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Boriwat Massage Pillow with Heat $41.99 Delivered @ YR Innovation via Amazon AU


Product usage: This massage pillow is mainly used for massaging neck and back, but you can also use it for arms, legs if you prefer.

How it works: There are 8 massage heads(4 big and 4 small) in the massager, and they can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise so that to provide a lifelike shiatsu kneading massage experience. You can also adjust the speed of rotating during use according to your preference.

Please use the coupon code to check the deal price. If any questions, just feel free to leave a comment, thank you :)

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  • That looks great.

    Possible to get a code for previous sale




      Hi friend, ok you can use this discount code: [ NEPORX8L ]. But please remember the code will only go valid from 2021-1-13 21:00 AEDT, and will ends at 2021-1-14 23:59 AEDT. Please kindly wait for several hours, thank you. :)

  • Interesting feedback from a buyer (not me).

    Amazon review: Simon (x2 Star) - 31 July 2020

    The motor is not strong enough so the kneading nodes almost stop turning when I lean back into it a little bit to get a deeper massage. I'm 75kg, and I'm not leaning much at all. I have used other similar products that worked well enough in this regard.
    The direction of kneading automatically changes every 60 seconds, which renders the 'direction' button absolutely useless, as there's not much point selecting a direction if it keeps changing on you. This would be a good feature if you could select it to change automatically OR select a direction for the entire massage.
    All in all this was a pretty disappointing product, so I returned it. Couldn't recommend this product.


      Hi there, yeah this was a real feedback from a buyer, we reported this issue to our factory last year and asked to improve that. And actually the user experience differs from different persons, if you find any problems when using the product, just feel free to contact us, we'll do our best to help and give a positive solution :)