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[QLD] 15.1 kW (370W*41 Panels) MONO Half Cut Cells with 15kW (3 Phase) Fronius Symo Fully Installed for $9789 @ Reliance Solar


Finance option available.Zero upfront cost or deposit required.To learn more about this offer please give a call to Sud on 0466099337 or email [email protected] or leave a private message here.

Deal Inclusions:

Supply and install 41 Panels (41*370W) Seraphim Mono half cut cells BMC series and 15 kW Fronius Symo Three phase Inverter. Can customise to any other size as well, kindly get in touch for the pricings.Could also provide Longi/Jinko / Risen panels for same price.

Note : This is for three phase meter type only. Upgradable upto 19.98kw system.
Kindly email me for single phase meter offer.

About Reliance Solar :

RELIANCE SOLAR is an Australian-owned and operated company that specialises in the design, supply and installation of custom-designed residential, commercial and industrial solar photo voltaic systems since 2013. At RELIANCE SOLAR we use experienced solar photo-voltaic system designers and installers for all our residential & commercial projects. Till date, RELIANCE SOLAR has served many residential & commercial customers.

MOST IMPORTANTLY-All our Installers and Electricians are CECA (Clean Energy Council Accredited) and also Accredited Master Electricians. We always ensure that every individual gets an exceptional professional service and never compromise on the quality of materials used for installation .


• Installation of system by CEC accredited electrician
• Solar system will be connected to the Grid
• Workmanship warranty
• Government rebates
• Testing and Commissioning
• Warranties as mentioned below
• Meter application will be done by us to allow energy provider to change your meter

Racking system :

Panels output warranty: 25 years.
Panels product warranty: 15 years.
Inverter Warranty: 10 years
Workmanship/Installation Warranty: 10 years


All of the above rates are subject to government rebate. Any changes in government rebate will affect the price. Price will be only locked once you have signed the contract or until the promised period

*Offer ONLY for suburbs which are "130km radius of Brisbane CBD"

*Offer valid ONLY for single/double storey house (tin/tile) with single three phase meter and standard pitch.
*Offer does not include for properties needing switchboard upgrade.
*Offer not valid for Terracotta roof profile. ( Cost will be discussed after site inspection)
*Offer Valid whilst stocks lasts

Our Office Address : level-1/16 McDougall St, Milton QLD 4064

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  • Good deal. Any other deals for smaller systems? Eg ~6.6kw, ~9.9kw etc.

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    I find it hard to know if a specific solar installation offer like this is a deal at all, or just advertisement on a bargain website.

    There is no transparent way to compare this installation with another solar provider. And two quotes, even with same material, can differ in workmanship cost. In effect, it is like electricians responding to hipages request with quotes.

    So just on material cost - is yours the cheapest? Do you have quotes from all competitors indicating your is the lowest in town?

    All of the above rates are subject to government rebate. Any changes in government rebate will affect the price. Price will be only locked once you have signed the contract or until the promised period

    I recognise this is business, however, your price now is less predictable than a deal with USD exchange rate.

    I'm not against you in particular, just so fed up with this kind of advertisement that is disguised as bargain which is incomparable.

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    How exactly is a 3 phase Solar inverter system supposed to be installed on a house with only a single phase meter, ie a single phase grid connection…

    Surely this price doesn't include the upgrading of the property ( and it's switchboard) to a 3 phase supply??

    Would also have to be a pretty decent roof area to fit 41 Panels….

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      This deal is only for properties having three phase meter.

      We can install 13.3kw system with 10kw single phase inverter for single phase properties. Kindly get in touch to learn more.

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        that piece of info would be handy in the title btw.

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        Also here:

        *Offer valid ONLY for single/double storey house (tin/tile) with single phase meter and standard pitch.

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          Single story + 3 phase. Solar would save a fortune in electricity costs growing indoor hydroponics

    • Solar Quotes is a paid referral site, so consider that.

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        Yet it has reviews of any Aus company, even if they're not getting referrals.

      • SolarQuotes is actually a useful tool. If a homeowner leaves a bad review, SolarQuotes will actually reach out the company to hear their side of the story and update accordingly. On the other side though, a lot of customers leave positive reviews when a system is first installed. You really should wait until further down the track as problems can pop up later and there are a lot companies out there with appalling after service.

  • Has anyone calculated how long time it takes to pay down such an installation if all of the eletricity goes back into the grid at a given tarrif?

    • Yes, and the answer depends on your location and usage.

      It would be blind to expect a sustained high FIT. Many plans are already including export limits for FIT.

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      We installed ourselves when the fit tariff first was introduced in NSW a 10kw and it paid itself back in four years. System cost $42k.

      • Queensland is awash with solar. Electricity going to negative $1000 per MWH during peak summer. Feed in is a bonus, self consumption is the big saving. 25 - 35c from the grid or 10c feed in.

  • How much would a 13.3kW system with a 10kw / 3 phase Fronius inverter be using the same panels?

    • Why undersize the Inverter if you have 3 phase? Allowed 10kW per phase in many places.

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      Kindly see my other posts. This year the rebate has gone down, for a 13.3kw system in QLD approx it will be $600 more.

      There is no 10kw single phase fronius. You need to go with 8kw Fronius single phase or go with other brand. Kindly email with your property address. I will revert back asap with our proposal.

      • 10kw / 3 phase Fronius inverter

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    Some thoughts on this. 15.1kW on a 15kW inverter is a waste. There is a reason the 'norm' is to have the inverter 75% of the PV array size and that's found to be most efficient.

    This system would be better on a Fronius Symo 12.5kW inverter which will will have an upfront saving.

    Also as a heads up, Fronius inverters have a 5+5 warranty. How is this different to a 10? Well for the first 5 years they cover parts, transport labour but not for the second 5 years. Only the parts will be covered - so you as the customer need to pay for the installer to troubleshoot, remove from the wall, send to Fronius, pay Fronius a repair fee, pay the return freight and then pay to hang it back on the wall.

    • Until December 31, 2021, all Fronius SnapINverters installed and registered in Fronius Solar.web within 24 months of installation will receive an additional five years Fronius Warranty (parts only) for free.

      In this deal though the retailer is offering 10 year warranty on the Inverter, so it’s their liability, if they are still in business of course.

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        I think what you will find is they have misunderstood what a 5+5 warranty is, as this is very common in the industry as those who aren't aware are incorrectly marketing it as a 10 year warranty. At the price this is being sold you will find it is unlikely they are including an extended warranty that they're covering the cost of so it will be the consumer who misses out.

        • Or 5 years new replacement + 5 years of equivalent (could be refurb or whatever is available / deemed value). They don't put it as 5+5 for no reason.