About to Buy Luxury Heels from Jimmy Choo - Please Help Me Save $$$!

Hello all

Purchasing a pair of heels for the Mrs from this website

Does anyone have any idea how I can save money? Cashback? Coupons? Price Match?

I'll be paying with Credit Card/PayPal

Please help me make this hurt less!


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    Have you tried David Jones or Myers. They use to have them and assume on sale as partyl of StockTake sales at moment. Wife has expensive taste. I feel for you. You'll be in the good books for awhile.

    • Myer don't sell Jimmy Choo

      • Thanks guys. Appreciate the advice. I will check them out, but last I checked, the particular shoe she wanted, wasn't stocked.

        REALLY appreciate the thought though. I was worried I'd get laughed off to oblivion (trolls etc)

        • which shoe was she after? are you open to purchasing from another site?

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            @carolina88: All good - just bit the bullet…I don't even want to knwo if I could get it cheaper elsewhere now hahaha

        • What melb88 said.
          Major DJ's stores like Sydney City have designer shoes and hand bags.
          They have end of season sales for shoes (EOFY and black Friday to name some) and I have seen Jimmy's Choo heels to be reduced.
          I picked up Christian Loubertins for my wife on black Friday and stacked with the 10 percent off DJ's gift card when coles or other places run the promos.
          Also if you are at Chanel or the other boutiques and shop regularly, always try to get the same sales staff, they will invite you to the vip program when you make regular enough purchases. You get exclusive vip only access to on sale items and first crack at the good stuff shoes, bags, jewellery.

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    Does anyone have any idea how I can save money?

    New wife?

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      reminds me of the truffle scene from Billions

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      Gotta divorce the old wife first, which would cost you a fortune. So no bargain here really.

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        She'll only take one shoe, though :)

      • Why cannot we have both

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        Divorce is expensive because it’s worth it. Personal experience.

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      Too late

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    Luxury Heels from Jimmy Choo
    Please Help Me Save $$$!

    They aren’t compatible statements.

    • Touche but I can't help it haha

    • Sure they are - the answer is just "don't buy Luxury Heels from Jimmy Choo" - my work here is done

  • What did you do wrong?

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      Nothing wrong. Just thought I'd get a gift now in the beginning of the year and use it as tender the rest of the year

      • “tender” ?

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          Paying one's wife or girlfriend for sex does not usually occur using the same currency one uses to pay for their "girlfriend experience".

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            @ozbjunkie: It'll be a real worry if one needs to pay their wife or girlfriend after each session! 🤣

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    Go reps lmao

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      What's that?

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        • I see, thanks - yeah lol, could do.

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    It's hard if you're buying as a gift. Best to buy direct from the source to ensure no issues.

    Just looked at their sale section - hopefully that's where you're starting. The prices are actually pretty good. Even if you bought from the USA on sale you'd be lucky to score the right size and once GST and shipping added you're probably not winning.

    • yes, correct, buying at 50% off marked price.

      • A veritable bargain.

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    Update, thanks, just proceeded with order from official site. Used Topcashback for 4% cashback, and bought clearance, 50% off.

    Thanks all

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      Do not tell her this!!
      And Never buy fakes for her or anyone. Absolutely reflects on you.
      There is no way to win this. Either she equates the discount with your value to her, or she starts buying more because they are inexpensive - or both!

      • I'd always reveal when I'd paid 50% off restaurant dining.

        I knew it would probably make trouble, but I wanted to know.

        Now that I know, I save even more on restaurant dining.

    • so which heels did u end up getting your wife?

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    a pair of heels for the Mrs

    "For the Mrs" :-)

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      Size 15

  • Just give her a gift card or ask her what she wants.

    • Next forum topic

      “Help my Cc is maxed out. What can I do to save money”

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      We bought $500 worth of pop vinyls today instead

      Makes the shoes look like a great idea.

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      I mean, at least the shoes can be worn…

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        Is that what pop vinyls means?

        I thought as were talking 90s records.

        I'm so uncool I don't even understand the words used for uncool stuff anymore.

        • I thought that also.

        • They're a brand of licensed figurines from all areas of popular culture.

          Often seen in JB hi-fi or EB Games

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    Try Best for Less 🤪

  • Could try and buy second hand ("vintage") if she is ok with that.

    Fakes could be disastrous if it is pointed out meanly in a social situation.

  • how do you get so much money ????

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      Usually a job.

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      Zip pay it.

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      There is a significant portion of luxury goods buyers that cannot afford them, and yet buy them anyway, because they think it makes them look like they could afford it.

  • Time to get a new wife I guess !

  • AliExpress

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    Tell her they accentuate her cankles.

  • Wow! They are some expensive shoes. What else do they do apart from sit on your feet?

  • Possibly worth it to check with their retail store if they have some sale going on. My mrs bought her Hells from the store on 40-50% off (it was for our wedding). Not sure if they had the same price online back then.

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    I'll never understand why people spend so much on a name brand when function has nothing to do with the price tag.

    • I know right..! At least you get some extra features with an $80k car compared to a Corolla.

  • You can use David Jones gift cards and search for discounts of the gift cards.

  • Chargeback, say you never received the stock :)

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    I use a simple rule of thumb, if you can buy 10 of the same item and it doesn't hurt your pocket nor give you second thoughts, it is ok to buy it.

    Why not just outright tell her you can't afford it. She's your wife. Talk to her. That's what couples do.

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      I want to gift it to her to celebrate an awesome milestone she's accomplished.

      I want to buy this. I also want to spend as little as possible on these. Imo not contradictory statements and not unreasonable

      • Good luck, I bought my wife a pair of Jimmy Choo boots last year. The quality was crap, had to send them back twice now for faults.

        • Eek! I hate that !!!!!

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          I did not know you can send shoes back for "faults".

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            @Homr: you can send anything back for faults and I tell you I would be pretty pissed after paying almost $2k if they didn't accept them back for a fault. I have returned $100 sneakers where the sole came unglued after a month too.

    • How would you buy a car or a property lol?

  • Wait we’re moving from cars to designer brands this year huh…

    Jokes aside, if you post a specific model range would help. If you’re serious about it.

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    One day she'll realise that it's not worth the pain to wear uncomfortable expensive shoes. In the meantime, resellers are where the bargains can be found, like net a porter. Sometimes fakes are actually just factory seconds

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    Bali market seen em for 20$ 15$ if you barging

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    Is this actually for your missus or a prostitute?

    Because if my missus said buy Jimmy Choo, I would tell her to pay with her own money.

    If it's for a prostitute good call buying %50 percent off.

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      Is this actually for your missus or a prostitute?
      Because if my missus said buy Jimmy Choo

      Are you actually implying something?

    • Actually is she is then can claim on tax as a work expense