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[PC] Cyberpunk 2077 ₽1999 (~A$36.47) @ GOG (VPN Required)


Great price if you're willing to do some VPN'ing to Russia. I used Hola VPN extension in Chrome and it worked a treat. You only need VPN to purchase the game and not to play. Mod: Use Hola at your own discretion.

Make sure you add the game to your existing GOG account (if you have one).

Don't forget to pick up the free registration rewards.

Credit to HUKD and Chollometro.

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    I'm fairly sure my main account is dead, immediately after purchase, no more 2FA codes got sent.
    Can't login anymore.

    Oh well, worth a shot, maybe it'll work later on, but it's definitely dead now.

    • Yeah same thing happened to me. I was able to download the loader and the game tho.

      • +1

        Yep, just got home and tested again, seems to be back. Das what I'm talking about baybeeeeeeeeeee

  • got it cheers OP

  • got it. thanks op 😊

  • Created a new account and was charged $36.97 by Citibank.

    GOG Galaxy launcher keeps complaining about not having internet connectivity and then shutting down. Funnily enough, if I don't click the "OK" button the game still happily downloads in the background (smashes my 100Mb NBN connection too).

  • +1

    nah, i want to fully support CDPR.

    • +4

      Youre still fully supporting them, but as a proud Russian comrade

  • +2

    hmm how would future updates be handled? Do you have to go through GOG platform to get it? Ie. if your account gets banned later, does that mean you wont be able to access updates (even if you managed to download the original exe so at least you can still play)?

  • -1

    Cancelled my Amazon order for this one instead. Lets hope we all don't get banned lol :)

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    In Soviet Russia, the VPN hides the seller not the buyer

  • +2

    In Soviet Russia, the game plays you.

    • And GOG are games with a rock and stick.

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    Hola VPN and Paypal worked for me.

    • +2

      hey hey please be careful with free VPN, often you have other people's traffic routed through yours or at the least have your traffic snooped for advertising…

      • +1

        I used it and removed it.

  • For whatever reason if you can't get the game to work properly on your system can you refund it? Also they may add MP functionality later. What happens then?

    • I doubt it considering it's DRM-free, otherwise you'd be able to refund and keep the game. You can definitely refund on Steam though.

      • +1

        Had issue with NMS at launch and they refunded it without any questions and then bought the game again at cheaper price from them. What i am trying to say here is I would rather buy from them bit later with all patches out at reasonable price.

        • Oh, they do allow refunds? That's pretty cool.

    • Yes you can. I believe you have to do it within 30 days but they will allow refunds even if you have downloaded and played the game.

  • Great find. Was able to use hola vpn extension, entered in the url from the deal and it unlocked it. Signed in with GOG and had to search spam for the 2FA as it was in russian. From there purchased from paypal (came out in USD tho) but came out to 33 AUD

    • hey man, be careful with free VPNs as often you end up with traffic routed through your IP…
      Better to sign up with to a free trial of a name brand VPN and cancel once you don't need it :) Probably worth deleting the extension if you're done with it

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    I've tried 4 different cards, paypal and googlepay. All say "something went wrong" when trying to pay. Anyone else?

    • +1

      my credit card didn't work, but then I used paypal and paid with the same credit card and it worked.

    • I did the same, was trying to Pay with Paypal with my 28Degress card. Also tried paying with my card direct and with Google Pay with the same card.
      Eventually, I revereted back to PayPal with my Visa card and PayPal's exchange rate (better than paying currency conversion and OS transaction fees) and it worked.

  • +3

    To everyone worried about this, I'm pretty sure GOG are happy you're at least supporting them in some way even if you aren't paying full AU RRP.
    Better than buying off a shady key-site, buying 2nd hand or pirating (which will be fully possible due to the game being DRM-free).

    Still not sure where it falls regarding their ToS but legally it's fine and morally I'd say it's the lesser of many evils.

    • +3

      Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degree is arbitary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another… I’d rather not choose at all.

      • Le infinite trolley problem has arrived.

      • +1

        It is win win situation in some cases.
        Either they have my money now or later when it drops below $40. I have no rush to play it and it has a lot of bugs I heard. My game library can keep me busy for a while.

      • +2

        How very robotic of you Mr. 1000101BIN.

      • +6

        'F' for underrated Witcher quote getting you downvoted.

    • Don't "shady key-sites" do exactly what we're doing right now and mass purchase keys using cheap region pricing?

      • They do it for profit so they're getting a margin, also there is accusations that they amass said keys using stolen credit card information.
        Also the absolute majority of keys sold on key sites are for Steam, not GOG, meaning a further 30% off even the reduced regional pricing.

  • +2

    Hi OP!! Free VPNs such as the Hola extension might be convenient but nothing is truly free, there is often a risk that other peoples traffic is routed through your IP address. I'll dig up some sources to show cases of this happening when I get home. Given some things people use VPNs for that could be an issue…

    Probably better to advise people use one of the name brand VPNs such as PIA, at worst people can sign up for a free trial than cancel afterwards. :)

    Just a word of caution!

    • Serious question: Would this be an issue if all you did was get the extension. Get the game, remove the extension?
      Total time under 5 min using the 'Free' VPN?
      I wouldn't have thought it would be that big of a risk, but happy to be educated.

      • +4

        If you know when the pedo’s won’t be using their Hola VPN for 5 min then just time it for then and you’ll be fine.

      • They should have a bot keep scanning the network 24/7.

        • +2

          Protect everyone's privacy by invading everyone's privacy?

      • Probably not. People just like to stress or are simply far too risk averse

  • Wish I could get console version for this price

  • Pia no longer has a Russian server ahhhh

    • Ukraine also works.

    • Hello friend, try PIA's Latvia server.

      Although the official currency of Latvia is euro, for some reason their GOG store is in Rubles and is identical to the Russian store price (1999 ruble-e-doos).

      • Thanks mate. In the end I decided I still don’t have time to play .

  • +5

    To be frank I'm going to wait till 3080+ becomes reasonably affordable two years in the future before touching this game, after all the patches and dlcs for that "complete edition".

    Very tempting still haha.

    • +6

      Patience is a virtue, and I can see you have that my friend.

  • I got charged $36.97 from Bankwest

  • This wouldn't work with my CBA debit card or my MasterCard when I'm connecting through Russia on my VPN and I can't access the funds in the GOG wallet either..

    Did you guys use PayPal?

    • Yup, pay without using PayPal conversion.

      • I had issues until I paid with PayPal and with a different card and using PayPal's currency conversion

  • Cheers OP! Somehow I got it for $24! #WINNING

    • You paid in USD.. probably translated to about $36 AUD.

      • That's what I thought, but just checked my account, and was $24AUD :/

  • Worked for me. Used my main account but have nothing on it I want hahah.

  • I don't really understand why you would go to all this trouble to get a reduced price on the GOG version. Isn't it DRM free anyway? If you choose not to support the developer by paying what they think it's worth, why not just pirate it and be done with it?

    • I already bought it on PS4… Wanted it on PC too.

      Additionally GOG stated on the Russian site that 100% of sale goes to CDPR…. Which may not be the case with other versions.

      • +2

        "Additionally GOG stated on the Russian site that 100% of sale goes to CDPR"

        Well that would apply to GOG in any region. CDPR owns GOG after all.

    • +4

      pretty sure they'd prefer $36 direct than $0.
      Plus you're supporting their platform, which is far superior to what Steam is offering yet has only a fraction of the userbase.

    • +6


      • A lot of people kind of want to buy it, but not at RRP. The saving is enough to trick the brain to buy.
      • Buying it for the sake of getting a bargain (or not missing out on one).
      • Why pay AU price?
      • Pirate it…. Well, that's even worse.

      The OZB thinking: more people paying lower price is still more revenue for the game developer. Anything is better than $0.

    • +1

      CDPR owns GOG so they get 100% of the profits

      after a retail RRP version gets sold, they only get a fraction

      e.g. steam gets 30%

      so CDPR would only get around $56. they lose $20 here

      the alternative is they get $0 from pirates

  • I d better stick with $75 amazon one

    • +1

      Just cancelled mine, people saying it wont arrive on release? + this lets me pre-load.

  • Ok OP, you're my (profanity) HERO. Been looking at this for ages wondering if I could splurge for it for my bday (13th). Now I don't feel guilty about playing a new game!

  • Thanks OP - Did this with HOLA and PayPal (Everything else didn't work) $38.57

  • Thanks OP, downloading now

  • Hola worked wonders for me. Learn something every day. Love it!!

  • +5

    Not too sure of anyone has mentioned it but if you go on the Russian site and scroll to the bottom, you can use USD instead of Rubles making it cheaper but a new dollars

    • Can confirm.

      Paid with paypal ~$35 using the same CBA credit card as the credit card method didn't work.

  • Got it, thanks mate

  • Am I the only one who thought that was Philpino Peso at first and when realising it was Russia, was even more happy, visited Russia in 2018, so nice, will try to buy now, hopefully get the GOG bonuses.

  • +5

    Thanks OP!

    For people who don't want to use Hola, you can get a free 1 day VPN trial at CyberGhost without entering any payment info, plenty of Russian servers.


    • i clean installed hola on google chrome as an extension and did not need to add any payment info and was able to access the GoG Russian website via Hola.

      Yes i bought it.

      • +5

        Hola is the last thing I would use. Tons of privacy concerns, it's shit unless you want to be part of the botnet.

        • People using Google Chrome are already part of the botnet.

    • Thanks, just used this worked perfectly

    • Thanks mate, tried this method and it works.

  • +1

    Am I the only one who thought that was Philpino Peso at first and when realising it was Russia, was even more happy, visited Russia in 2018, so nice, will try to buy now, hopefully get the GOG bonuses.

  • Thank you OP finally pulled the trigger to get the game! Was aiming for $30 to buy it but this is close enough and it isn't even launched yet! <3

  • Is the game officially downloadable now? Because I am currently doing it and size is 59gb.

    • +6

      I think you've answered your own question… 😊

    • +1

      it's a preload.
      If you launch the game after downloading it all (it does let you) you just get a still image telling you it isn't December 10th yet and to "go back to sleep"

      • filesize seems a bit small for current get AAA title

        either mega optimised, or content reuses alot of assets

        • +1

          Ultimately this was a game intended to be ported to PS4/XBO.
          AAA Games on those systems average around 50GB.

          Yes CDPR is PC first and would have known about the new consoles for awhile but everything we've seen suggests it's pretty firmly a last-gen game.
          Which is completely fine, this generational jump was very small.

  • dang it… signed up for nordvpn trial and logged in and dont see any russian serers ;(

    • is there another region I can use?

      • According to another comment, Ukraine has it for $29.99 USD (~$41 AUD)

      • Try LATVIA. This worked for me using PIA VPN. It is cheaper than Ukraine.

        No idea why (their currency is euros), but their GOG store is all in rubles. the price is identical to the Russian store @ 1999 ruble-a-ding-dongs, and converts to 25USD at check out.

        Good luck!

    • just used CyberGhost 1 day trial, doesnt even ask for payment details as someone mentioned above
      has russian server

      • +2

        I read some dodgy stuff about them on google :/

        • well everyone who brought thier 100% cashback sale is all part of something now lol

  • how do we claim the free registration rewards? we have to wait until the game is out first?

  • Ended up using Kaspersky on my phone (less random software on my pc the better :P) and did it on there. cost me $38 aud or so
    I'll still keep my Amazon order though since I wouldn't mind the stickers etc in the box and will give the code to a friend cheap :) got via VPN so I preload and play asap ^_^

  • +2

    Steam also has the same price, but yeah its steam

    • +5

      I'd much rather risk my GOG account that only has free claimed games than my Steam account. Also, CDPR get full sale $ on GOG while Steam takes a cut.