Recommend Me a Phone (Budget $1k)

Hi all

I'm looking for an Android phone with excellent camera and good battery life (2 most important features for me). Zero gaming. I don't think I need 5G. I've been a part of the Samsung family for a long time – I've owned the S2, S4, S6 and S8 (current phone).

There are a lot of different phones in the Galaxy S20 range - would any of these be suitable, and if so, which one? I'm also open to other brands if suitable.

Looking to spend <$1,000 (happy to wait for deals).



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    Honestly, after being android for like 10 years, i went iphone and never looked back.
    5 years of consistent software updates are just too good

  • Pixel 4a 5G for the bigger screen.

    Or if you'd like to stick to the Samsung line, the S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon variant) is a good one as a premium mid ranger.

    The 5G is not necessary as you say but the other hardware features that the Pixel and FE have are worth the extra investment alone.

  • 3070

  • Android phone with excellent camera and good battery life (2 most important features for me).

    From reading reviews - Huawei P30 Pro.

    However, supporting made in China product in current ozbargain climate is quite sensitive. Not to mention Huawei is Google free, has privacy concerns and a bunch more. So DYOR… ;)

  • could probably get the S21 (to be released next week) at the end of financial year sales in June for around $1k - depending on how long you are happy to wait for deals.

  • Pixel 5 is a no brainer.

    Or Pixel 4a.

  • Pixel 5.

  • I got Samsung A71 5G, pretty happy with it, paid 565$ on Boxing Sale

  • Samsung galaxy s10

    Good camera
    Good battery

  • Samsung S20 FE

  • Samsung s20+ is pretty good

  • Pixel 4a
    Great price solid devices lots of updates amazing camera

  • Was an iPhone user for ages. Hated being locked into their ecosystem and their atrocious prices.

    Got the wife a OnePlus 3T and loved that phone, later exited the Apple ecosystem and bought myself a Pixel 3 and hated that phone (weak AF and shit battery life), sold the Pixel 3 in 4 months and bought the Huawei P30 (fantastic phone for the price), returned the phone as soon as Trump attacked Huawei and there were talks that it wouldn't have google support, later bought the Samsung S20 plus which is an ok phone but i'm not liking it for some reason. Actually considering going back to an iPhone next time unless they come out with a Pixel that has a battery that can last more than a day.

    • 3A XL and 4A?

    • Can confirm the Google Pixel 5's battery regularly outlasts the iphone 12 battery.

      Neither last 2 days with "heavy" usage, and both struggle to last the full day with a few hours of 5g use. YMMV but I don't always remember to turn of mobile data, bluetooth or wifi, but when I do both phones are about 50-60% by end of the day