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Prescription Sunglasses (UV Tint + Scratch Resistant) $39 + Shipping @ Specsavers


Was looking for prescription sunglasses.
Got the free eye check at a Specsavers physical store (Medicare card required).
Got them to print the Prescription out for me.
Tried on the $39 frames at the store, and noted the code for the one I liked (sticker on the fake glass).

Measured my PD with this video -

Went online (use the link from the deal), chose the same frame, added the prescription details, chose Sunglasses in the Lens option - Gray/Brown colour choice, UV tint, Scratch Resistant etc - available for $0 now. The store wanted to charge me $30 extra for these.

Shipping was $4.95 to Melbourne - so a total of $43.95 for powered sunnies shipped !! Enjoy !

PS :
1. Took approx 15 days for it to get dispatched though (with an email reminder), and delivery took an extra day from Port Melbourne. Store said it could take a month for an order placed through them.
2. No medical insurance required at any stage in this deal.

Pics of the ones I got:

The model is:

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      • I just bought my first polarised pair at Christmas. Not going back, definitely worth the $$.

        They were Ray Bans and $425 (gradiated lens and polarisation @ OPSM) for the lenses. But given a fair chunk was paid by insurance and I got 8 years out of my last prescription sunglasses I think it's worthwhile.

    • I popped in to our local store and polarised was only an extra $80. Didn't dare ask why though!

  • I bought my current pairs of prescription glasses and sunglasses from Visiondirect. I have also tried Clearly in the past and they were good VisionDirect has a big advantage - they also do branded frames. Which means I was able to go to OPSM to try Oakley frames, note the model number for the one I liked, get the prescription and then order the same from VisionDirect.

    I think I paid around $450 for the two pairs compared to $800 I would have paid at OPSM for the exact same frame and lenses with same index and coatings.

    They also have a pretty decent return policy. I didn't like the tint on my prescription sunglasses but I was able to easily exchange them for a different tint without any charges or delivery fee. The glasses take 2-3 weeks to arrive and is shipped from HK (I think) but that's only a couple of weeks more than Specsavers and other stores. They also have local partner optometrists in Australian cities that I believe you can go to for sorting out minor things like getting the nosepads adjusted.

    Having tried both cheaper no-brand frames as well as branded frames like Oakley, I would definitely spend that extra bit and get a nice frame and lens. Probably save the money on something that doesn't matter as much :)

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      I had a look at Visiondirect. They have my current pair of Arnette sunnies, but no option to add lens's or upload a prescription. Sorry, my first time ordering online.

  • Do you use the Near-ADD and Inter-ADD values anywhere?

  • Oh so they are not real sunglasses, you are just tinting regular glasses. What has everyone chosen? As I do not find any of the cheap ones have a sunglasses type look.

    • Added some links in the description

  • Any chance we can see some actual photos of the glasses the OP purchased?

  • I’m getting a “prescription not available online”! My prescription is 0.00 for Sphere (SPH), but I have small CYL values, and Axis values. I don’t need prescription sunglasses, but there’s no option for Polarisation on the no prescription option :(

  • Called specsavers and due to my script being over 2 years old they won't release my records. Supposedly covered by legislation that they can't let me have it…

    • OPSM have the same policy and quoted "legislation" as well. i asked them what legislation it was, they couldn't answer but changed it to "our duty of care" instead. i can still order prescription glasses online with my copy of the old script

    • Yes, Specsavers also won't let you order using an old prescription greater than 2 years (I like to get old weaker prescriptions for just walking around).
      Optical Warehouse wouldn't let me order using an old prescription, but they didn't mind giving me the old prescription.

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    Hi, thanks for the sharing. However I couldn't find the $39 sunglasses any longer, has anyone had the same problem too? Thank you.

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      Pick ordinary frames worth $39 and then add sunglasses as the lens option..

    • Edit. Comment moved.

  • How do I get the UV Tint option? Don't see it available after selecting sunglasses as lens

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    The glasses arrived today (Sydney). The frame I chose (Selby) is quite good considering the price.

    • nice..that was quick.. i guess the delay in my case (15 days) was probably because of the holiday period orders and lesser working days..

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    Received mine as well. Super impressive considering also a BUPA discount - so they were ~$36 delivered. Full prescription. Excellent!

  • how important is an accurate PD? If it's 2-4mm out, is it an issue? My normal script is -3 / -2.25 if that helps.

    • it's pretty important. i've self-measured my PD before when ordering from zenni. i thought my eyes were just taking longer to adjust to them but after a week or so, i realised that i could only see properly if i had them pushed right up against my face. which was terrible because my eyelashes would brush the lenses every time i blinked, and the nose pads hurt my eyes.

      accuracy is important. so go to an optical store where they have your prescript and say you want to get a quote done on a frame + lens package. they'll measure your PD there; you just make a note of it yourself in whatever in/conspicuous way you want.

      i did this at an OPSM, ordered from and my eyes adjusted to them in a matter of a couple of days.

  • What is the code for tinting please?

    • ??
      there's no code; it's a lens option

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    I managed to get this matched in-store no issues at Ashfield NSW.. $39 incl free tint and scratch resistance

    • That's cool..Let us know how long it takes for them to deliver the glasses..

    • I also got them to do the same. Liverpool and Fairfield wanted to charge me extra for it.

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    Mine have arrived. Didn't go sunnies, just some computer glasses.

    • how long did it take from ordering to arrival?

  • I cannot order via site at all. it says something about needing to confirm something with me and goes to a black hole, no one ever calls me to follow up.

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      i had that message pop up randomly. just go back and try to check out a few minutes later. worked fine and i got my order in a week

      • not sure what to say, I tried 10+ times from different browsers always same result.

        • :(
          perhaps their system flagged your prescription as "too high" or too complex

  • When I did this, it says another $100 is required for "Filter 100% UV light" - which is kinda essential for sunglasses in terms of eye health. So $139 :)

  • Tried to click on a few different frames but everyone of them gives me "unavailable to buy online".

  • shd remove this from long running deals as no longer online.?

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