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Ergohuman Fit High Back Office Chair Black $521.55 (RRP $649) + Delivery @ Temple & Webster


Been meaning to buy an ergonomic chair to alleviate back pains exacerbated by extensive Rocket League play, and missed out on previous deal for this chair.
Now comes with a 5% discount applied at checkout, which essentially makes shipping 'free' for me (may differ for others)
According to previous comments, mesh is the way to go > leather due to hot sweaty summer bums.

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    What a sav..ing!

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    I have this chair, and it's great - but a few things to note:

    • This is not made by Temple & Webster, so you can get it elsewhere under different names. It's often called the ErgoFlex IOO.
    • The version sold by Temple & Webster is the old version with the height-only adjustable headrest, newer ones have angle adjustable headrests.
    • Some have different warranties, the warranty here is 5 years which is good.

    You can get a grey model here for $474 + shipping which has the 5 year warranty and the newer headrest. Shipping might be a killer though if you have a T&W nearby.

    • What better, the fit or the elite v2?

      • pretty sure elite v2

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      Hi! I saw that deal on OzB as well but read through some comments saying it's not exactly the same so I held off on it
      This is the comment from that thread of their response from Ergohuman vendor

      The Ergohuman range have cast aluminium frames and are certified for bodyweights up to 150kgs and for up to 3 shifts (24hours) per day. They have a heavy duty mechanism and are a solid felling and heavy chair. We offer an all mesh, leather/mesh combo and an all leather version. Most models are black plus the Platinum in a grey/silver combination which is very contemporary.

      The IOO ranges have nylon/plastic frames and are very durable products, but don’t have the certifications of the Ergohuman Chairs. The IOO Weight Balance is the entry level Chair and has less adjustability than the IOO High Back. It is a very good ergonomic chair and a popular choice for office fit-outs where a good quality ergonomic chair is required at a price. We sell an all mesh, all black version only.

      The IOO High Back has a better mechanism including tension control on the backrest. Its close to the Ergohuman ranges for the range of adjustments and the frame materials means we have can have alternative colours. Therefore we sell a version with a white frame in black, red or blue upholstery with a mesh back and fabric seat. This is popular for home offices as they are more in keeping with the look of modern office technology with the white frame. The zero pressure fabric seat is contoured to reduce pressure points over long periods of sitting.

    • What's the difference between the one you've linked and this one which is $407.55 after discount + shipping?

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        The one you linked only has a plastic base instead of aluminium.

      • Along with the nylon in place of the aluminium base; arms don't have width adjustments, the seat tilt mechanism is different and doesn't have adjustable tension control.

    • The version sold by Temple & Webster is the old version with the height-only adjustable headrest, newer ones have angle adjustable headrests.

      I'm not entirely sure the angle adjustable ones are better though. The height adjustable ones are flexible and can follow your head/neck when you move around, while the angle adjustable ones are fixed. Seems more of a sidegrade, depending on what your needs are.

  • Bought mine for 6xx a yr back and returned it. Ok chair but not amazing enough to match the price tag imo.

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    Just buy a Herman Miller

    • Steelcase make great chairs and their lower range is very affordable. There is a reason why you'll find them in many offices.

      • Plenty more offices without them

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    This or the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh Office Chair? Haven't found anything comparing the two.

    • Pretty sure the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh is better

    • I have that chair but looking to replace it. The mesh on the upper back support has sagged. Rather than being 'springy' and providing back support I can now feel the solid plastic which is becoming unbearable.

      Mine might be the V1 actually. So might be fixed in V2.

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      I want it to last
      and Id prefer non chinese manufacture but even HM does that for all asia-pacific orders.

      • Just try them all out at office works as some will fit your body better than others. Go for the ones with at least 2 years warranty.

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          i have but I recommend looking at the premium options as well and not just name brands (ergohuman elite v2, steelcase leap v2, ikea markus, haworth zody, humanscale freedom, nautilus aztec/liberty, herman miller embody, autonomous ergochair 2)

          but also office furniture outlets such as buydirectonline.

          I want something that lasts a decade or more and doesn't contribute to the continual consumption.

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    Just FYI, u could get a genuine leather chair with that price.

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      Leather isn't a good option for a long-hours chair. Mesh breaths and keeps its spring much better than a leather and foam chair.

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    I don't recommend Temple & Webster, bought a $300 chair from them, bad made and bad desigh, my previous $100 ikea chair is much more comfortable.

  • I bought an ergo elite V2 from temple and Webster but the right arm rest was faulty. They aren't able to send me a new arm rest so instead they're sending me a whole new chair and I keep the old one… Win?

    How much can I sell a good as new elite V2 sans right arm rest?

    (TBF, if someone had the right tools they could fix this arm rest - the screw hole wasn't drilled correctly by half a mm and so the screw only goes in half way)

    • maybe half? dependent on hassle and how much a replacement arm costs? and no warranty ! MEL based ?

  • Just a heads up - T&W are unsure if the warranty on the item is 3 years or 5 years long (It states 3 years in one section and 5 years in another). They're contacting the supplier to check now. Unfortunately based on what I can see from other websites, it appears that the warranty is 3 years long and not 5 years.

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