Experience with Tofu Cat Litter

Hi OzB Cat Owners

Just wondering whether anyone who has used Tofu Cat Litter is able to share their experience?

Can't find much reviews for them.

I'm looking at couple of options Wee Kitty, Natural Paw Tofu, Coles Soy Cat litter. They're pretty expensive, so wanted to get some feedback before deciding to buy a bag!

How often do you need to do a full litter box change if you do daily scooping?
What's the trackability like compared to Wood pellets/Recycled paper pellets?
Does it stick to the tray?
Cover smells well?

Would be great if you could also share which litter type you were on before you made the switch to Tofu



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    We use grass, your cat might prefer this over litter and its cheaper and less smell too. We find most litters stink quickly.

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    Aldi litter is awesome. Clean daily. Change every Wednesday. 3 cats. No smells. No tracking. About $6

    • Did not know that Aldi made Tofu litter, but good to know!

      Still had to do a weekly change with Tofu? Wasn't the benefits of clumping litter to reduce full litter box changes?

      • To clarify it's not tofu at aldi

    • Do you mean the Aldi clay litter?

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    I buy https://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/kit-cat-soya-clump-origina...
    Great for smell, scoop twice a week, one bag lasts about a month.
    We run three litterboxes so 3 bags per month typically.

    Its always been great when doing a full change, barely any sticking, nothing that cant be dislodged with a scooper easily.
    I would say its great for tracking because the bigger bits are hard for the cats to get stuck on their feet
    Also its safe for them to eat if your worried they will try to.

    Previously was on breeders choice recycled paper but found that stunk after 3-4 days. Also tried various crystals but stopped because changing the litter box was gross when it became a sludge. Few clumping ones before the current brand we're using but they were bad for tracking (too fine).

    Bought a bag of tofu cat litter from the cat lovers show in 2019 and it was really good (but expensive) since then we've tried a few different brands and landed on the Soya ones from KitKat. Normally buy them in bulk when they go on sale 20-30% off periodically.

    • Have you tried the different varieties? Looking to give Kit Cat Soya a try, but not sure whether to go for original, lavender or charcoal.

      • Tried all the flavours, the original and confetti were the best-scented ones imo. I previously preferred charcoal but original soya is better than charcoal for odour control.

    • Ah, I hadn't seen the Kit Cat one before so thanks!

      How often do you do a full litter change?

      I read a review somewhere else that said you don't have to do weekly changes for Tofu litter as it is better with odour control and clumps unlike paper pellets so the cost eventually evens out, just wondering how true that was.

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    I have a large litter box and bought a 2kg box of Natural Paw Company tofu litter when it was on sale for $6 on Amazon. There was not enough in one small box for our litter box so we ended up putting it on top of the Aldi litter and small layer of scented litter. It clumps and absorbs better than the clay litter. Did not stick to the tray but also didn't do anything special for odour control for us. We scoop daily and it made no change to our full change schedule. (But keep in mind we were also using clay under it so..)

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    Funnily enough we just bought some Natural Paws tofu litter last week to try it out.

    Coming from cheap Kmart clay litter, it's literally 10x better in every way, except price. We use Rufus and Coco litter tray bags and throw the whole bag + remaining litter out once a week to minimize dust and allergens, and we scoop out in-between as needed. Might not need bags with tofu, seems to be a lot less dust.

    For smell, our cat used to fill the entire apartment with poop stank after using his litter box with clay, after swapping to tofu we didn't even notice he went until hours later, instantly impressed. Pee doesn't smell at all, while it used to when clay litter was running low and he didn't cover it up himself.

    The clumping is better too, only reason we kept going back to clay is for how easy it made scooping, as crystals and paper made the job so much harder and grosser. Instead of forming a sludge that sticks to the bottom and needs to be scraped off once it dries, it just sits there as a solid non-sticky ball, saves a few seconds and means we don't have to wash off the scoop.

    Tracking is about the same, but the pellets are soft and squishy, so not nearly as irritating to step on as clay. Easier to clean up off the floor as well, 2 seconds with the broom vs having to vacuum.

    He adapted to it instantly too, we've kept one tray with tofu and one with the remaining clay as a backup, and he's consistently used the tofu one when they're both clean. His tolerance for using it when soiled is higher too, usually if he's used a tray twice, he won't use it again until it's clean. With tofu he's used it for 3 pees and a poop before going to the clay one.

    I'm planning on trying out another tofu one when this bag runs out, but probably something a bit cheaper like Kit Cat Soya.

    • Wow weekly change still? Does a box of 2kg of the Tofu litter fill your tray up or do you need more than 2kg?

      I do weekly change for paper pellets cause the smell gets pretty bad after a week, but was hoping could stretch it with a clumping litter.

      • It's mostly for dust not smell, found over time with clay that the big bits would clump and be thrown out, while the dust would settle on the bottom, so every time he kicked it up (avid digger), it would fill the air and cause allergies.

        2KG is more than you'd think given that it weighs barely anything, I was disappointed when opening the box to see how small it is when compressed, but it expands a ton. Should last about 3 weeks as we don't fill it very high so it doesn't go everywhere, and we've used about 1/3 of it so far, but that's with the other tray still being clay as he's barely used it.

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    I find it tastes the same as ordinary tofu but taste changes slightly after sitting for a few days. YMMV

    • Adding a Garlic sauce to Tofu improves its taste.

  • remember to add packets of Pop Rocks :)

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    I'm glad somebody has finally found a suitable use for tofu.

  • The crystal cat litter from Kmart works well for my two cats. It hardly needs changing. I just use little plastic biodegradable dog poo bags to scoop out the poops and toss them in the bin.

    I tried Tofu once and it wasn't enough to fill the tray and got smelly quite quickly. I found paper litters got smelly quickly too.

  • If you’re leaving your cat toilets to a weekly clean what are your own personal hygiene habits? It’s not much effort to pick up daily or even just after the deed is done. You know like when YOU go to the toilet yourself. I know in a family home it’s often a chore that everyone hopes will be done by someone else but how do you live with the smell? Yes there is a smell no matter what your regime is. Don’t tell me there isn’t. Maybe people just accept the smell and live with it? Catsan from Woolworths is a cheap and effective medium. It clumps really well so you just scoop up the pee and bin it. As for the poop you just flush it down the toilet. And you do it as soon as you know it’s there. You know like people do when they go to the toilet - they flush it when they are finished. Cats are clean animals so they deserve to be given a clean environment. Oh - maybe you only feed them once a week too?? Is that it? Like your kids.

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      Mate, do you even own a cat? Such an angry little person. Since we're passing judgement on others, I'm guessing this is how you talk to your children.

      If you even bother to read my description then you will know that I wrote "How often do you need to do a full litter box change if you do daily scooping?"
      I scoop twice daily, full litter box change weekly. If you have ever used paper litter you will know that it does not clump so it's impossible to scoop up all the wet litter without leaving a few bits behind.

      So you NEVER do FULL LITTER BOX CHANGES since you scoop daily? You know the one where you throw out ALL LITTER and hose down the litter boxes with soap and water? No? You don't? Maybe you should consider your own personal hygiene habits.

      The box on The Natural Paw's Tofu litter actually mentions full box change monthly. I have never used a litter that recommends a monthly change hence why I am asking on a forum whether it actually stretches that long.

      How do you get by life jumping to conclusions like you do I wonder. Have a nice day you angry little person!

      • Most of my comment was in relation to other comments in the thread. Yes I do own a cat, actually it owns me. Had cats all my life and I respect them as much as people, in fact more than a lot of people. If I sounded angry to you then maybe I hit a nerve. So without my jumping to conclusions about you I’ll just quote what my vets have said to me over the years, “whatever I do with my cat, just keep on doing it because she is an amazing and healthy individual”. Oh and the litter tray thing, you could eat out of mine and not have any worries about your health when I change and clean it, which is daily. I’ve tried all sorts of litter material (you mentioned one of the reasons why I don’t use paper litter) over the years as they have come to market. I referenced the one I currently use, in an effort to be constructive to the conversation, maybe you could try and focus on that instead of dismissing my comments as being unhelpful. My cat has a voice in me and I speak for what I think all cats would want based on a lifetime of experience with a multitude of animals in my care. I also actively play with my cat and provide stimulation for her brain. She is 10 and is just as playful as when she was a kitten. She is not some zombie that just sits around and sleeps all the time. When people meet her for the first time they ALWAYS comment on what a lovely cat she is and how she has a personality all of her own. So yeah I know a little bit. I’m still learning of course. And the talking to children reference you made is true. I respect children as much as my cat and everybody I meet. Lastly my cat has traveled all over Australia after spending her first few years in another country. She has had a full and interesting life - so far.

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    Perhaps consider using chook layer pellets, 100% organic, not harmful to cats if swallowed, cheap enough to buy a 20 kg bag, ~$20 from a stock and station agent.

  • We have tried a number of different kitty litters over the years. The best one by far has been Wonder Wheat which is excellent as managing smells, although it does track pretty badly as the grains are quite small. It is really costly though.

    A while ago I struggled to get hold of Wonder Wheat and chicken crumbles were suggested to me. A 20kg bag of chicken crumbles costs about $25 from a stockfeeds store. It isn't as great as Wonder Wheat for odour control and it tracks pretty badly but it is cheap as chips. It clumps really well, although it will settle and stick to the bottom of the litter tray, needing scraping from the bottom. We scoop daily and top up as necessary and wash the whole tray out monthly or bi-monthly.

    When we used Wonder Wheat our house definitely didn't smell of cats, it's not so good at the moment with the crumbles, but we are fostering a freshly neutered adult male cat and they are notoriously smelly.

  • Costco cat litter is my go too. $22 for 16kg.

  • Not Tofu but in similar lines - I've become a big fan of Applaws biodegradable clumping litter. It's not cheap but clumps well, don't smell if cleaned every couple of days and made from excess walnut product.