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LEGO Technic Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” (42125) $264.99 + Free Shipping (RRP $299.99) @ Zavvi


Not a bad discount for a new release at 11.67% OFF RRP.

Use code LEGO488 For the free shipping.

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  • +7

    Similar to white Porsche, $160 would be a reasonable purchasing price.

    • Looks nice like the little Ferrari and will be around a long time to get at that price :)

    • I agree looks too similar to the porshe to warrant having both.

      I bought my first Lego Ideas set for christmas and I am honestly having a lot more fun with that than the two technic sets ive own (911 RSR and Liebherr Excavator)

      • +1

        Some of the small sets are great. Love the shark/crab/anglerfish (Creator #31088)

      • For good value Lego Ideas set check out 21320. The original build is lots of fun and the MOCs available makes this amazing value. Paid $80 for this on ebay during last sale.

  • Cheers.

  • +5

    Check YouTube for the mod to drop the ride height if you grab this

  • +1

    based on recent similar themed sets (bugatti / lambo), seems like this set will also be on sale all the time. I wouldn't jump on this just yet.

  • +3

    RRP is a joke. And it's fugly with all the stickers.

    Unless it's $150 I'll live without it.

    • Agree it's just not appealing at all

    • Mostly agree.

      I don't like how in Technic there are so many custom "panel" parts. I think the Lego Speed racers are more interesting - sure they don't have the gears and steering and wotnot, but at least they're built mostly out of regular Lego parts.

    • RRP is indeed jokes as it's a US$189 set. Blame most of it on recent AUD move I guess. I'd be ready to jump in at around $200.

      Fuglyness about the stickers is moot as it's a preference thing and stickers are entirely optional.

      • Didn't you know imports will be getting cheaper with the strong AUD ?
        Lego seem to be playing the card well with not moving prices as far ( actually to a point of total ignorance ) as they should .

        • Sad normality from businesses. Prices are "sticky down" as they say in economics.

          • @justtoreply: Likely sticky-down to maximise short term profit, esp. post-covid with lego sales through the roof.

            The small guys are hurting, big corp are killing it.

  • Not a fan of this set at all, especially at the price. The RSR was much closer to the real thing than this is, and even then it wasn't perfect. Unless you're deadset on a licensed GTE kit, look at the CaDa 488 which is much more detailed. It's a road model rather than a GTE, but looks much nicer imo.

    • The CaDa 488 price seems to be based on the lego Ferrari price and is thus also far too high. There's no excuse for that especially when not officially licensed. Unless I'm missing somewhere selling it cheap?

      • About double the pieces and $120~ less than this kit (at RRP), but I'd imagine it could go as low as $140-150 on places like AliExpress during a sale. It is fairly expensive I'll agree, but the designs are much better than official LEGO kits (for cars, anyway).

        • Yeah ok tbh I'm seeing it as worth about $50 less than the Porsche gets to on sale. Say $130 give or take a little. Thanks for the info

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