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ALDI Carpet Cleaner 600w $99.99 @ ALDI


600W power
2.3L clean water tank and 2.5L dirty water tank
6m power cord

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  • This or the $100 one from godfreys?

    • 500W and 1.7L capacity with the Godfrey's one.
      Can't comment on either quality though, would be interested to know

    • looks like they're re-skinned models of each other

    • Not sure if they’ve updated them but the basic Godfreys one did not have the belt driven brush when I last saw one in store.

    • This or the $100 one from godfreys?


      You can return it to Aldi within 60 days if you're not happy with its performance. Good luck doing that at Godfreys!

  • I bought BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro last week from Amazon $456.00 how you guys compare this to BISSELL ProHeat ?

    • Would also like to know, I've had my eyes on that one, but would settle for a cheap Aldi one of its decent enough.

      The function seems pretty simple

      • They are pretty simple - a pump for the detergent and water and a motor to suck it up back up. The brush is driven off the same motor. The larger the tank, the better. Maybe make the choice based on watts per $.

    • Stay with the proheat. They perform much better then these in my experience. They actually also keep the water hot and these sub 100 ones will start to leak after one use

    • Haha Bissell is no match for any other product listed here. You pay for what you get.

      I use the Bissell spot cleaner and it's just magical!! Stains which you would never think could come out like dried Blue heaven topping comes out in seconds!

      Blood, wine, beetroot and everything else is just erased.

      • so, you mean that you have tried this product here with blood, wine and beetroot and doesn’t erase the stains? Or you are just comparing the one you own with one that you have never used?

        • As said here, these have been sold before by Aldi and Godfreys. You're comparing a $550 product to a $99 product.

          Buy nice or buy twice!

          I actually think the Bissell is around $659 full whack. It's not just the machine that's amazing but the Bissell products too, they work!!!! Especially the oxy pro, pre-treat stain remover and the stain remover.

          It's got us out of trouble often! Crayon on couches to vomit, dog spew, urine and many other things like espresso on our brand new $2500 couch!

          How abouts, you purchase this $99 cleaner and tip 90ml espresso all over your carpet, and I'll do the same. You use your Aldi cleaner and I'll use the Bissell and we'll compare with before and after photos. I'm willing to do this to show you the difference.

          You in?

          • @Combo64: I was going to reply to you very seriously, but when you mentioned the 90ml espresso you changed my mind…

            • @GregFiona: Beetroot juice?

              • @Combo64: … lucky you didn't think of cappuccino, god knows how many litres yours is :P

                Jokes apart, I do not own a carpet cleaner but I have hired the Britex from Bunnings a couple of times with great results. I have heard about the Bissell reputation(and I would love to own one), how does it compare to the commercial grade Britex ones?

                • @GregFiona: I think commercial ones you'd be better hitting up a company like Central Cleaning supplies and going through them to purchase one.

                  Sit down when you hear the price though.

                  • @Combo64: Britex is about $1500.If Bissell can clean 6.5 times better than the Aldi one, then we only want Britex to clean twice as good as the Bissell to make it a great bargain, no? :)

      • Do you mean to say the other product listed here is no match against the Bissell? Your comment is confusing.

        • It's no match… But I'm willing to prove it with the test above. Or with beetroot juice!

          The media went crazy over the Bissell products about a year ago. People were using them on 15 year old couches and they came up like new.
          Was originally posted on a mother's group on Facebook and went viral. Then everyone copied it.

          I used it on the GFS car interior and her car looks like new, it's 11 years old.

    • What was that deal on Amazon for $456 for the Bissell ProHeat?

  • would you purchase it to clean your carpet then … return for refund with ALDI? lol

  • which product we could use for detergent with this.

  • Grab a weed sprayer, carpet cleaning product and a pool brush.

    Person 1 -Spray said product (mixed with water) over a few m2 of carpet.
    Person 2 - Follow person 1 and Scrub carpet with pool brush

    Let dry, vacuum clean. I personally use a Kirby to suck it up properly.

    Turned many a dead carpet into like new. Cost - About $40.

  • Got one of these Aldi ones after my Bissell packed up last year, it's used regularly and performs well.
    Next to a Bissell though it looks like a child's version, but that might be a benefit for some- my partner struggled with the heavy Bissell but likes the size of the Aldi one.
    I find with carpet cleaners it's more down to technique and moving slowly to give the water time to break down the dirt and grime. I also use warm water anyway and pre-treat stained areas a couple of times with a more concentrated mixture and scrub with a brush before using the machine.

    The only issue I've had with the Aldi one was one time, I had filled the water tank and was carrying it to the machine when the handle broke off one side where it's attached to the tank- broken hinge
    Aldi's agent's sent a whole new tank and now I always make sure to bear some of the weight and put one hand under the tanks as the handle pins are not strong.

    Pros: Cleans as well as a cold water Bissell, good suction, excellent 3 year warranty, great for a small property, easy to maneuver.
    Cons: Tanks too small, Cleaning width too narrow, weak hinges where handles are attached to water tanks.

    Conclusion: if you clean your carpets every month get a Bissell, it will last 15+ years.
    If cleaning a couple of times a year the Aldi one is fine (wait three weeks and get it even cheaper).

    • Thanks for the comprehensive summary!

      Do you mean it will go on sale again in 3 weeks? That would assume it doesn't sell out, no?

      • I meant they usually don't sell that well and if you can wait, keep checking in store until they've been reduced to $70-$80 when the manager needs the shelf space.

      • They sold out within a day at our local Aldi. We missed out..

    • what detergents you using?

      • A guy at Godfrey's recommended 5L Pullmans carpet solution which was around $25 and has lasted ages as it's super concentrated-
        general cleaning: 1 part solution to 200 part water
        heavy duty: 1 part solution to 100 parts water

        I also bought some Marathon branded solution super cheap when Masters was closing down but this is 1-60 and have yet to try it.

  • I use the Wool wash instead of the expensive branded detergents. Works fine.

    • Use wool wash on all carpets ? I used diluted washing up liquid. Works really well. But must leave a residue and attracts/ gets dirty again quickly..will try wool wash.