Mazda CX9 Tail Light Smashed - Possible Fix Solutions?

The story…

I’m looking after a friends car (2010 Mazda CX9)

Took it down the road for a succulent Chinese meal, reverse parked it in the spot right at the front door with it tight to the left (passenger side) curb (left side is curb and footpath) only.

Went in, had my meal and paid and on walking out found the left tail light has been smashed.

(I presume by a child with a toy, as there were small green plastic bits stuck inside the plastic cover and previously kids running amok in the restaurant. There are no trolleys etc around to smash it with so just gonna stick with probably a kid with a toy…)

I washed the car by hand yesterday so i know it wasn’t there and I haven’t been anywhere other then the restaurant.

Anywho… no cameras outside the restaurant, no willing people to leave a note or kids probably not telling their parents etc so now I have a LH tail light damaged.

So, now I have a light to fix.

TLDR: how do I fix this cheaply?

2010 Mazda CX9 LH tail light

The hole is in the plastic cover over the actual light, the glass/plastic light it’s self is fine.
But the plastic protector that is broken seems to be glued/fitted to the tail light meaning i have to get a whole new tail light?

Google tells me $500 ish for genuine tail light. Wreckers may be cheaper but haven’t found any yet.

Is it possible to get just the plastic cover and replace it over the tail light? The hole is a bit bigger then a 50cent piece.

Other solutions?

Thanks for your help car gurus.

(I'm useless at car stuff so need all the help I can get)


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    Took it down the toad

    There's the problem

    try this

    replacement video


      I don’t think that could be any easier!

      I tried searching it but couldn’t find the part on Amazon/ebay
      Really appreciate the links.

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      Silly question, but it’s the one that wraps around the side not the one in the tailgate broken (same as in the youtube link)
      What key words would help find that?

      Tried side light/side lamp etc but feel like my vocab is not doing me favours finding it

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        Dang. Didn't realise that was the garnish. Couldn't find any actual tail lights on ebay.

        Try a few wreckers, Gumtree of FBM


    Damn that was quick
    Saw that typo and fixed it 10 seconds after publishing haha


      If the lens is cracked, even with a hole, you need to glue it up or water will get into the area and possibly cause even more damage.


    If you cant find at a wrecker, you only have the choice of new.

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      Correct light fitting, wrong model.

      Also searching for the clear ones so they match 😬

      I’ll have a squiz there though thanks!

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    $285 is the cheapest I’ve found so far

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    Pretty much your only solution will be to replace the entire unit.
    You generally can't get just the lens to replace, as they're 'sealed' units. If they arent water/air tight you'll end up getting a fishbowl effect in the unit.


      That's just the garnish light as well I believe

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        Listed as a new arrival on their website.. worth asking the question


          Yeah I’ll ask, cant hurt to check.

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    Succulent Chinese meal :D

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      What is the charge?! Enjoying a succulent Chinese meal? 😂



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    Took it down the road for a succulent Chinese meal


    $200ish, in stock, in Australia, proper company.

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      Awesome price, just slightly different to what i need in terms of colour and shape. They probably will have the one i need on there, but I’ll look a bit more into that website if the wreckers and ebay link doesn’t come through.

      Thanks mate

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    I’ve done two rear left tail lamp replacements on a 2010 Mazda 3, and both times got the part from ozeparts on eBay.


      Its gonna be around $285 with postage from them.

      If I can’t find anything cheaper ill go with that, but going to check some wreckers Monday.

      Just annoying to have to pay for stuff i didn’t break, so hoping to find something under 200 to make me feel slightly less ripped off haha

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    Can you please tell the story again in more detail? Was it a Chinese restaurant with a dragon motif? Stories with dragons are always funner.


    You don't purchase a new tail light. You scour the wreckers. You look on the internet for parts relating to that particular vehicle.

    AND… you do the job YOURSELF. Look at it… it is possibly one or two screws and the remainder are usually a push-in concept.


      Yeah thats the plan.

      There are 4 wreckers on the same street i work on so will pop in to them tomorrow.

      Was just hoping the plastic protector would be replaceable as a seperate part but alas, it is not.

      Easy enough to change the whole light, just sucks paying for it.

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      Why do posters spend 75% of the post giving uis usless information.

      The "succulent Chinese meal" part is hilarious, and why I went to the effort of finding op the part I found above. If you don't understand the reference, I suggest you look it up.

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    Thanks OP for posting, I had no idea about the "succulent Chinese meals" reference. I am now enlightened!

    Oh good luck with the tail light.

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    Succulent chinese meal reference


      Get your hands off my peepee 😂


      According to this clip, he's not Charles Dozsa, but Cecil George Edwards aka Jack K and still alive in Brisbane

      Apparently Cecil was mistakenly arrested as Charles Dozsa, who looked similar in appearance and dined at the same shop. Dozsa was the real 'diner and dasher' and a chess player that died in 2003 who seems to have accidentally gained attention as 'Democracy Manifest guy' when in fact he wasn't.

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        Interesting, I’d never looked further into it but you post made me look it up.

        That dude in that clip was freakin me out with his crazy eyes and went for 12 mins… so i got distracted and found something better…

        Heres sports bets interview with the man himself 😂

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          Me too, I watched the clip you posted and I was actually a bit sad to hear the legend passed away in 2003.

          Youtube then gave me a video recommendation on the side and found out he could still be alive. The wonders of the internet




    Zoom Zoom 😷

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    I know everyone is on the edge of their seats and needs closure to this enthralling roller coaster ride of a taillight solution hunt so…. came through with the goods. They get spare parts in every few months and i got lucky and rang up a few days before a shipment arrived.

    $177 + $10 p&h + 1 to 2 weeks = new taillight.

    Decent result given how ridiculous quotes from around Australia from different wreckers were ($450-750 + 50p&h)

    Highly recommend ozeparts, great service and help when i spoke to them.