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Code popped up in the DoorDash app.

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Referee gets $5-$15 off first 1-3 orders over $10-$20. Referrer gets $12-$20 credit once referee places an order over $20. Keep clicking to find the best offer for you.

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  • I signed up yesterday, the sms message to verify referral code wouldn’t come through on my mobile no matter how many times I hit resend verification code. Now it works, but it won’t add the referral credit because it’s “not a new account”. I hope the actual app is better than their sign up process.

    • Similar issue, they didn't honour the referral credit. Worst food delivery company ever.

      • Same thing with me, spent time talking to them even though they were strangely aggressive and they said that the referrer had to contact them as well. After all that they said it wasn't a new account and wouldn't honour it.
        I'd never used it before and I won't in the future.

      • Exactly the same issue for me too. I called them and they asked me to go ahead with the order saying the discount will be applied automatically. I ordered but no discount was applied, called them back but refused to help.

  • Would not recommend these guys at all! Was charged full price even after successfully entering coupon code during checkout - they did not want to credit the owed funds ($15), then offered $5USD as a sign of 'good will' which they also failed to credit. Then my account was mysteriously de-activated. They are also unaware of their own referral program and my friend's account got de-activated after he queried them as to why his referral link/ credit did not work with his first order. Requested to speak to a supervisor, and was supposed to receive a call back, but haven't heard anything till date. Dodgy company with dodgy practices!

  • My account was also deactivated shortly after I received a referall through Ozbargain. Seems like they will try anything to get out of referall money.

  • I referred myself with the same name and same address just different number. Worked a treat for me. The $1 delivery really comes in handy

  • Doordoush… Tried once, delivered cold and with attitude. Never again.

  • One thing I have noticed with this app is some restaurants on there jack their prices massively compared to their direct prices. I thought it was Doordash doing it, but it's not every restaurant. Example Luna Rossa Italian in Coolangatta, large supreme in store $24.. on app $28.

    • I thought this was common for all delivery apps, ubereats, Menulog?. I figured the restaurants were passing on the fees that they get charged by those companies. Eg uber changes Italian restaurant 20% 'finders fee' per order, so restaurant at 20% to all menu items. Always best to use the restaurants native delivery method, unless there is a significant enoght deal to use one of the apps, even then if you have something like $30, you'll likely only save $5 bucks in comparison to ordering direct from the restaurant. At least that's my experience.

    • uber eats charged commission to restaurant 30%. I think other delivery company are same.
      Most restaurant mark up 30% to cover these commission but some are less like MacDonald.

  • Gf referred me, tried to put an order in and account got deactivated due to fraudulent activity. Spoke to customer service via chat who had no idea how to fix, said it’s been escalated to their reactivation team. 3-4 days later, received an email apologising saying it was a mistake and it’s been reactivated. Following week went to put an order through and it got deactivated again. Chat person said its due to breaking their TOS. Wouldn’t give more info so I just deleted my account. Won’t bother using ever again.

  • entered code 25PCTAU for a $23 order from reject shop but it said for new user only so used the referral credit $15 which was better.

  • Do you guys know what the 3% service fee is when you check out? They already charged the restaurant partner an arm and a leg and they still charge 3%?

  • Not working for the store I selected unfortunately.