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Cardo PACKTALK Bold Motorcycle Communication System Dual Pack $619.41 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Not the cheapest it's been but still a great deal for anyone looking at intercoms - Locally it's approx. $579 for a single unit and $1,000 for a duo.

I swapped from a Sena to this and couldn't be happier. Only thing to note is Bluetooth 4.1 vs the new Sena 50s 5.0 with open mesh 2.0 (allowing you to auto connect to random riders).. kind of a cool concept for those looking to be more social. Otherwise the DCM Mesh and audio quality from the JBL speakers is awesome! (Cardo's also IP rated)

Sena 50s looks to also be at a decent on amazon for those in that eco-system - $379.86 vs local stores $485ish.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Unduly CO$TLY, IMO.

    I'd get:

    • a $36 (2 for $72) TYT handheld radio (a model w/ VOX) that covers UHF CB

    • set to Lowest Tx-power & set VOX On

    • select a Little-Used CB Channel (other than Emerg / Data / Unauth'd)

    • hang one on each rider's Belt or Backpack

    • plug-in a Headset with Boom Mic, that fits nicely into a Closed Helmut
      (The nearly invisible kind, that TED-speakers use - or cheaper counterparts)

    Note: In fact, such radios must get ACMA-approved models, B4 use
    (Or, buy a cheap counterpart from the AU market. TYT'll likely sound+work better. YMMV)

    Use the money you'll have saved (by Not buying Amazon) to take the family or your bubble
    on a nice holiday, eg, Post-COVID'

    • +4

      Moto specific intercoms have the ability to make phone calls, also listen to music concurrently with intercom in the background.

      • Altho used for F1 car races, if not m'cycle races,
        there was:

        • Yaesu's dual-band [Ham Radio] transceiver FTM-10R (& S):

        (Of course, C'th Gov't had to Repossess p/o Ham's 70cm band
        for exclusive use of the Racing industry use; still yet to return it!)

        "Great New Features to
        Support Outdoor Motor Sports Activities"

        AM+Stereo-FM broadcast reception
        (2x audio ch's - f Stereo OR comms + alt freq)
        Bluetooth [earlier than others]
        VHF/UHF transceiver
        Wideband receive (0.5 - 999 MHz, w/ gaps:
        1.6-76 MHz, etc.)

        Waterproof bit:
        S-model had a waterproof main unit (M-model's
        had a w/proof Remote Control head unit only)

        Head has built-in Mic (not removable) & jack for
        plug-in mic (on coiled cord)

        "•Equipped with a high power 8 watt audio amp.
        (optional) 12 watt speakers (in 2 shapes M/cyc
        & Car)

        Use the PA function with the optional, commercial
        grade MLS-200-M10 speaker.

        •With the Intercom feature, you can communicate <= [Intercom]
        with a fellow passenger. Hands-free intercom
        operation is available with the optional Bluetooth®

        •AF Dual Monitor Function:

        Listen to your favorite AM or FM stereo broadcast
        station, and monitor an amateur band at the same

        One [comm's] would silence the other [b'cast?].

        External audio input is also available to connect your iPod"

    • +3

      I tend to use the Cardo for way more than just that, if I'm lost it's hey siri give me x directions, if I'm near my house its hey siri open my garage (saves my neighbours listening to a loud exhaust while I fumble with my gloves for the garage remote). When in group rides having options to chat or listen to music, music sharing or Bluetooth patching or joining a discord server when theres an array of intercom/earphone brands.

      This is a specialised product and you get what you pay for - even if it's just communication; the technology for noise (wind & exhaust) suppression goes a long way when thats all your going to hear for a few hours.

      • +1

        Do you get more than 1 yr warranty, ie,
        for all the ca$h you'd have to buy one?

        Of, at least, an option to pay even More
        for an extended warranty…? ;~)

        PS It AU hadn't got access to all the Big
        Ticket items (that we tend to replace an-
        nually, with Bigger Ticket replacements),
        we'd have Plenty of $$ to invest in, eg:

        Nuclear Energy, like France, Sweden &
        Ontario have done, ie, so we wouldn't
        need to put up with a line of Coal-Monger PM's,
        who only EMBARRASS Aussies, when we
        attend Climate Conferences, etc.

        My 2.2 cents only… but I side with Science.

        PS No phone calls, but - in USA, CA, etc. -
        you can use any "Auto-Patch" equipped,
        (VHF or UHF) Ham Repeaters within range, ie,
        to make [non-commercial] calls. :~)

        In AU, it'd be essentially Free to provide that
        service, even overseas-calls w/a Boost pack.

        UHF CB Repeaters need "Auto-Patch", eg,
        if No One responds to your Emerg Call, by
        radio, you could make calls w/ your UHF radio.

    • Don't worry guys - found the expert over here.

    • When was this 4.1 system first released to market?

      For S1,000 (It takes 2 to tango…), why accept only Bluetooth 4.1…?!?

      Amazon has recently been offering Older Gear
      (read: Dumping in another recent case:

      • Tascam D60 Mk II [Released 2014]

      SIgn of its Age: a USB port that takes Mini-USB plug,
      rather than USB C or even Micro-USB

  • +10

    One of the great things about riding a motorbike is not having to talk to anyone.

    • Also good to be contactable incase of emergency. No point goin for an extended ride further n further away from where ur needed to be.
      Also listening to music is great. Great speakers. Does not distort as easy as others do.
      Also handy for communication. Toilet stops or changing route on the fly and not having to stop

    • -1

      Ye, coz you cant drive in your car by yourself.

    • +2

      handy when going on long rides with friends - rather than having to stop over every time

      • Actually, your Body would benefit from the stops you're missing out on,
        just as my Cat's does - on her way from Sleeping to Walking Outside
        for a Toilet Stop - when she stretches, long & slow. ;~)

  • Chromeburner is selling for $610.57 free delivery (2.5weeks delivered to Sydney).

  • +1

    Cheers StiSupafly. Got a dual pack. Friends rave about voice quality.

  • I bought a parani m10 (backed by Sena) setup from AMX for a $109. Built in FM radio and can link up with other Parani and Sena devices. If I need more than 4 people linked up I just tell everyone to run discord.

    You do get what you pay for in terms of audio quality, but can't really go wrong with $109 if you're just looking to see if it's what you want.

    My only dislikes with the parani has been the minimum volume for radio is a little too loud for my liking, and the display is somewhat redundant since the device will give you verbal confirmation when you change modes.

  • I bought some $30-40 one from banggood. Their about 60$ a year ago when I was searching it for a friend.
    Only needed it for some music and answer phone calls.
    Bluetooth, waterproof.

    It done the job perfectly.
    People on phone calls couldn’t tell I was riding a motorcycle or hear the wind noise.

    Music wise, yes sound quality is crap, like $10 earphones from Kmart.
    But I was just after some background music, vs wind noise.

    Didn’t care about walk-ie talkie function.
    I think it had it but never tried it.

    Had it for for 4 years used on 2 helmets.
    Only thing starting to give was the battery life, lasted maybe a week of commute (vs 2 weeks when new)

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