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Behringer UMC22 $73.04 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via Amazon AU


Been eyeing this on camelcamelcamel (previous low of $58.92) for quite a while, when it dropped to $73 I decided to pull the trigger, and was happily surprised that there was an extra $15 off promotion for prime members (as well as free delivery). Which puts the total cost down to $58.04.


Click the arrow on the promotion message on the product page and click "redeem" and once you add to cart and go to checkout, the discount will have been applied.

Highly recommended budget audio interface.

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  • Targeted offer is not a deal in of itself, but can be mentioned in the post.

    Also keep in mind you're leaving a bit of audio quality on the table by not having a 24-bit interface, which is less important for spoken word but is still noticeable, especially if you have decent listening gear.

    The UMC202HD is very much worth the leap up for the extra $30.

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      Also keep in mind you're leaving a bit of audio quality on the table by not having a 24-bit interface

      I'd say 24-bit audio is less important than having a good preamp, which a budget interface would usually lack. There's no point having a 24-bit audio if your noise floor eats up 8 bits. :)

      As a delivery bitrate, I'd be interested to see how many people can actually consistently perceive the difference between 16 and 24 bit audio in a double blind a/b test.

      • Hey you seem to know a lot about this, but can you recommend a good budget XLR cable for indoor use?

        • Any cable dude, go to your local music store and pick up the cheapest one at the length you need.

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          can you recommend a good budget XLR cable for indoor use?

          The beauty about XLR signals is that they're balanced, so even cheap cables can sound good unless perhaps you're in an absolutely terrible EMI environment. A balanced signal is a lot more resistant to noise. You can even use standard unshielded CAT5/6 cable to carry 3 balanced audio channels over one cable, or 4 channels with shielded CAT5/6.

          Personally I make all my cables with Canare L-2T2S and Neutrik NC3 connectors, but if they're not going to be moved around a lot of subject to abuse, a cheap $5-10 eBay one would likely work perfectly fine as long as both your devices use balanced I/O, assuming they were soldered properly.

          This and this looks good too.

      • Also true, with the mic also coming into the equation there.

        The greater the dynamic range of your content, the more that bit-depth is going to factor in, and that's going to be especially important with condenser mics.

  • Targeted

  • What does this do?

  • Far out I didnt realised Amazon did targeted deals.. damn.
    Dont have the promotional message at all :(

  • What do you use this for?

    • If you pair it with a decent mic, you can sound VERY good on Zoom.
      Or you can use it for podcasting, streaming, gaming, music, etc.

      • But not for dual mics with another person?
        And does it always have to be hooked up to a PC?

        • It has 2 inputs.
          1st input is mic or instrument
          2nd input is instrument only

          You can connect it up to active speakers also.

  • No personal experience with it but I've read a lot and almost bought one some time back. The thing is a lot of people have had issues with noise and the noise floor. This is the right price, but the Scarletts are the ones I actually want so for now I've left it alone.

  • There are driver issues with this variant - check on google before buying - I was looking at this and the focusrite scarlett and driver compatibility issues made me go for the focusrite.

    Having said that I cant recommend the scarlett 3rd gen enough - its one rock solid interface.

  • I'm interested in buying a DAC. given how cheap this is, would you guys recommend buying this only to use it to listen to music with some open backs?
    portability is not an issue for me.

    • That's about half my use case. I also am needing it for the mic power, and then it makes it easier to adjust everything with all the knobs right in front of you. If you're ONLY going to use it as a DAC, I would say it probably doesn't quite fit your use case, just get a cheaper and probably better standalone DAC instead.

  • Great price. The Focus rite Scarlett solo is probably a bit better and us on sale for $209 at Sounds Easy: https://www.soundseasy.com.au/pages/search-results?q=scarlet...

  • Hey guys,
    Wiill I be able to use this as a preamp connecting my computer to my home amplifier using the two outputs on the back of the interface ?