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[eCourse] Beekeeping Course: 1 Month Free Trial $0 (Then $27/Month) or $40 off Annual Sub $229 (Was $269) @ The Beekeeper


Is this a bargain? 🤔

Has anyone tried it?

One concern I have is as it is connected to Flow Hives, will there be too much of a focus on those versus traditional honey beehives and native beehives?

The free trial period lasts for 30 days.

Our site will prompt you to enter payment information in order to sign up for your free trial period. You will need to enter either a valid credit card or PayPal account. We do not charge at the time of sign up. After your free trial period expires you will be billed monthly/yearly.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes - no contract, no cancellation fees, no commitment.

It's easy to cancel online anytime, and if you do so you will not be billed again at the end of your current billing cycle (monthly/yearly).

Learning how to take excellent care of your bees is the most important aspect of beekeeping.
Whether you’ve been gifted a hive, are learning a new hobby, or want to collect your very own honey, now is an excellent time to gain the skills you need to become a confident beekeeper.

To help fast-track your learning, throughout January we’re offering a special on yearly memberships of our online beekeeping course, TheBeekeeper.org

Learn in your own time from the world’s experts with high-quality videos explaining what you need to know in order to feel confident looking after your bees.

Reviews from our members

“I love these lessons! Everything from the guest speakers to the high digital video technology on bees in flight, all learning information, examples, Q&A, even the test at the end and documents to print.”
— Helena M.

“Very easy to follow. Great pace. Great to hear from a range of experts.”
— Marcus W.


Your membership helps to protect pollinators

The bees need our help!

These tiny creatures are vital to our food supply and the health of the natural world that we all depend on.

That's why 50% of profits from TheBeekeeper.org are donated to projects focused on habitat regeneration and advocacy for pollinators.

Content is delivered in sequential blocks.

We start with the absolute basics and over time progress through more in-depth material.

The following is a list of lesson titles to give you a sense of what the curriculum includes. (NB: Not all of these are confirmed yet, actual course content is subject to change.):

  • Secret Life of Bees: The Beehive
  • Tips & Tricks Before You Get Your Bees
  • Where To Put Your Hive - Save Yourself Some Pain!
  • Getting Broody - Frames & Comb
  • Four Ways To Get Bees
  • Your First Brood Inspection
  • Watch & Learn
  • Secret Life Of Bees: Lifecycle Of A Bee
  • Don't Do This!
  • Bee Evolution & Genetics
  • Her Royal Highness - How & Why To Find The Queen
  • Swarm Management
  • Queenlessness
  • The Beekeeping Year - An Overview
  • Secret Life Of Bees: The Magic Of Pollination
  • Hive Health: Is That Normal Or Not?
  • Hive Health: Varroa Monitoring & Management
  • Pollinator Conservation
  • Hive Health: Troubleshooting Hive Problems
  • Secret Life Of Bees: The Waggle Dance
  • The Beekeeping Year: Supering Your Hive
  • The Beekeeping Year: Nutrition & Feeding
  • Secret Life Of Bees: Nectar - From Flower To Honey
  • The Beekeeping Year: Summer - Sweet Rewards
  • Hive Health: How To Help A Weak Hive
  • The Medicinal Properties Of Honey
  • Hive Health: Small Hive Beetle
  • The Beekeeping Year: Autumn Packdown & Overwintering
  • Hive Health: AFB & EFB
  • Native Bees
  • Moving A Hive
  • Hive Health: Wax Moth
  • Propolis
  • Record Keeping & Data
  • Dealing With Cross Comb
  • Bee Intelligence
  • Products From The Hive: Beeswax
  • Hive Health: Chalkbrood
  • Creamed Honey
  • Secret Life Of Bees: Bee Bread
  • Products From The Hive: Pollen
  • Hive Health: Nosema
  • Bees & Math
  • Stop Thief! Robber Bees
  • The Art & Science of Beekeeping
  • When & Whether To Add A Second Brood Box
  • How to Mark Your Queen
  • Marketing & Selling Honey
  • Products From The Hive: Mead
  • Secret Life Of Bees: when You've Got A Job To Do
  • Climate Change & Bees
  • Practical Feeding Advice
  • Colony Collapse Disorder
  • Products From The Hive: Comb Honey
  • Beekeeping In The Tropics
  • What A Bee Sees
  • How Bees Navigate

…Plus more to come!

Currently the list of featured experts includes:

Kirsten S. Traynor, PhD - Fullbright Fellow, author: Two Million Blossoms
Michael Bush - Author: Practical Beekeeping I-III
Professor Marla Spivak - University of Minnesota, MacArthur Fellow
Hilary Kearney - Girl Next Door Honey
Professor Dave Goulson - University of Sussex
Randy Oliver - ScientificBeekeeping.com
Professor Madeleine Beekman - University of Sydney
Professor Ben Oldroyd - University of Sydney
Dr. Nural Cokcetin - ithree Institute, University of Technology, Sydney
Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich - The Best Bees Company
Doug Purdie - The Urban Beehive
Dr. Judy Wu-Smart - University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Dr. Andrew Barron - Macquarie University
Dr. Jamie Ellis - University of Florida
Professor James Wilkes - Appalachian State University
Sam Droege - USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program
Frederick Dunn - Beekeeping Educator
Liz Frost - New South Wales Department of Primary Industries
Mark Page - New South Wales Department of Primary Industries
Megan Halcroft - Founder: Australian Native Pollinator Week
Lars Fischer & Zofus Knudsen - 1st Place - World Honey Awards - Apimondia Congress 2015
James Dorey - Photographer & author: Bees of Australia - A Photographic Exploration
Stuart Anderson - Flow Hive
Cedar Anderson - Flow Hive

…and more to come!

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    This will go perfectly with my $10 bee suit that just arrived last week.

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      Sounds like quality

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        It was a sweet deal…

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    Nice but don’t forget to cancel after one month or they will sting 🐝 you with subscription fee.

    • you really do need to set a notification / reminder / alarm for these things, i've been stung so many times, i guess i'm too buzzy?

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      I'm so tired of all these supposedly free trials demanding a payment method. Wish there was a law against this behaviour. It's either free or it isn't. If it is free, then payment methods shouldn't be required.

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        right!? you shouldn't have to provide it until AFTER the trial period

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      That's not how it works

      • You're right. Honey is gross.

        I much prefer the bees - crunchy!

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    Any deals on wasp keeping courses?

  • Anyone else read it as bookkeeping course?

    • I guess not…

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    This could bee good.

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    This will be the Bee's knees.

    I hope the offer doesn't buzz off bee-cause it's bee-utiful to be bee-witched by the bees bee-haviour..

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    I'm sure my local shop does Wasp keeping courses…. I saw a couple of them in their window.

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      Sounds like they aren't very good at it!

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    Only 13 upvotes - not much of a buzz around this deal.