raspberry pi inside with new buttons, joysticks and all and they...
20/01/2019 - 22:23
Just because something has limited stock doesn't mean there's no deal. Last I checked $149 is cheaper than $299...
20/01/2019 - 21:28
[VIC] Street Fighter/Rampage Arcade 1UP $149 (was $499) @ ALDI Lilydale/Leongatha/Cheltenham
My first 'OzBargain' deal listing :D Same as 1UP Arcade ALDI [previous deals]( but some stock has...
20/01/2019 - 21:12
Just got told they'd call back tomorrow as well.
14/01/2019 - 15:34
Says storewide, then excludes anything that's actually good...sigh...
25/12/2018 - 17:17
Just went to get one from bunnings and saw the $15 tree display...turned around and left haha...
12/12/2018 - 18:45
Just got my shipping number! Arriving MONDAY!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Just in time for some jobs that I was hoping to test it on!
30/11/2018 - 21:27
Sweet that's great to hear! :)
26/11/2018 - 20:48
Just heard back from them. They said this last big shipment should be coming in this week to fulfill all our orders. So looks like we're...
26/11/2018 - 16:53
Yeah I ordered at 9:05pm. I just messages NoFrills, hopefully get a response soon.
26/11/2018 - 14:22
I still haven't received any call or email, but does anyone know if the warranty begins once we receive it, or when we purchased it 6...
26/11/2018 - 12:51
hmmm the discount code only worked for 1 transaction for me. Ebay says I've already used it now. Anyone else having this problem not being...
22/11/2018 - 23:38
Nah not yet, just wanted to check if they were giving that extra battery as a few people early on didn't get it with their initial delivery...
11/11/2018 - 19:23
Anyone who has actually received their unit get all the extra accessories promised? Including the extra battery?
10/11/2018 - 16:15
Just got the email telling me "on or about the 30th November". This is after getting notified of a "very low chance" for October...not...
19/10/2018 - 12:52
The single player is amazing. They're nice emotional stories showing different theatres of the war. They are short, but well worth $6.24
27/09/2018 - 14:05
Just got this! Yay! "Thank you for contacting eBay about the $60 voucher. We have received an update from our Marketing Promotions Team....
24/09/2018 - 13:27
"Thank you for contacting eBay about the email for $60 voucher. I checked the attached file you sent, I can see that you received an email...
21/09/2018 - 20:55
The store I went was was pretty specific in that you had to come in store, and give them a damn good reason to match NoFrills, which I did...
17/09/2018 - 13:15