Rear Ended for Second Time before Damage from First Was Fixed

Hi all,

Someone reversed into the back of my car in a carpark a couple of weeks ago while on holidays. Luckily I was close by, heard it happen and went back to my car to exchange details with the driver. She said she had insurance, but she later contacted me and said it had lapsed due to a dishonoured payment, so wasn't covered at the time of the accident.

Smashed tail light, damage to bumper and boot lid. Damage estimated around $2-2.5k so I put in a claim with my insurer and handed over all of her details so I don't have to pay the excess.

Took car to designated smash repairer yesterday for a quote.

Driving home this morning and I was rear ended by a semi trailer. We we exiting a roundabout so weren't going that fast, and amazingly only damage appears to be a small dent and scratches to bumper, which is due to be replaced anyway, but I guess there's always a chance that there's something not visible to my untrained eye.

Do I put in another claim, given the semi trailer has insurance anyway (and I could be entitled to a hire car which I am currently not getting with the first claim), or just leave it as bumper is going to be replaced anyway as part of the first claim.

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  • For those saying put in another claim - do you think this will adversly affect my no claim bonus? And in the case there is any non obvious or internal damage (i'm thinking wheel alignment or exhaust, how do they determine which accident caused it?

    The smash repairer I took the car to yesterday inspected the body but not underneath and didn't drive it. Cheers.

    I guess it's not really my problem anyway and they will sort it out.

    • Put in another claim to save your own backside, but at a minimum inform them of the fact another accident has occurred so its on their records. You can mention that you'll choose to pursue an additional claim once you've spoken to the assessor.

      If you don't, I could see you being put in a situation (even though unlikely given your description) where the assessor when repairing your car will claim you intentionally caused extra damage to the car with the intent of getting it written off. I get that it seems OTP but as you said, being hit by a semi is likely to have caused damage that isn't visible to an untrained eye and would've likely caused more material damage than your first incident (i.e. damage to impact bars) that will have to be replaced for safety reasons and may make the vehicle w/o depending on its value.

      Further, given the fact the truck has insurance and the incident would likely have caused the damage the first car caused anyways. You might be able to give the first person a reprieve from paying a hefty out-of-pocket amount, as insurers will see that claiming from the truck's insurance would be an easier solution. So hopefully you get some good karma from that.

      My 2c

      • That definitely makes a lot of sense. I have two car seats in the back as well and whilst unoccupied at the time, I've just read they may need replacing (as per current manufacturer guidance following even a minor accident).

        Yes, I was in a moral dilemma about pursuing the first claim when the driver told me she didn't have insurance (2 small kids, regional town, post xmas etc etc), but am not in a position to pay a $2k bill for repairs myself either. Hopefully the insurance co reclaiming some costs from semi's insurance will satisfy them enough to not go too hard on the first driver.

    • No claim bonus, loyalty discount etc. they are all marketing ploys preventing you claiming or moving to another insurer. Just send it to your insurer and sit back and they do all the leg work.

    • Given you aren't the at fault driver, in one case the car being parked and the other rear ended meaning both times no fault for you (unless you did something wrong to make the truck hit you?) would those no claim bonus thingies even apply? I thought they were for at fault claims only?

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    time for a replacement car
    does it have a target painted on the back?

  • If you have a Donald Trump bumper sticker or something, maybe it's time to peel it off.

  • Both incidents are not at fault claims for yourself, so the insurer will chase the responsible parties; this should have no direct bearing on future premiums or your NCB (but note that premiums can change for other reasons, based on analytical data for your type of car, location of vehicle, etc.).

    The damage from the second incident may have further unseen impacts to the vehicle.

    There is no harm in putting a claim for the second incident, and I would do so.

  • Thanks all - I've put the second claim in. Fingers crossed car accidents don't happen in threes :/

  • How would expenses for the repair be approved between the 2 claims? Presumably the truck's insurer could argue that extra damage was minimal.

  • Below and behind bumper are plastic clips and they maybe broken. These clips hold the bumper and I would sent in for repairs.

  • The second incident may have caused more serious structural damage.

  • I wouldnt be going to the casino or buying any lotto tickets if i were you!

  • Make sure you also check what you can't see on the exterior!

    Reinforcement bar behind the bumper, spare tyre compartment space, exhaust & other mechanicals in the rear, and wheels/tyres!