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[PS4] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Early Enrolment Edition $9.95 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


Another good price drop. Apologies for another single game post, but EB Games are dropping prices in batches, and this price drop stood out to me.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Early Enrolment Edition includes:

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III game
Anthems of the Thors Branch Campus 5-Track Soundtrack
Branch Campus Student Directory Softcover Art Book
Reversible Cover

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  • Thanks OP, keep the single item posts coming. Outstanding price drop!

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    A nearby EBGames actually has a copy and I was about to do a click and collect on it until I read up on it. Having never played any of the previous titles, it appears that I would be losing out on a good deal of the story. So I'll pass and let some other lucky fellow get the copy.


    • Where is your postcode? I could not find any in all nearby suburbs. Thanks

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        System is claiming two nearby stores have it. Erina Fair and Bateau Bay. Good luck in your search.

        • Thanks. All the games I like is gone already. I guess each store only have limited quota for the sales hope they would be updated on a weekly or monthly basis.

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    Good deal! Pretty sure I paid 25 for this in December

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    $15 delivery

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    I've paid 45$ for this only 2 months ago.

    Not regretting - it's an excellent adventure, great fun.

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      Yep great JRPG series and the characters are well written

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      where di you buy it from, it's been $29 since May last year. I don't regret paying $29 either.

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        oh … geeze :D

        actually it was 49$ on ebay (sad)
        but I'm still not regretting it.

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      I bought this for $25 2 months ago at EB games. Not regretting it because it was a full sealed copy.

      • might was sealed too, have been waiting for a price drop to get a opened copy.

        • I've got a games collection too, however don't think this one will be worth high value sealed in the future?

  • Why are you apologizing about posting a deal for a single item? Go have a look on this website. Most deals for single items

  • does anyone know if this game is only in English Language?

    • Not 100% on the UI but you have a choice between Japanese and English voice acting.

      • what about the captions? is it English only or can i make the setting to other language? like Jap or Chinese

        • I'll be honest mate, I'm not entirely sure I know you can set English and French for text but I'm not sure about Japanese/Chinese.

        • No Japanese or Chinese at AU version, you need to buy a Asia version or JP version.

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    need a deal on the switch version, trying to collect every single copy of every trails game ( jp and eng ) recently picked up Hajimari no Kiseki

  • Nice OP! Definitely a great bargain for this underated game.

    Those who are new to this franchise, this is the 8th entry of the overarching Trails Series BUT you can start definitely start here as there is a backlog of what happened in the last games.