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BOSTANTEN Leather Belt (Waist Size 31-45) $17.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Bostanten Amazon AU


New for sale——mens leather belt

High Quality Craftmanship : The belt is made from italian leather with easy to fasten and unfasten buckle. Ratchet design allows adjustment to your exact, comfortable fit. Belt comes in a distinguished-style, drawstring bag and is carefully packed in a handsome box. Suitable gift for any gentleman.

Size: 1 1/4 " /3.5 CM wide belt. Suitable for size 28-47 waist.If too long, simply trim belt (Refer to photos by on trimming).

Easy to Use: Just slide the belt into the buckle and pull the belt through, the buckle simply auto locks the belt, release buckle by simply shifting small lever. Belt comes with excess length so you can trim to customize to your ideal fit.

Fashion Design: With a simple and elegant look, this leather belt offers fashion and function for use with any casual or professional outfit. Ideal men's accessory as an every day belt with jeans or uniform and even suitable with formal wear.

Warm Reminder — BOSTANTEN provides our customers with prompt responses and satisfying after-sales services, aiming to solve any issues when you are using the product. If there is any question or concern, please contact us and leave message that we will check and reply.

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    What's the difference between buying this belt with your marked up price compared to the everyday normal low prices at AliExpress, Dhgate, Alibaba, eBay etc. Etc.

    Looks like drop shipping is out, and importing is the new fad!

    • I have only brought one belt off Bangood for comparison and the quality of the bostanten is superior (eg. the belt buckle doesn't come off easily), and pricing is comparable. Plus this stock is located locally, so delivery within days. I have 2 bostanten belts brought from a few sales ago for reference.

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        I agree with this, same experience for me.

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        Was the belt that you bought from Banggood the same belt from Bostanten, or was it a different belt?……

        Op and all the other SpAmazon reps source their stock from Alibaba, greatly increase the price, and then have a "sale" where the price is more than the everyday normal price's at AliExpress, Dhgate, Alibaba, eBay etc. Etc.

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          I am well aware of prices on these sites as I do shop frequently on them, but comparing apples to apples this is a good deal. Moreover, there is the convenience of getting the stock delivered almost next day via Amazon which is a plus. If you want to prove your point find me a Bostanten belt at cheaper price to prove your point.

          Bostanten may also be a rebrand of generic belt, but mate like I said for the price point you can't go wrong. So stop generalising all reps and spam on every thread out there.

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    Rep Spam

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    "coupon cannot be applied to your purchase"

    • Works fine for me.

  • i bought it as a work belt, and have i have a clip on the side to rest the ladder on, makes it way easier to carry the ladder around. i havent had a problem with it. bought it 6 months ago.

  • "coupon cannot be applied to your purchase"

  • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

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    A heads up on the quality of these belts. I bought one a while ago and after only 6 months use on weekends only the latch mechanism broke meaning I could not undo the belt…

    It took me a while to gradually rip the belt open with my hands. If I wasn't strong enough to do so I assume the only way I would have been able to remove it would be to cut it off. I was at a concert at the time so finding a cutting tool would have been impossible. All the while needing to use the bathroom at the same time would have been a nightmare…

    Later upon inspecting what went wrong, the latch mechanism has a small nub on the lever that catches on the latch so that you can unlock it. This had worn down on my one so that it no longer worked. If you buy one of these belts, whether it lasts 6 months or 6 years eventually that mechanism will wear down. Something to consider.

    • Did a good job of holding your pants up at least haha. On a serious note with a previous belt/latch i had one disintegrate also and having to reassemble it to get it off me too in the toilet haha.