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$3 Large Pepperoni Pizza (Pick up) @ Domino's (App Only)


Large Pepperoni Pizza $3 in Domino's App.

Normally $5 from value range.

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      Don't think of it as them trying to make a profit on $3 pizzas, that's not the business model. It's to starve out the competition and get you buying expensive drinks / sides.

      I don't imagine they contain anything nastier than most frozen pizzas.

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        Dominos don't care about too much about their franchise owners. Create offers with no/little profit margins and continue to their % cut.

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          Can confirm this^

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          which is probs why everytime these $3 pizza offers come around, the cost reflects the quality, because there's even less toppings when I have got the $3 pizzas compared to their normal price at $5/

          • @Jollystacker: if factor in wage and rent, they are technically making a loss.

            Pizza Hut crust the best, dominos always soft

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              @DisabledUser345744: Domino's use frozen bases. Unsure about pizza hut now (I left around 2002) but all their dough was made fresh on the day. Really busy stores may have made 1 batch the night before for lunch trade

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                @4agte: A good quality and tasty dough should proof at least 24-48hr.

                • @Edog: From memory dough was proofed in a cabinet for approximately 3-4 hours. I found slower/longer proofing outside of cabinet yielded better results. Therefore I wouldn't be surprised a longer proofing would result in better bases. There is no way the dough I used could proof any longer that 8 hours before moving to fridge, the bases would end up hitting the pan lids.

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                @4agte: The store I work at, we use fresh dough, stays in the fridge for up to 2 days before getting thrown out
                We mix it In a standmixer and use a rolling machine

          • @Jollystacker: They probably don't need to cover fixed costs with these deals. They might just need to cover the additional costs of the extra items. If they can do that they might even make a profit.

            See, assuming people most people who weren't going to buy more expensive pizza don't switch to these cheaper pizzas and assuming these pizzas aren't so popular that they need to employ more people or the long queues put off full priced pizza buyer's, they only have to cover the cost of the dough, toppings and additional items, like boxes, cleaning items, etc., to avoid making a loss. They may even make some money. They may also attract new future customers.

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    Is it just me or is it normal to finish the whole pizza by myself?

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      It's normal just do your cardio and don't eat much else that day

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        Cardio?? , But ill lose my gains!!!

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          True. Don't invest in the brain. Hard to gain & show. Invest in the stomach, easy to show the gain.

          • @taki: Most consume product comment Ive seen lmao

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      I'd say pretty normal these days with how small they are.

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      Oh please, I can finish a whole one myself for lunch these days.

      Still - $3 lunch is much cheaper than anything else decent you can get out.

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    You'll really be able to count how many slices of pepperoni you'll get.

  • Can any employee confirm the Pepperoni is all beef?

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      Real pepperoni is normally pork, but….

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      What's your beef with pork?

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        Smells fishy to me. Hope no one chickens out on answering this.

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          Agreed, seems like it's fowl play to me. Stores would get a poultry profit at best.

    • I'd already award that person the Employee of 2021 if only they know this.

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    Thanks OP. This was legit one of the best pizzas I've ever had lol. I added cheesy crust and ranch sauce. For the price it was so good, definitely going back. I was a bit nervous going in with all the negative comments but I don't think they've tried it before.

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      The pepperoni has an odd “fake” flavour, very off putting. What you have done may have concealed it somewhat.

      • So it isn't just me. I usually love a pepperoni pizza but the flavour is so overpowering. I end up pulling a lot of the pepperoni off as it is gag worthy after the first slice.

        • I thought the same, changing the tomato base to bbq sauce made it so much better

    • How’d you get this so early? 24/7 Domino’s?

      And that does look good. How much extra for the ranch sauce?

      • sauce was $1 extra and got it after midnight, store said they were open until 1am so got in just in time

  • Not working for me in QLD. Showing up as $5 on the app. Any ideas? Is it because the store isn't open? There is no deal on the top of the menu page. Might have to wait until 11

    • Works for me in QLD. You need to make sure your using the Dominos app, and not the Dominos offer app.

  • Is there anything other then pepperoni whenever I get the kids over we have pizza and leftovers the next 2-3 days

    • Maybe can topping swap

  • Thx op, ordered one for dinner, so I don't need to go out during lockdown.

  • Is their Pepperoni is a pork and beef mix?

  • still showing $5 from my app. Expired I reckon? 8.17AM AEST

    • Turn off add blocker

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      Try 990273 if it doesn't come up (it should be a banner at the top).

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        perfect thank you!

      • Tripple x Thanks 👌

      • Thanks mate, got one :)

      • thanks mate!

      • Found it. Thank you for your help! :)

      • added to post

  • Woohoo, 2 pizza pies for $5.88

    • How did you manage to get another pizza for under $3? 😮

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        Used the code multiple times.

        Also, I assume the 12c reduction is from 2% cash back from HSBC tap and pay.

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          Good call - didn't even to think to put through 2 separate orders but won't on this occasion.

          Happy to support my local as they've always been good.

  • Thanks OP - lunch ordered :)

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    Does anyone know what happened to the Coles Pepperoni $3 pizzas? Even though they could have done with a bit more pepperoni I preferred them (the crust was satisfying and cooked well) but they disappeared a few months ago never to return…

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      Do you mean the $3.50 refrigerated ones or the $3.30 frozen ones?

      The former have just been put into boxes to make themselves seem upmarket (or so they can put less toppings on), but the latter have been discontinued - didn't sell well.

      • The $3.30, I forgot that the prices increased. They always seemed to be selling when I walked past the aisles. Ah well.

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    Kudos to the five dock store, more pepperoni on this pizza than my local franchise often puts on their loaded pepperoni.

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    Did the cheesy crust with BBQ sauce, lunch for two sorted for under $7, cheers OP!

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    Certainly worth $3 even if it came out half cooked lol
    Thanks OP!

    • That looks way better than most cheap pizzas

    • More pepperoni on that than some get with the 'loaded pepperponi'.

      That looks like more than they were meant to give. The pictures don't show pepperoni overlapping, and you have some areas with 4 pieces.

    • That is more pepperoni than I have ever received, even when I add the 3x pepperoni

  • If I wanted a cheese pizza for $3 can I just order this without the pepperoni?

    • see if you can edit the pizza to remove ingredients. I assume you would be able to.

    • I ordered mine with added oregano (free), changed to BBQ sauce cause I prefer it, and added spring onion for $0.50 and it was a more balanced pizza with a bit of greenery on it and lunch and dinner sorted for $3.50! (i was quite happy to just eat half for each) and it was surprisingly good for lunch (the dinner reheat not so much as I should have used the oven instead of microwave)

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        How much spring onion did they put on? I assume not much?

        The question is all about relatives. What would you prefer, another full pizza or 6 lots of spring onion? I personally would prefer more pizza.

        50c to add extras to a $3 pizza. Is spring onion really worth 1/7 the cost of any pizza?

        • +1

          They put a generous amount on actually. My store is fairly good.
          I would prefer the Spring Onion - i had no use for more pizza.
          The proportion is also irrelevant - the saving had been attained on the discount on the pizza. the spring onion is $0.50 extra regardless of how much you pay for the pizza. If you paid $12.95 for a traditional would you be more comfortable adding it for $0.50 because its ~3.8% !?! lol - i just looked at what I could get for $3.50 and was happy with it. i was not happy with plain old pepperoni. … plus i always customise my orders

          the real question is, coming back to the comment above, if you like proportions so much, is it worth removing the pepperoni if it makes up a huge proportion of the value of such a cheap pizza?

  • can't get the code to work on my huawei phone. I'm ordering via the app and I keep getting the error saying I need to order via the app..lol

    • sounds like you are using the browser, not the actual app downloaded, installed and logged in from play store? I've accidentally done this before by habit of just pressing a link or typing in name into google without going to the actual app

  • Anyone knows when this deal expires?

    • +1

      It's expired now when I tried