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Panhead XPA 6-Pack $17 C&C /+ Delivery @ Dan Murphy's


Not sale price, not members price. I don't know why it's so cheap. Cheaper to buy 4x6 than a carton.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    Good find!

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    Cracker beer

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      It certainly is!

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    Could be on clearance? I picked up a couple of cans of Ballast Point Fathom IPA from Marden, SA the other day and they were marked as clearance. Also a good deal if your store has stock - $19.90 per six pack or $58.10 for a carton of 24!

    • Damn, was deciding whether to get Fathom slab or just a Sculpin 6pack n which store to pickup from etc but now all gone Out Of Stock, both. And the Panhead too. Wonder whether they all got bought up, or whether the prices were in error

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      NIce score. I got two fourpacks of Balter XPA with a May/21 expiry for $20 total from Marion Liquorland after I called in to get some cooking not-quite vinegar.

      This is a nice drink, tho for me more a warm evening drink like an amber ale while the Balter would be nice there right up to hot January nights. Both are full of flavour.

      • Is the Balter on special or was that an RTC/clearance price?

        • Just clearance. I saw the big red and white sticker gluing the front two together with $10 one, and thought " what sad aphid honey-dew [ as processed by ants] was being thrown out in the gutter, and nearly flipped. I think they were on specail sometime last April-May, and every dopamine receptor dementia has left me lit up and said "YES".

          So I remembered I was an Ozbargainer and checked the date. There was a very very slim chance they'd be $1.50 tomorrow. Coles do that.

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      thanks for the tip, picked up a case of Ballast Point Fathom IPA for $56 (& a 6 pack of Panhead XPA for $16).

      • Actually on pick-up found out they could only locate 3/4 of the case of Fathom IPA and they replaced with 6 BentSpoke Crankshaft IPA. Looking forward to trying the Crankshaft IPA over the Panhead XPA & Fathom IPA.

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          Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA is awesome.

          • @carlJack: Everything out of Bentspoke is excellent. I think they're my fave aussie brewery.

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    Showing $16 for 6-pack in VIC. Sold!

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    Great find! Ordered

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    Good work OP. Only one as handsome and charming as you could perform the lord’s work in such a manner.


  • Thanks, will give it a shot

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    FYI on Dan Murphy pricing, if it doesn’t end in .99 it’s some kind of temporary sale price whether it’s advertised as one or not. Useful if you’re in store and not sure what the usual price is or whether you’re paying retail, just look at the last two digits.

    My guess is they’re price matching someone.

    • Interesting. Ty for the tip

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    $16 for a 6 pack in vic bought 4 - cheaper than a slab

  • At first I thought this might have been the sequel to Cuphead…

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      The neg was a bit rough.

      You gave me a laugh. Let me even the score

      • no joke intended, really. I saw the title and was like "wow, they made another cuphead" and then I was like, uh okay, beer.

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    UPDATE: shows up at $16 now(1.46pm 10-01-2021) grabbed a bunch. a chur

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      $17 NSW

    • $16 was confirmed at Malvern store, VIC 3143

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    Girlfriend ordered 4 x 6 packs earlier, picked up and already in the fridge. Thanks OP!

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      That's a really nice girlfriend thing, man. Appreciate that

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        Except they are for her. You have to go grab your own!

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          oh…. 😢

    • Why did you put your girlfriend in the fridge?

  • $16 at my local Dan’s 37Xx

  • Thanks just got 4 x 6pks.

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      Brewed under licence by Loin at various locations in Australia.
      Still taste ok.

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    Grabbed a pack to taste. Pity about the 355ml cans……..what ever happened to 375ml being the standard!

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      I feel like the odd man out…I’ve tried this beer a couple of times on recommendations from friends and even though I want to like it I find it just doesn’t sit well with my taste. Great price for testing, though, I hope you enjoy it.

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        I’m with you. It’s on OK beer…but I don’t find it to be anything special. Not “no.1 beer from NZ” kind of good (was NZ GABS no.1). (I like pretty much everything I have had from 8 Wired better).

        Also, bought by Lion (Lion Nathan), so you know, there’s that

        Edit: oh ignore me, I just realised this is the XPA, not the Pale. (Image wasn’t loading for me, and didn’t read the title properly!)

        • Yeah, I'm not sold on this 100 plus votes on OzB beer.

          Maybe a slow day for bargains that we're trigger happy for the up vote.

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    I'm shocked Harley Davidson haven't challenged the name and even the logo.

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      Given that Pahead own the trademark in Australia and New Zealand, technically they could challenge Harley Davidson instead

  • Dan's have a better control with expiry dates. I suspect it has to do with near expiry. Some stores get newer frsher stock so you can get lucky. Ballast point deals always close to exp. These types of beers always better fresher, not as good nearer exp

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    In Australia Panhead changed to being brewed by the Malt Shovel Brewery (James Squire) in Sydney to keep up with demand.

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      Thanks for confirming what (I thought) I'd heard through the grapevine a while ago. Although it's still nice in a can, when I tried the original on tap it was very nice!

    • Interesting - that my explain why I was underwhelmed by this beer.

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    They might be changing the can art. Keep an eye on the pale ale for any price drops.

    • I did see the new can art along with new beers on the Dan Murphy's website but all were out of stock.

  • Cheers, grabbed a couple of sixes.

  • In true Ozbargain spirit, or I guess beer, got a couple of six packs even though I've never heard of it or even like beer.

  • Grabbed some from New Town, Hobart. Even the Dan’s employee was amazed at the price!

  • +4

    Partner stops to pick up some wine.

    I check OzB while she's in DanM and I run in to get a 6 pk. Any 6 pk for $17 with over 100 votes on the B is an instant buy.

    $17 for a 6 pk is maybe a dollar more than I'd like for a special.

    I'm 4 beers in and I'm not 100% sold.

    Maybe I need to grab another 6pk to really appreciate it.

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      Careful, you might go over your weekly alcohol limit 😂😂😂😂

  • Ordered 4 X 6 packs, the full carton received. Thanks OP!

  • Currently listed as $77 for a carton on the BWS website and Shopback is doing 30% cashback: https://bws.com.au/product/806351/panhead-quickchange-xpa-35...

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