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DJI Mini 2 $649.81 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


DJI Mini 2 – Ultralight and Foldable Drone Quadcopter for Adults and Kids, 3-Axis Gimbal with 4K Camera, 12MP Photo, 31 Mins Flight Time, OcuSync 2.0 10km HD Video Transmission, QuickShots, Gray

Seems to be a good price. Lowest price as per camelcamelcamel.

Edit 18/1: Now $649.81 up from $643.54

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  • If I want to get into making videos, would this be good to start with along with GoPro 8?
    What software is recommend for video editing?

    • Yep.

      Premiere (expensive), Final Cut (mac), Davinci (free).

    • This and GoPro9
      The 9 has some awesome in-camera stabilisation, has colour screen on the front (selfie check) and is their new profile size, batteries etc so I imagine will be their standard moving forward for the next 4-5 years for future proofing

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    @OP shows me $17.45 delivery? Are you a Prime member?

    Funny how the FlyMore combo is $1200! Looooool

  • Not Au stock ?

    • I'm sure it is.

      Amazon Australia clearly marks-up the listing with "US imports may differ from local products" for sh*ts and giggles.

    • Ships and sold from Amazon US, so yeah, not AU stock.

      Still cheap.

  • This price is good for the drone alone, but if you want 2 more batteries, the fly more combo becomes a better choice immediately.

    • The price difference is huge for 2 more batteries.
      Is anything else included?
      How much are batteries alone?

      • +2 votes

        Batteries are $79 each, the Fly More combo also includes a carry bag, a 2-way charger (plus 18W fast charger) that lets you charge multiple batteries (and if needed, use those batteries to power other USB devices), as well as a special strap thing that keeps the propellers protected, and extra propellers + spare controller sticks. As far as I can tell, DJI doesn't actually sell most of those items individually. The Fly More combo is about $850 every couple of weeks, so it's generally a better purchase.

      • Yep only the regular version is discounted while flymore is full price at the moment. If you're just starting out and money is tight then just buy the regular version and progressively buy accessories if you find you need them. For those starting out, 30 mins flight time should be enough as a starter.

        • The fact it can charge reasonably quick you can actually get by pretty well with the basic kit and say a 30,000mAh 18w power bank (e.g. the Romoss ones on Amazon) and just recharge the battery between flights (about 60-80min depending). A 30,000mAh will probably get you about 7-8 charges for the battery.
          The larger drones pretty much need mains or car charger to be feasible.

          • @BargainKen: Good info, I think I will only use it occasionally so happy to have 1 battery and charge it from the Romoss PPD20 power bank I just bought

    • I've gone from Mavic Pro to Mavic air and now to Mavic mini 1. Personally I find that the flight time of the mini is plenty and the fact it can be recharged from a power bank makes additional batteries kind of pointless for me. The air definitely warranted the flymore due to how limited the flight time was, but the mini not so much

      • Or I’m guessing even a car charger.
        Thanks for that sounds like a no brainer for me

      • You must use your drone completely different to me.

        If I travel to a place to use my drone, I'm not going to be there for long enough for an entire battery to charge.

        Thats why I think 2-3 batteries are necessary.

      • I'm with Sam. Multiple batteries are needed, even with the flight time, as the batteries charge relatively slowly. So a 2nd battery for any longer flying sessions definitely a good thing.

        I've gone from air, to air 2, to mini 2.

        • If you're on a budget, you can definately get by on one battery if you only wanna take a few quick shots between locations (e.g. on a hike) and use a battery bank for inbetween charges.
          FMC is more fun thou if you got the extra cash.

          • @BargainKen: Yup that's how I do it. Hike somewhere, fly for a few minutes then hike again or drive somewhere else. I have a QC power bank so it charges up much quicker between uses

        • @shankur I've just gone from a mini 1 to a air 2. Massive jump in technology.

          Did you get rid of the air 2 for the mini 2? Just curious why?

          • @paulied84: I had an Air 1 that I sold for a Mini1. And then the Mini 2 was released like 3 months later lol.

            The Air was great but the battery life was piss poor, and the fact I needed to carry 3 batteries around meant the final load in the bag was pretty heavy. The Mini by comparison is like 1/4 the total weight and makes a big difference considering I like to carry my camera and at least 1-2 lenses around as well.

            EDIT: Just realised you were replying to shankur and not me /facepalm

    • Unfortunately the price for the combo (flymore) is way too high
      Should be $950 but they have it at $1200

  • Are the batteries interchangeable with the first mini? I see the fly more combo as a bit of a necessity but going up to 1200 is a bit much. My son has the mini fly more combo and thought maybe I could pinch his.

  • So damn tempting.. I just don't drone enough :(

  • Flew it in Pink Lake and Pemberton WA on the one of the windiest day ( 50-60kmh ) and it was quite steady with lots of wind warning beeping, but brave definitely enough to loose $600s drone Vs $1000s drone . I flew this more often than mavic pro and spark.

  • does JB or office works price match amazon?.. never tried before

  • Looking for a Combo deal like https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/591785 soon.

  • looking for a combo deal as well
    Had MaVIC AIR AND didnt like it at all.
    A friend of mine has Air and its an amazing drone.

    • There is always improvement from the earlier drones. I reckon gives another couples years there is going to be drones better than MM2.

  • Would these be ok for beginners to learn on?

    • Bought a first gen mini for my 10yo last year and he (and his 8yo brother) has been pretty good with it. Looks like these gen 2 are even more idiot proof. I reckon should be easy for a beginner to pick up.

  • Interested in knowing, newbie to drones - if I’m using it in a boat can it return to home reasonably accurately?

    • Yes. Can tell it to either return to home where launched, or update it's position to follow you (if the boat is moving). Just remember to change the settings so it does!

  • Ordered, price too good to resist.

    Any issues with using a US model in AU?

    Any issues with warranty claims?

  • I told myself I would get one once it breaks passed the $600 mark. Nearly there…

  • Buyer Beware You cannot fly it where you want to
    You always need to seek permission from DJI before you take off
    Even though it weighs less than 250 g and you’re legally allowed to fly within 5.5 km of it airport tower DJ I will not allow you to do it
    The software is highly regulated and you are unlikely to fly anywhere you want
    You cannot fly it in national parks you cannot flight over someone’s house you cannot fly near people he cannot fight in CBD he cannot fly it anywhere
    Most likely someone will Report you to the authorities if you’re flying it
    You risk prosecution from possible injury or privacy issues
    Don’t waste your money
    DJI is selling you a lie

    • Looking at Melbourne on https://www.dji.com/au/flysafe/geo-map and selecting DJI Mini 2 there's just some altitude restricted zones on the approaches to the airport and smaller restricted zones around the airports themselves and nothing else, doesn't seem too worrisome

    • Can you name a national park in Australia that's restricted with a DJI Mini 2? I can't find one

      • Not sure about other states, but for NSW national parks, you are supposed to request prior permission before flying recreationally in a national park, regardless of weight class. From memory, Victoria outright prohibits recreational flying, though allows commercial drone use with a permit.

        • wow you're right, no recreational flying of drones in VIC national parks without authorisation (and I'm unsure what that process is). Rethinking my drone purchase now.

          • @marquise: Ditto WA and NT.

            Extremely loosely enforced though. Have spoken with rangers who didn't even know about the approval process.

      • You have to ask Every National park before you can take off in their airspace
        Do you really think you will have permission?
        Good luck

      • Don’t take my word Read this


        Buyer beware you are being sold a fantasy

        Do you really think the government wants toys sharing their airspace?

    • Wrong.

      You can input your mobile number and fly wherever you like outside the area where planes land and literally the airport.

      I hope you realise that where you live is not the entire world, other places, like QLD allow you to record in national parks etc.

  • This drone is the easiest choice ever. If you really need active track - consider mavic air 2. If you are a professional photographer/videographer - check mavic pro 2. For everything else, mini 2 is your choice and you won't regret.

    For those who are interested, upgraded from mavic air 1, it is better in almost every aspect:
    - better photo/video quality
    - better battery life
    - faster, much faster, especially vertical speed, you reach 100m 2-3x faster than on Mavic air
    - compact
    - has a battery case which makes the charging process easy, you can even charge it in your backpack from a power bank
    - much quieter
    - much better connection quality, you don't lose signal
    - relatively cheap, you won't cry if you crash it (and according to some reviews it is not easy to break it on crash due to its lightweight and foldable propellers)

    - no active track (haven't been using it much anyway)
    - no sensors (I fly cautiously anyway)
    - too small and too silent so that you easy lose eye contact with it
    - the bag is too big (the same size as the one with mavic air and it is half empty, they could easily make it smaller).

  • thanks OP, i just bought one on Amazon. Cashback tracked my purchase too, and reported cashback of $23.40 (4% of $585.04)

    does anyone know what Cashback categorises drones / quads as?
    asking cz according to the cashback website, for Amazon Australia, the only categories that give 4% are:

    DVD & Blu-Ray 4.00%
    Physical Music 4.00%
    Camera 4.00%
    Home Entertainment 4.00%
    Mobile Phones & Wearable Tech 4.00%

    Toys is at 6% which would give a cashback of $35.10 which is $12 more - would cashback consider it if i raised this with their support team?


  • Thanks, looks like a great deal, especially as it will do aerial 360 sphere photos which can be viewed in the oculus quest 2. Order placed.

    DJI do a care program which covers you for damage, but it's not clear if the Australian care program covers you for a drone purchased from the USA. I've inquired and waiting for a reply.

    • From what I know they dont on grey imports, if you're careful you wont need it but recommended for first timers.

    • Any response? Activated my DJI Mini 2 from Amazon US on Saturday so my 48 hours is running out.

      DJI Fly app pushed me to buy the Australian care refresh for 79 AUD but I'm inclined to just leave it

      “DJI Care Refresh and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region"

      They could easily argue ordering from Amazon AU (fulfilled by Amazon US) is in breach of this

  • Kogan has a 10% DJI special - $850 for flymore mini 2
    Discount code - R6VQGNVY - could be a targeted email to my inbox

  • Hi, Just checking, does the warranty apply in Australia? Thanks!