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[PC] Cyberpunk 2077 ₽1999 (~A$36.47) @ GOG (VPN Required)


Great price if you're willing to do some VPN'ing to Russia. I used Hola VPN extension in Chrome and it worked a treat. You only need VPN to purchase the game and not to play. Mod: Use Hola at your own discretion.

Make sure you add the game to your existing GOG account (if you have one).

Don't forget to pick up the free registration rewards.

Credit to HUKD and Chollometro.

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  • Great find ! Dumb question would I need to make a new gog acc to buy from Russia ? Then use the code given on my main acc ?

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      Скорее всего в какой то момент времени нужно будет продемонстрировать владение русским языком, наличие регистрации по месту жительства и справку из военного комиссариата. Спасибо.

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        вадим блять

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        И без прививки Спутника 5 в Ночной город не пустят!

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        That's a bit hard to understand, phoentics please:

        Skoreye vsego v kakoy to moment vremeni nuzhno budet prodemonstrirovat' vladeniye russkim yazykom, nalichiye registratsii po mestu zhitel'stva i spravku iz voyennogo komissariata. Spasibo.

      • спасибо товарищ

      • Слишком сложно для местных))

      • жжешь :)

      • борись медведи и смешь смешь!

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        скажите пожалуйста, можно ли будет найти на этом ресурсе беспланые пелотки, пандокаф и карту Бобруйска?

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        Most likely at some point in time it will be necessary to demonstrate proficiency in the Russian language, the presence of registration at the place of residence and a certificate from the military commissariat. Thank you.

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      Nope, I successfully used my Australian acc, Hola VPN Chrome Plugin and Translate to English built-in function of Google Chrome to get to checkout and pay with PayPal.

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        Doesnt Hola vpn use your bandwidth for botnet or something or is that old news?

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          I don't care, I installed it as an extension to a clean chrome profile, switched on, put the order, and then uninstalled the extension.

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          Last I heard it's a P2P VPN, uses your browser as an exit node, i.e. people use your network as a VPN, could end up routing real nasty stuff through your network.

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            @thonk: Side benefit. You get an actually legit Russian IP, meanwhile the people that use a paid vpn service all pop up through the same IP, which makes it a LOT more obvious they used a VPN to bypass the region detection system.

            Gotta weigh up all the pros and cons.

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              @So lo: Agreed, the cons are a bit too much imo but up to anyone to decide, really good for getting streaming services though iirc.

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                @thonk: Use laptop, make a windows on usb install, go mall, boot off usb, connect to mall wifi, use hola, do the deed on secondary GOG profile, shut down go home and keep usb until next time.

                Now all bases covered.

                • @So lo: Big brain plays there

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                    @thonk: U know what they say: big brain, smol pp

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      Can someone chase up the people who used this same exploit on this same platform to get No Man's Sky cheap?

      Did any of them get banned over the course of the last 4 years? That would be the truest answer.

      • not many users, but could ping them to ask if they got banned

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      да приятель

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    What do you mean by "add to your normal account"? Do you have to make a new account to buy this?

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      Would like to know as well. Do you buy with another account as a gift or something?

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        No, you do not need a new account. Just use your existing GOG account (if you have one) to purchase.

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        If you buy, use a new account as you risk having your main account being suspended.

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          thanks, fortunately my main account only has a handful of freebie games I don't particular GAF about
          If they want to ban me then joke's on them as it will make me less inclined to buy more in the future lol

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            @bender000: Well given your "purchases" so far that's probably not something they're too worried about either, haha

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        gifting brings the price to 4789

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    Thanks OP, preloading now. I bought with my main account. You don't need a new GOG account just a VPN

    • Agree, I did it myself. It works.

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    Ty Vladimir

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    Good deal but the OCD in me needs this on Steam because I dont want another launcher.

    • Me too unfortunately :(

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      GOG Galaxy 2.0 lets you import all of your games from other launchers so they're all in one place

      • There are more games on my steam library than GOG galaxy. Also, the steam DRM means that you still have to run steam anyway when the game launches. Importing into GOG just gives you the illusion that they are on one launcher.

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          They're functionally in one launcher - some uplay games can be a bit iffy - but otherwise it's a great experience! Highly recommend gog, especially with all of us having so many epic games now!

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          Also, the steam DRM means that you still have to run steam anyway when the game launches

          No. Steam is not inherently DRM, it's an added optional option for developers. TW3 can be launched from the installation path without Steam being opened, CP77 will be the same.

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        They don't import from other launchers, it just links to the other launchers, so they all can be launched from GOG.

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        Yes, I can fully recommend this now as they have finally sorted out the majority of the bugs. Great launcher that will only get better.

        • My only gripe is I don't know whether it's checking for updates or I just clicked a button for nothing

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      GOG you might be able to install the game via the launcher, and then uninstall the launcher. GOG is DRM Free, so I can't see why it wouldn't work. It works for me with Witcher 3 and the Divinity games.

      And then I believe you can add the game to your steam library, there's a way you can add a shortcut to your exe to steam.

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      You do not need another launcher to play this, there's a launcher that installs it for you, after installing the game you can just open it like games used to open before launchers were a thing.

      • Ah ok. For some reason I had this idea in my head that it does the same thing as battle.net game installs. You think you're installing the game, but it really installs the launcher.

        Could easily be wrong.

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        That seems like centuries ago…

      • So I installed the game, there's a shortcut on my desktop.

        The shortcut on my desktop launches the GOG launcher :(

    • Same

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      GOG allows you to download the installer directly, no DRM, you dont have to have any launcher for GOG

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      The game via GOG is DRM free. Just buy through GOG and on steam go to 'add a non-steam game to my library'. Problem solved.

    • gog galaxy launcher can link steam, ubi, xbox, origin, uplay and even playstation. you can download all the games from others in galaxy gog launcher.

  • Is this the same version that normal AU retailers sell? (i.e. is everything English)

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    Thanks op, however this time I actually want to purchase it in full price just to support their work.

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      Agree totally. On the flipside maybe some of these people may not have bought the game at full price, so at least the devs are getting some money.

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      This! +1

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        wat, why u gettn negged haha

        • +2

          Because it's too low of an effort response.

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      Also this. Want to support them after all the hours they gave me in the Witcher 3.
      If you can afford it then buy on GOG Aus store, CDPR are one of the good guys.

      • +28

        I see their marketing machine is working as intended. CDPR are not your friend, they're a business. Publicly declaring loyalty ('they're the good guys, buy full price, etc.) is bad for customers, no matter how you spin it. Yes, they produce great games but that does not mean you should be licking their boots every chance you get. It's what turned Apple into Apple.

        Feel free down vote, it won't change reality.

        • +31

          CDPR mainline games:
          +Long, deep adult RPG games with branching narratives.
          +Lengthy DLC that is worth your time and money if you choose to buy it.
          +Support and patches years after release.
          +No micro-transactions.
          +Free upgrades over generations on consoles.

          They are my friend.
          Of course they want to make money, but if they have earnt it then I'm more than willing to part with it. By supporting a game like this you are showing the vampires at publishers like EA that their model of bleeding their consumers dry in games like FIFA is not the only profitable model.

          • +4

            @dalcoud: And buy from GOG = DRM Free

          • -5

            @dalcoud: They are a one trick pony with 1 (one) singular good game.
            Cyberpunk multiplayer will have microtransactions.
            They make their poor devs grind unholy amounts of crunch hours.
            They pander to cringe ass reddit market with their posts and le epic keanu reeves!!

            You are being tricked by a coorporation.

          • +2

            @dalcoud: Don't they crunch their dev team under terrible conditions? You probably like their games but you wouldn't want to work for them….

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          It's true that they aren't your friend, but it's also good to support the things you enjoy by purchasing their product. Also the comparison to Apple doesn't make any sense.

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          Sometimes I wish I had the selflessness to think of it in terms of supporting the developers and not just more money spent. For me that's certainly a flaw.

          At least I'm not selfish enough to try and justify it publicly…I guess.

        • +2

          to put it lightly

          its about supporting decent developers and not shittty ones

          dont get hung up over one guy preaching paying full price. or assigning good bad titles

          • +2

            @furythree: Yep, I think we are just so used to dodgy video game industry practices that when something that should be standard comes along everybody opens their wallets.

            That said I'm also a sucker for almost anything CDPR…

            • +1

              @OkayFray: Speaking of dodgy video game practices: https://www.techspot.com/news/86938-cdpr-devs-forced-work-cr...

              CDPR might be better than most AAA game companies in some respects, but in other ways they're no different.

              • +1

                @Ryballs: I meant more along the lines of dodgy from a consumer perspective, but totally valid.

              • @Ryballs: This is basically the same with all retail jobs during christmas and eof periods. Its not like theyre not being paid either, just part of capitalism.

                • @Jenny Death: I worked 10+ years at various retailers and was never forced to work 6 days a week during peak periods. I don't even think that's legal in Australia.

        • Agreed.

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          What’s so bad about Apple? They make good quality products with unmatched customer support and product updates years after release , and they are one of the few big companies to care about users private info and hardware security as well.

          • +14

            @piston3461: Privacy:
            Wasnt it just revealed that apple collects telemetry every time a programme is openned? Hasnt it been know that apple is a member of PRISM since 2013? Arent there icloud leaks fairly regurlarly because of shoddy security.

            Campaigning against right to repair
            Genuis being a scam and not helping for hardware issues (see rossman)
            Designs that are anti consumer (eg phone button pairing, screen pairing, glue where glues not needed)
            Anecdotal: the time 2 of their techs couldnt upgrade my mac to osx lion in store, so i googled the issue and fixed it myself in front of them.

            Macs havent had good thermals since their inception
            Gimped unix
            Old issues with iphones we all know about

            End of the day apple products most redeeming factor is the form, certainly not the function.

          • +4

            @piston3461: Sarcasm right? The same Apple who pushes out updates to make older devices perform worse. The same Apple who unlock phones to provide user data to the government. I'll give you that the quality is generally pretty reasonable - I wouldn't say it's worth the price, and I can't speak for their support so I will take your word for it.

            • -4

              @elshandra: Not sarcasm. Those updates are pushed out so older devices batteries can last longer. The alternative is the phone dies faster, which I think most users would not want. The mistake Apple made was not telling people what they were doing. As for giving data to the government, Apple gives some data that it must like any other company required to by local laws.


              They however do not unlock customer phones , they can't even do that unless they have the phone in their possession. In fact, Apple was in court for years with the FBI for refusing to unlock terrorist suspect's phones because they didn't want to create any security loopholes.

              Their products aren't cheap, but you won't find any other line of products that work as harmoniously together as iphone/mac/watch do. You pay for that integration across devices

              • +4

                @piston3461: Oh, you're one of those. My sweet summer child.

                I cbf linking all the articles so just search the web for "apple fined". Those excuses didn't hold up in court, they shouldn't hold up to you either.

                And the only reason apple can provide that data is because they backdoor your phone. What company that cares about your security and privacy, puts a backdoor in your device. smh.

                Please for the love of good, stop trying to sell apple products to people, outside of in an apple store. Idc if you want to believe that, don't push it on other people.

                • -1

                  @elshandra: I never said they’re a perfect company , but in relation to the competition they have easily the most secure hardware . Notice how there’s never any articles about the FBI wanting Googles help to unlock android phones ? Because they’re basically an open safe in comparison, no matter how much you hate Apple.

                  I bet you use either one of Google or Facebook services , so ease up on your high horse before you condescendingly lecture people on what to buy.

              • +1

                @piston3461: Another victim to the reality distortion field.

              • +1

                @piston3461: "you won't find any other line of products that work as harmoniously together as iphone/mac/watch do"

                My mum uses an older version of MYOB on her mac, as it doesnt require a monthly subscription, but it does require her to use an older version of OSX. She bought a new iPhone 12 and literally cannot get her photos off it as it wants to update OSX to use it.

                Compared to my Android that I plug into ANY computer and it just appears as a drive. Apple are terrible, I actually think other products work more harmoniously than apple products.

          • +1

            @piston3461: They only care about your private info in the sense that they don't want app developers on their OS's breaching your privacy because any news articles about it tarnishes their image, not because private info should be private.

            MacOS phone home.

          • @piston3461: "good quality products"
            Apple released a laptop where the heatsink doesn't even touch the cpu die. Case closed.

      • +1

        im sooo poor right now got so much stuff to pay this time of year and just scrape buy. i wanted to support the devs and this way i still supports the devs without stealing the game. if i could afford to buy it via the aus store i defiantly would

        • That is true,
          in-order of ethics the way i see it.

          buying as intended market > buying on another market to save cost > pirating the game (bad)

          In the end, we should be supporting innovation in a way and respecting intellectual property

          I can think of a few examples on ozbargain, youtube premium membership, cyberpunk, xbox membership (vpn needed)

          I couldn't see myself pirating anything nowadays as compared to teen years. As much as i dislike a company, I don't feel good with stealing and contributing to the ruining of the ecosystem. You could say i'm not a fan of peter pan

    • Yep, I pre ordered the collectors edition over a year ago, happy to give them money

    • this post let people know how to buy cyberpunk2077 at full price in Russia and its attractive price leads to make people buy this game more. I guess many ppl are waiting for cracked version but this post can make those ppl end up buy here.

  • +2

    Yes you can, but there's still some risk, even small, of circumventing regions in a primary account.

    And if you value it, I wouldn't.

    • +1

      What if you create a new account and buy it as a gift to your main account?

  • Argh I just bought this for full price! lol. Great find!

    • yeah I feel the pain…