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US PlayStation Plus 12-Month Membership Digital Code A$38.79, [PC] Cyberpunk 2077 $47.19 (GOG Platform) @ CD Keys


Lowest price I've seen for US PS Plus for a while, just beats the $39.39 deal I posted back in September.

Instructions to make a US PSN account http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2018/12/guide_how_to_create_a...

Cyberpunk 2077

$15 cheaper than the deal from just over 2 weeks ago. Of course, still cheaper by going the VPN route.

Edit 10/1: Price dropped from $49.79 to $47.19.

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        • You don't need an RTX 2000/3000 to play this.

          • @bchliu: That's subjective. Depends on user's desired resolution and quality settings.

            • @4agte: Yes but it runs fine on my 580. Surprised me actually

              • @belongsinforums: That is good to hear. A lot of people consider upgrading their GPU for cyberpunk alone. I think that is crazy give the current market for any GPU with 8gb of RAM or more

            • @4agte: It's not subjective at all. Just because you might not be able to get all the RTX eye candy, doesn't mean you can't play it with half decent looking graphics still.

              Basically you are saying "Oh it doesn't run on the Ultra highest settings on my 6 year old graphics card, then it's not playable at all" even though you can scale down the graphics to medium levels that you can still thoroughly enjoy the game content on.

              • @bchliu: subjective based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.
                A GPU a person selects and enjoys is subjective.

                I never said it wasn't playable at lower resolutions or quality settings. I have no idea why you think I'm insisting ultra settings. A person can enjoy games at whatever settings they want, that is what makes it subjective. I usually game at 1440p but happily drop to 1080p and reduce quality for a better frame rate on my 5700XT. Curious what 6 year old graphic card will present an ok and playable gaming experience at 4k? A GTX 1080Ti isn't quite 4 years old yet.

        • I've had firefights with enemies that float around for no reason a few times, I've never floated myself afaik.

      • +1

        Same here, did not follow development so I really had no clue what I was even getting or what was promised. I still had a good time with my 100 hours and GTX1060 for the price considering how much other forms of entertainment like going out to the movies, etc end up costing.

    • -3

      All that hype… countless delays… for nothing.

    • -1

      Let's get to the point of this post. CDKeys is selling this cheaper than ever.
      I don't see bugs at all, not even wanting to know what they are.

    • +2

      As ppl said
      Very buggy
      Very disappointed in how it was released specially by such pro gamers company
      Great game though and worth the money imo
      The only disappointment to me is that I won't get to play this game when it's fully fixed and patched up as id clock 50+ hrs by them and will be over it
      For anyone that can hold off till they fix it I would suggest you do that

    • +1

      Just finished reading up on the comments, damn I'd say I got lucky since my game only crashed once on 50+ hours playthrough on PC. Just playing at 1080p with a gtx1080. Bugs were luckily not too game breaking, seen some terrible ones. Its crazy how varied the experience user to user is.

    • +4

      Have just finished a complete playthrough and started on a second.

      Tips for anyone who does buy this deal (especially those not running a godlike setup):

      • Update your graphics drivers…had some startup crashes when I first got the game, updated drivers and since then have only had a couple instances of graphics popping (on NPC vehicles).

      • Look up recommended graphics settings for your specific GPU - there are a lot of little tweaks that make a big difference to how the game runs. It does take some time to get a setup that works.

      • Spread the encounters and side missions out through the main storyline - it gets a bit dry doing all the police encounters at the end if you are interested in 100% completion.

      And last, but not least:

      • Always remember - Angel is the dude…

      I'm currently running an old 1070ti/i7 6700k/16gb 3200mhz, was getting about 50-60fps at 1080 once I had tweaked a few settings. Overall had minimal bugs and have played nearly 100hours. I am happy enough with the game (even having paid full price!) - especially once I got gorilla arms and decided that guns were overrated…

    • Crashed a few times for me early on. Haven't had any crashes since then. There are many bugs but nothing game breaking. Occasionally getting stuck on objects. Floating cigarettes. Texture pop in issues. Missing voice lines. Disappearing NPCs. Some other weird glitches.

      All that said, still a brilliant game and well worth the price.

    • +1

      I'll buy it in a few months when it goes on sale. By then the patches will have squashed the major bugs.

    • +1

      i5-4570, GTX1070, 16GB RAM and this game has been flawless. A single mission bug and that's 60 hours into the game.

    • +2

      Is it buggy? Yes, but not that much more than other releases. They did cut a lot of "expected" features, waaaay over marketed the game and bit off more than they could chew. If they didn't over sell the game the way they did then they wouldn't have had all this negative blow back.

      I finished the game and enjoyed it overall. Would pay $47 for it, too bad I paid $80.

      If they release a big DLC, add a few more features / fix the bugs, this would be a way better game. IMO they released it 6 months too early, which is a shame.

      The PS4 version is a joke though lol.

      • They pretty much had to release it early if they wanted to get sales on the ps4 and xbone seeing as this was the last major sales season where both those consoles were still highly relevant.

    • I would even still to this day be happy to pay full price for it.

      I'm only about 30hrs into the game and really enjoying it so far. Yeah its still a bit buggy but much better since the most recent hotfix. Performance wise it runs ok on my modest spec hardware — i7 2700k & GTX980 (both overclocked), using the config ez-optimizer (detailed here: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/cyberpunk-2077-ez-optimize...) has gained me an extra 15-20fps and has made the game even better.

      For this price its a steal as there are some really good gaming moments, I like to think of it as GTA meets DeusEx. Plus if you're fortunate enough to have a gpu with ray tracing abilities you will be able to really see what it can do.

    • +5

      Red Dead Redemption 2 is a better game than CP2077

    • +2

      The code they provided does not f'ing work - don't buy this.

      • +2

        Most accurate and succinct review of the game yet! ;)

      • i have experienced the same 2 times with CDKEYS.COM , you have to (profanity) email them.

        i got the code for Cyberpunk 2077 and i entered it EXACTLY as i received it , triple checked it and all. didn't work.

        after i emailed them they said the Q in the code should have been a 0 , after inputting the code again (for like the 5th time) it worked once i changed it. but if you saw the picture of the code it is 100% a Q and not a 0.

        in the end it worked but with CDKEYS.COM it is ALWAYS….ALWAYS a (profanity) pain in the neck , try to avoid them if you can but at the end of the day they are legit i have to say.

    • Lol, almost $50 for this piece of garbage

      • Found the console peasent.

    • 4 BSOD's just to finish this game