Sub $300 Phone advice

For my father in law, who is Chinese and is in Oz. All he uses it for is reading news and the occasional video on WeChat etc.

Does not need 5g, good camera or any ability to make payments etc…i.e a very simple large screen phone with a decent battery. Any advice will be appreciated.


P.S He currently uses my old Samsung Note5


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    Best Budget Smartphone Under $300 in 2020

    Top recommendation is Oppo A52 which could be bought at JB for $249 or Officeworks for $247.


      Thanks Oppo it is then. Thanks so much.


        this list sucks, do some research. Are you happyto order online and wait a couple weeks?


    Poco M3 $202

    6.5" Screen
    6000mAh battery

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    Nokia 5.3 - with Regular Updates - $249 on Amazon


    Lenovo Tab V7

    Size 6.95 inches

    I have one. I used it with a Xiaomi case from 2 years or so.


      Hi Spennyrich, i did do some research post your advice and have ordered the Poco x3 from China as a relative can pick it up and ship to us, a bit better than buying from a website i think. Thanks for your suggestions.


        nice! its a beast of a phone!


    Realme c3.

    Has NFC
    Finger print sensor
    6.5 in hd screen which is pretty good in sunlight.
    5,000mAh battery.

    Can get 2 days easily with it. Extreme usage I get 1 days with 25% battery left at the end of the day which is up at 5 am till midnight