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[XB1] Free - Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (Xbox Live Gold required but no VPN) - Microsoft Store Japan


Apparently, this game can be had for free via Xbox Live Gold Japan.
You need to log in and then the game should be free.
Also, apparently no VPN is required to do this, you just need to stay in the Japanese store.
I cannot verify it myself so if it does not work, please let me know in the comments.

DLC is also free: https://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/p/tobys-dream-dlc/c1t3l9fkj4...


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  • Comes at 3,500 Yen for me, only the DLC is free

  • Worked a treat for me, signed in beforehand via Microsoft AU site, then navigated to this link and Google Translate worked it's magic…obtained for free, along with the DLC.
    Cheers Lysander!

  • Worked perfectly for me! $0 for the game and dlc. Cheers!

  • Worked for me. Cheers. Glad that Chrome translates!

  • Perfecto!

  • Works! Used Chrome translate this page feature to help :)

  • For me - it was 3500 yen discount but still 3500 yen to buy - HOWEVER I could INSTALL it to the XB1 for free.

    So I don't own it but can play it.

  • works, thanks OP

  • Aww I wish it was PC, For such a small games I've loved the trine series

  • Is it to keep forever or just a game with gold

    • For me it's Games With Gold. When check it in the store, it gives me the option to buy it. The DLC however seems to be free as it says I own it.

    • Yeah this just looks like regular old Games With Gold? So I expect no longer available if you d/c XB Live Gold.

      • Yes it's an Xbox One game regular giveway through Games with Gold. If you stop subscribing to Games with Gold or Game Pass Ultimate you lose access to this game. Instead this time it came through the Japan store.

  • I already had Trine 4 in my xbox games… i must have got it on a previous deal?

  • It kinda worked, then it didn't work for me. As in I refreshed the page, the price was crossed out, then when I went to buy it didn't work, and now it just shows the full ¥3,500 cost.

    • Happens from time to time, your login for the Xbox site expires even though it shows your user in the top right. just click buy and it should prompt you to login. After logging in cancel the transaction and refresh the page and you will see the redeem for free button.

      • +1 vote

        Still doesn't work for me, if I click buy it actually wants my money! Tried logging out and back in, different browsers.

        But if I click on the DLC, in the 'compatible with the following products' it shows the game price as ¥3,500 discount and free, but I can not get it.

  • Is there a website that you can go to, to check all countries Xbox live gold deals?

  • @Lysander Cheers Mate all working.

  • This is a long running deal, has been available on the JP store for quite a few months in a row now.

  • Thanks for this!

  • Arigato Lysander-san

  • I played Trine 2 for a few hours yeeears ago when it was on Plus as I was getting into the trophy hunt and it was an easy platinum, not my usual kind of game, but it wasn't too bad, I might give this a go eventually. Cheers Lysander, great price for this game ;)