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[SA] Sol Beer Carton $20.40 @ Dan Murphy's (Marion)


Spotted in store by my old man, bought 3 cartons, quite a few left.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • Any chance of price matching with other stores or only a local deal?

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      Doubtful unless other stores similarly have expiring stock

  • What's the best before date ?

    • Case I'm looking at right now is BB 07/05/2021. Wow, didn't even pay attention to that.

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        Maybe you can sue them for false advertising, after liver failure from drinking 3 cartons of beer ASAP before they went out of date ?

        • +1

          What's fault advertising? The beer is near BB date and it's on special. It's your choice to buy 3 cartons and drink before the BB date and died of liver cancer. 😉

  • Just saw the photo. DOH !

    • Think they mixed in some non-january cases though

  • +1

    Good price, I have to head that way later this evening.

    May swing by and grab a few!

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    Cheers OP! Just grabbed 2 cases. I think they're all gone now, they were getting snapped up quick as I left.

  • Gahhh.. I called the main headquarters (you have no choice but to call HQ).. and they said there is heaps left at Marion. Just read this and called straight back. This time they said no stock. Having no access to call the actual store is rubbish.

    Someone probably bought 30+ slabs… or there is heaps but HQ have no clue.

    P.S- Where is everyone getting there Wish gift cards these days?

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      whoever did buy 30+ slabs would have a heavy Sol.

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    props to pop for spotting them

  • any left??

    • Potentially sold out as per comments above, not sure though

      • Probably said that so he could go after work and grab them all 🤣🤣🤣

  • +1

    Tnx OP grabbed 35 cases for the weekend

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