PC Upgrade for 1440p 144hz

I recently bought the Xiaomi monitor but as I expected my current PC is not up to the task of running games at the native res. I have a budget of $2K, but I am at a loss of whether to buy a new PC altogether or to upgrade parts.
Current Specs:
Ryzen 5 1600 + X370 Board
500W PSU

If I want to upgrade, I would have to upgrade the GPU, PSU, CPU (probably to R7 3700x) and maybe motherboard (If I want to upgrade to Intel or Ryzen 5000). These just so happen to be the most expensive parts of the PC so I'm wondering if I shouldn't just spend a few hundred more and buy a new computer altogether.
What is the best option here value wise? I am certain that I am able to build a new computer on my own so prebuilt is not a necessity.


  • Buy the best GPU in stock and you probably wont be bottle necked unless you want absolute highest minimum frame rate on competitive esport titles (even then maybe 1080p for these titles is enough). Don't waste money you dont have to, otherwise if that isn't what you want just upgrade mobo and CPU with remainder. That monitor isn't just 1440p, it is ultrawide with pixels of a 4k screen wide and a 1440 height. EDIT: you will wait a 750-850w PSU in that budget if getting something newish high end GPU wise.

    • I can actually swap my PSU with my brother's PC who does not need it. It is a bit old but 750w 80+ gold rated so it should be enough to drive a 3070 which is what I am looking at. I have seen that in games like CSGO and Siege a CPU upgrade would benefit me massively so so far I am thinking of buying a 3070 + a CPU too but only if I get a deal on it.
      My question was whether to upgrade parts or buy a new system and so far that's two people who have suggested just to upgrade the parts so that is probably what I will do.
      Thank you for the advice

      • You should check the bench marks on 1440p-4k, CPU becomes less of a bottleneck but if you plan on those two titles (ESPORTS) then the higher minimum FPS will help.

  • For playing AAA sort of games: upgrade GPU and PSU only.

    For playing older online titles like CSGO, LoL etc: update your BIOS, and upgrade your CPU to a r5 3600 or even 3300x.

    For having $2000 and just want to spend it anyway: upgrade whatever.

    I have a new build of 10600k+ z490 +16G 4000mhz + rtx3060ti build up to sell on Gumtree right at the moment for $2000 and there are a small labor profit in it, maybe think about build one similar to this. Arguably best gaming performance under $2000.00 AUD

    • Yes that is what I am looking at now too. An RTX3070 seems like it will be able to run most games at 3440x1440 with 60+ fps. I have looked at building my own and I could get a 10700F+b460 + RTX3070 build for 2k which is tempting but I think just upgrading to a RTX3070 + 3600/3700X if needed should net me almost the same performance while saving hundreds.
      Thank you for the advice

      • since you've got the X370, you could get ryzen 3000 and call it a day. But pure gaming performance Ryzen3000 is slightly lower than Intel 10th, and a fair bit lower than Ryzen 5000s, but your board unlikely going to work with 5000s, so it's not so worthy after all.

  • Depends on what fps you want at 1440p 144hz, if you just want 60 fps then a 1070 will be adequate. However you will need to update the cpu, the motherboard should still support 3700x cpu, you might need a bios update, as well as the ram should be fine.

    a 3700x is pretty much the only upgrade you need. Just make sure you update to the latest bios before installing it for 60fps that is.

    If you want 100 fps, you will need a 3060ti, 120 fps 3070 of equivalent, and 140 fps 3080 or 6800xt.

    If you go above the 3060ti, you will also need to upgrade your psu to at least 750 watt.

  • Get

    3080 $1500

    3600 $300

    850W PSU $200

    Itll last for years to come

  • I was in the same scenario as you after I bought the Dell S2721DGF. Coming from an i5-4690K and GTX 970, I went with the "whole new PC" option and I spent about $2.1k.

    AMD Ryzen 5 5600X @ Amazon AU - $481 but I bought on Black Friday, $428.53 after 12% cashback @ Shopback
    XFX Radeon RX 6800 @ PLE - $949, $938.56 after 1.1% cashback @ ShopBack
    MSI MAG B550M Mortar WIFI @ Amazon US via AU - $233.05 on Black Friday, $184.32 after 12% cashback @ ShopBack and 10% Zip pay
    Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory 16GB 3600MT/s CL16 @ Amazon US via AU - $117.75 on Black Friday, $93.29 after 12% cashback @ ShopBack and 10% Zip pay
    Corsair RM750x PSU @ Amazon AU - $169
    WD Black SN750 1TB @ Shopping Express - $168.00
    6x Arctic P12 PWM PST @ Amazon UK via AU - $8.17 = $49.09
    Silverstone Fara R1 @ Scorptec - $79

    Total $2109.79

    I reckon it's probably worth while just building a new PC given 1st gen Ryzen is getting quite dated at this stage. If you can afford to wait a bit and start looking out for deals and stock availability, $2k can stretch you quite far